Chit-chatting with Indonesia Beauty Blogger at Bakerinz

August 12, 2011

We were invited once again by Make Up Forever Indonesia to attend their beauty class, but we wanted to talk and gathered around first because we haven't talked that much during our previous events. Because every beauty blogger events that we have come were not made for chit-chatting with each other{um, of course ya lol).

We talked a lot on internet like talking on twitter, MSN, or even on blogs, but hey, of course its not complete if we dont talk face to face right?

I made it separately with my Make Up Forever Beauty Class event post because the gathering is too great to be shoved in one post with Make Up Forever Beauty Class


So we decided to have "buka puasa bersama" [just take it as mini gathering la ok, dunno what the english is *stupid* LOL] at Bakerinz. I forgot who suggested this first, but we of course anticipated it a lot. After talked and made sure about how many people will come, we finally had decided to meet up at 5pm. But the traffic was seriously bad, and everyone came late lor. When I arrived, only Franky and Nisa who had come. Of course, camwhore is a must right! -v-)/


I've met nisa a lot of times before this so of course it's not awkward anymore. She just dyed her hair using Palty in Beauty Mauve, READ IT HERE and I told her that i was super excited to see how it looked like in real life. I forgot to mention this on our meet up nis, coz we were so into gossiping other stuffs lol but it looks so natural and your new hair style is so fresh <3

Also, this is the first time I met with Franky. I only talked a few times with him on his blog, but we got a long so well quickly! He's really a nice and funny guy! While waiting for everyone, we gossiped and talked about beauty stuffs a lot, Especially about our blogs. Oh, and I and Nissa used our Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation which were given to us by Lancome Indonesia. Envy our nice skin? go try their amazing foundation right now!

about 10 minutes later, a beautiful woman approached us with her goddess smile ROFL


She's Putri Kansil! I only talked with her for a few times in internet but she's really pretty and super nice. she's also really feminine indeed, made me so ashamed of my loud voice and laugh T___T She just took her Lancome products that she won from my Lancome giveaway here. This is also the first time I talked with Putri on real, she's such a sweetheart i heart her <3 she's having an amazing giveaway atm so please check it HERE ok! The prizes are awesome, and there will be 5 winners =D

Then chatted a lot about random things, like about Putri's holiday in Bali, Nissa's copycat, my copycat, Franky's wacoal sponsor lol and other random stuffs. We laughed a lot and chatted unstoppably. Oh, and thanks to Putri and Franky who were professional make up artists, I finally knew that I have cool undertone because my veins are blue! I know that blue undertone is cool and green is warm, but sometimes blue and green veins are difficult to see, or at least for me lol;


Finally Hanna came with her soon-to-be-husband-policeman =D I'm sorry pak polisi, I dont know your name xD but he's such a great guy. They're really lovey dovey even fed each other argh I envied them a lot -____- *pathetic single girl*

so then I grabbed nissa's fork and fed her but she denied T____________T omg how cruel la! *cries on the corner* lmao

that time we heard interesting stories from pak polisi, story about hanna's copycat, other beauty bloggers events coming up, our blog, univ, and offices. We really had some fun, but then it's time for dinner and so these are some food photos to tempt you ok!

 IMG_3526the elegant Putri Kansil with her dish






Carnellin and Marcelle informed us that they couldn't make it because of traffic jam and told us that we could meet at MUFE's class after we finished our meal la. Then after we finished the meal, Cicil came, she's late coz she just got back from her office. Cicil helped me fixed the setting on my camera, thanks a lot to her <3 youre so smart ce =D hehe

Then while we waited her finished her meal, we camwhored again -v-



IMG_3544left to right = Hanna, Putri, Franky, me

Nissa was doing her sholat at this time

and then another blogger came, Susi! It's the first time I really talked to her, we even never talked in internet because I dunno her blog url, and in fact that she hasn't updated it for a while made me dunno her more, I'm sorry ok T___T she's such a nice woman, really fashionable and also really thoughtful. She cared a lot about my legs coz of my new shoes, and even taught me about some ways to make my legs not cramp anymore <3

So after all the bloggers came, we decided to do our last camwhore because mufe's staff had been calling for us to attend the class lol


in clockwise = me, Cicil, Susi, Hanna, Putri, Franky, Nisa

Even though some of them are people that I just med and talked at that time, I was pretty amazed by how fast we can get along. All bloggers are really friendly and nice, Ive felt that they're my close friends already and we had such a good time together [or is it just me the conceited and happy one? LOL]

meeting with a group of people who have same common interest with you is such a great thing, we were united by our same passion which is make up and beauty industry. I'm truly thankful and feel blessed that I'm a part of this world. They are truly amazing and I'm really lucky to know them personally and even have a great time talking with them

Beauty bloggers in Indonesia are still less compared than other beauty bloggers in foreign countries, but slowly more events and more bloggers in this field are increasing, and I believe that one day this community will be bigger. We truly anticipate it

And to all the bloggers that come to Bakerinz at that time, I really had a great time with you all. I wish we could have another event like this for us just to chit chat about random stuffs because it's really nice and fun to talk with you all <3

I'm really sorry about my loud voice and laugh, and if I talked and blabbed too much at that night. I'm just.. born this way *sings lady gaga song* 8D

Make Up Forever Beauty Class will be up soon, so stay tuned readers


Stella Lee

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  1. i want to meet you guys :(..

  2. we would be more than happy to meet you and other people who love beauty industry as well <3

  3. hehehe.. senengnya baca post ini.. gak sabar ketemuan lagi yah!! ^^

  4. yeap! we will meet again soon la :b

  5. Hwaa seru banget kalian ngumpul2!! :inlove:

  6. you should join it next time :-D

  7. it seems like you guys had a good time :) go Indonesian beauty bloggers!!!

  8. yes its really an enjoyable night for us ^___^ please keep supporting indonesian beauty bloggers <3

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