Where to buy Asian (Japanese, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea) Fashion?

August 17, 2011

I know that there are a lot of asian fashion online shop but,

Do they sell great quality products? Buying clothes online sometimes wont satisfy you because they sell cheap material fabric

Do they carry a huge selections of products? Some online shops dont have huge range of collections on their site, which is not enough for you

Do they ship it worldwide? Mostly online shops only send to their own country, no matter how want you to have it, they just cant ship to your address



Mode-5 is the answer!

Mode-5 is an online boutique based in Texas, America specializing in Asian fashion. They are the first American boutique to offer everything from fob fashion, to authentic korean street fashion. Their clothes come from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, and even London. Their designs are based off of current Asian fashions and European trends. Their garments are made from the highest quality materials or are imported directly from manufacturers overseas.

I've been looking at the site and seriously they have so many products to choose from! They also update their website with new products every 2 days so the fashion is of course really up to date

Here are some items that caught my attention =




 Okay, it's not some, and i still want to put other products here but its like, its already too many. Omg their choices are just so cute! I love how classy and luxurious the products are.

You wont regret buying from them because, The prices are reasonable, ship worldwide, wide range selections, kind and helpful customer service & owner, Free shipping WORLDWIDE if you order more than 150usd, provide all body shapes (now they carry products in Large, Extra Large, XXL and XXXL)

Also, You can have 20% if you purchase through my code!

YES 20% I'm not kidding gals!

Just simply enter "STELLASENTME" on your checkout, and it will automatically calculate your shopping cart :D

So why dont you just go to their website and just take a look first? Because I'm sure you won't regret it! If you can't buy many, you can also ask your friend to buy it with you! And this code works for all products on the store!


Tell me then, what are their products that interest you?

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  1. Checked your YouTube channel first thing in the morning today and I ended up checking the website...man,I love the dresses....and the shoes...too bad my credit card has reached its limit :(

  2. borrow your husbands LOL