Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lancome Giveaway


know the secret to show your aura off and boost up your confidence with a better radiant and glowing skin

Lancome is  so generous to give my readers special privilege to try out their amazing products that I use on my picture aboard. Want to know how? Read more!

My skin is not so great to begin with, I suffer with some skin problems like everyone else, and so I put a lot of make up and touch up the photos, but seriously, I don't touch up my skin on these pictures! All thanks to Lancome!

My skin looks healthily flawless and radiant, almost like not put anything and seem like i was born with an amazing skin. whereas in fact I CHEAT!

can you believe that this photo is free from photo retouching skin? dont I look flawless and skin looks soooo AH-MAZING! Worry not, its all thanks to Lancome products that I used during Lancome event last month. Great skin to begin with is the key for every one's beauty



I took this with my DSLR Camera so not a single thing can be missed. And see how nice my skin is? SUPERB! T____T


Now all of you can have great skin like what I have experienced before!

Lancome is so generous to give every readers of mine who would like to try these 3 main products that successfully improved my skin! Call it FLASH MIRACLE MAKE OVER! Because you will receive 3 product samples of Lancome best seller products for FREE!

Flash Miracle Makeover (CONV)

You can win a basic set worth Rp 350.000 which consist of  =

Teint Miracle Foundation 5 ml -- Full size 30ml product is Rp475.000

Genifique Youth Activator 5 ml -- Full size 30ml product is Rp1.000.000

UV BB GN shield 5 ml -- Full size 30ml product is Rp575.000

The sampling set can be used for 4 days supplies

  • Use Genefique Youth Activator 2-3 drops per usage to help your skin recover from any skin problems and improve its condition, read my review here

  • Use UV Expert that works amazing to protect your skin from UVA and UVB by its SPF 50 PA++, it also helps to even out your skin tone as well!

  • Last, the almighty Teint Miracle Foundation that promises to hydrates your skin for 18 hours, oil free, and reflects your aura. A light weight foundation that works amazing for everyone, also used by Kate Middleton on her Royal Wedding!

If you're interested to read more about its fabulous products, you guys can see Lancome Teint Miracle launching event that I joined here


How to win this amazing prize?

Simple! You only need to follow these rules!

1. Subscribe my blog via google friend connect (must be public follower)

2. Like Lancome Indonesia facebook page HERE

3. Add Lancome Indonesia as friend on your facebook HERE

4. Follow Lancome Indonesia's Twitter here


After you follow all the rules, please leave comment below that you've done it and place your email so I can send you the SPECIAL CODE to retrieve your gift from Lancome's counters! Dont forget to give me your google friend connect name / mail so I can check it :)

Afterward, please check your email within 1x24 hour because I will send you the code!

Once you've received the SPECIAL CODE from me, send Lancome Indonesia's facebook page your data =

Full name =

Age =

HP number =

Special Code =

Counter Lancome (you must choose between Lancome Debenhams, Sogo Kelapa Gading, Sogo Plaza Senayan, Seibu Grand Indonesia, Sogo Pondok Indah Mall 2) =

Afterward, you will receive notification from Lancome to collect your gift from selected counter you choose

Please note that one person only can win one prize, and you have to come directly to the selected counter to pick up your gift by yourself.


Also, even though it's not a must, I hope for everyone who has blog would post about this giveaway on your blog to spread beauty and love toward Lancome so everyone can have perfect beauty skin together!

So amazing, isnt it?

This giveaway only runs one week after this post's published, so please hurry up! =D

The winners will be chosen by Lancome and will be notified by their staff directly, and its first come first served, so people who complete the rules first will be entitled to win this awesome giveaway. WHILE STOCK LASTS!

There will be no how many winners, everyone can win this as long as the stock lasts and you've completed the mission! Get your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and everyone to join this because it's just too awesome to be missed!

Thanks to Lancome Indonesia who's so generous to sponsor this giveaway. This giveaway is open for Jakarta citizens only

P.S = I hope after you receive the prize, you'd share your happiness here ^^


Hellen said...


Stella Lee said...

whats your google friend connet name ?:)

evelyn said...

Done!, and my google friend connect:
lyn2imagination@gmail.com :)


putri kansil said...

Done :)
GFC: makeupbyputri

Naomi said...

mail : kawaii.reiko@gmail.com
gfc : naomi


margaret said...

im in! yennyca

margaret said...

mail : cloudy_phoowie@hotmail.com
gfc : yennyca

btw, klo gak di jakarta ga bs ikutan kah? counternya kok jakarta smua?

Angel said...


mail : angelina.sulistyo @ gmail.com
GFC: Angels (I never use GFC before, I guess this is my username? I'm using my gmail ccount sih.)

Followed their twitter, facebook fanpage, and add friend too.

Stella Lee said...

All, please check your email because I've already sent the special code to your mail
thanks for joining <333

Ayny sidharta said...

