New Host, New Domain, New Blog!

August 01, 2011

If you ask me what my condition is now, this is the answer =




I'm seriously almost died by spending days revamping my new site T____T with tears, sweat, and blood, FINALLY I HAVE MY OWN WEBSITE WOHOOOOO *drum rolls*

All thanks to my readers, bloggers, and friends who helped me a lot so this site can be done! Words cannot mention how thankful I am T_____T They encourage and teach me about this stuff, which I was clueless about. If not without your support, this site wont be done T___T

I really wanted to have my own site months before, because on my old wordpress blog I couldn't have google friend connect, plugins, more themes, and other features. I wanted to move to blogspot but it means I lose all the data that I got, all the posts, all the subscribers, and all the page stats that I had been working on to achieve

That's why I kept pending it, and if you guys follow me on twitter, I've babbled so much about how I hate wordpress. Because if I want to have those features I have to pay, and I dont wanna pay la since I'm chinchy LOL

After months of research, weeks of consulting, days of working on it, and lack of sleep. I can finally present you my own site ~~~ :D


Talk a bit more about the history, if you have time to read this useless post lol

It took me a week to choose from zillion hosting provider, and days ago I finally fixed my choice to buy my own domain and hosting from a local seller. Because I'm too stupid in this field, I dont think I can keep up with the international seller, so I chose local seller instead lol

At first I'd like to order because .com is of course much easier to remember la! has been owned by a photographer so there's no way i can use it. but i wanna have something more professional, that's why I insisted to have only stellalee. And luckily, the .net domain still had it, so I bought it in a rush!

It took only 2 hours to make it mine after I transferred some amount to pay for this site. And I worked endlessly day and night because the rest was my problem. If I could cry I would, because I seriously dont understand any single thing about this FTP, root, plugins, CSS, HTML, MySQL, and so on, and so I had to learn it by myself via google-sensei T__________T

With some help from others, I somehow managed to finish it halfway. I've imported all the posts from my old site, though some posts and comments are missing. But the great loss is my subscribers, my google page, and my alexa rank. I learn to let it go, because I want to achieve something better, and I know that if I didnt do it sooner, it would be harder later T_T


So all of you guys, please visit this site from now on, and follow my blog! respect my hard working la LOL just kidding, but seriously!

You can follow me via email, RSS, Bloglovin, and google friend connect! Yes I pay for having this widget on my blog so you guys better follow me now!

And dont ask how many followers or page views that I have now, it's seriously miserable LOL;

This site is not 100% completed so I'm working to fix some stuffs, I will follow your blog as well if I have time, dont keep pestering me to follow your blog ok because I'm really into completing this site T__T I will do it later, promise..

If you have any idea or suggestion to make this blog even better, please leave comment

And dont worry for any Indonesian who join Ponds giveaway!

Jangan kuatir bagi masyarakat indonesia yang sudah join giveaway ponds, pemenang sudah dipilih dan akan diumumkan di blog ini, kalian tidak harus follow blog ini untuk menang tapi kalau kalian tetap ingin follow, tentunya saya sangat berterima kasih ^_^

sedikit hint, akan ada giveaway make up lagi setelah ini khusus untuk masyarakat indonesia saja. Tentunya bagi yang follow blog saya saja dong, hehe :b

jadi kalau tidak mau ketinggalan berita giveaway, tetep follow ya *maunya* heheeeee...


Okay, so since I seriously have much more stuffs to do about this site, I'll end this post here

Dont ask for my photo, I look like zombie atm coz I'm super exhausted, I almost cant type anymore lol

love love <3

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