Done already like their facebook fanpage, follow twitter and add friend too.

GFC : Ayny Sidharta
Email : Aay_ny@yahoo.com

Fenn said...

OMG, only that selected counter eh? so that's mean I can't pick it up in Surabaya?

Hana said...

email: me.hanappe@gmail.com
gfc:griticia hana

thank you

nindy said...


Ikmalia Anindita said...

im in!!

email: ike.imutbanget@yahoo.co.id
gfc: Ikmalia Anindita atau Anindy gitu, aku lupa. Nicknya pernah diganti sih...

Stella Lee said...

all, please check your email, ive sent the special code <3

Jasiva Suryaida said...


Hellen said...

CANINE :D is via twitter fine?

Jessica said...


Email: jessicalie08@yahoo.com

Thank you :)

Stella Lee said...

all is done, please check your email to receive the special code =] thanks <3

Vheii said...

akhirnya bisa ol kesini T^T. silakan :D

email: crystal_marionettes@yahoo.com
gfc: shii, lumi, vieny

jessicab said...

done done done done! :D

jb_blacklover (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) id

Stella Lee said...

check your mail, already sent the code ;) <3

sandtyco said...

nice :)

Marsha Karta Swardharma said...

Done :)

G.name : itsme.marsha

Thank you Kak Stella and Lancome

Cresensia Anggreani said...

done! :D

GFC : Cresensia Anggreani


Stella Lee said...

check your mail <3 already sent it to new contestants =D

Dhutama said...

Done ^o^

stella lee said...

Done ;)

I heard from a contestant that she has received her prize, has any of you received it too? please share your excitement ! :)

monic said...

DONEE !! <3

GFC name : Monic
Email : monica.elisabeth@ymail.com

Stella Lee said...

check your mail <3

ncnc said...

Done :D

e-mail: doraenci@hotmail.com

Thanks stella lee!! :)

Stella Lee said...

all's done ;)

mapple said...

what a great giveaway :D wish I'll win!! thanks for informing via twitter :D

Hafidz Widyawansyah said...

I really want to win this giveaway! :D

Hafidz Widyawansyah said...

I really want to win this giveaway! :D
my email is :

Stella Lee said...

whats your google friend connect name? have you followed all the rules?

severus said...

so bad, i not live in jakarta..:(

Stella Lee said...

will have other giveaways coming up =]

Marcelle said...

done! :D
google friend connect: Marcelle

Evelyne said...

GFC:Evelyne Sastaviyana


Stella Lee said...

all is done <3 please inform lancome to collect your prize <3

thathaku said...


gfc : Martha Angela

thathaku said...


oooppps,my email : martha.angela88@yahoo.com


Stella Lee said...

done! check your mail =] <3

renni said...

ups, google name acc is renni

renni said...

email : renni_djajaputri@yahoo.com
thx, ur gorgeous! :D

Stella Lee said...

done, check your mail :heart:

itie said...



woohoooo... :)

Stella Lee said...

whats your GFC name?

citra said...

done.... my mail : rainie_mel0dy@yahoo.com , GFC name : citra d

Stella Lee said...

I dont see your GFC on it, can you re-join it? perhaps its failed when you do so :) thanks

citra said...

ok , oops sorry wrong name hehe , GFC name : rainie_mel0dy , thx :-D

stella lee said...

okay its done, check your mail ;)

verena.pricillia said...

done :)

GFC: verena.pricillia
Email: sieluphen07@ymail.com

pink nina said...

I have done everything, follow this blog with Google connect, like & friend Lancome in Fb & follow the Twitter. My email is pinkunina (at) htmail (dot) com. :)

Stella Lee said...

All's done, thanks for joining, and you may ask your friends to join as well :-D

Chino-chan said...


GFC : Chino-chan
Mail : gabz_chino2@hotmail.com

thanks ^^

Stella Lee said...

done, please check your mail :heart:

pink nina said...

kok sampai sekarang belum terima ya? ^^;;; Sudah dicari di Inbox & Junk forlder ga ada. ^^;; Emailnya: pinkunina (at) hotmail (dot) com

Melinda said...

Hi! my Google Friend Connect name is mbengmellow
and my e-mail is lewerissamc@gmail.com

thank you :))

Stella Lee said...

done all :yes:

dilla said...

GFC name : dilla
email : dilladisni@gmail.com

oia, i dont have twitter account so i cant follow Lancome's twitter acc. can i still join this giveaway?

thx ^^

Stella Lee said...

ive sent you an email but perhaps you can ask the lancome by yourself whether its fine or not :)

eka said...

GFC name : eka
email : eka_230890@yahoo.com
i dont have twitter account so i cant follow Lancome’s twitter acc..

thx u :)

praditha putri said...

GFC name : praditha putri
email : dhicans_06@yahoo.com


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