Why being blonde is difficult

August 12, 2011

Being blonde is difficult, but in order to become a gaijin gyaru, I'm willing to destroy my hair since I was teen. Wanna know what's the most difficult thing for asian to have blonde hair?

Telling you, its random useless post ok lol i got tired writing review products ahahahah

It's simply the roots




 roots grow fast and it's really visible when you have blonde / light brown hair when your hair is basically black. Like me :|

I need to retouch my hair and dye it every month to make sure that it looks perfect! And what's worse is, dye it at salon is expensive, and I have no money to spend on dyeing my hair every month la, so the best option is to dye it at home by myself lol


I guess I'm pretty skilled in hair dyeing my hair? The color comes out evenly 8D #vain

another reason is because mostly asians cant pull blonde hair nicely. Although I seriously LOVE asian with blonde hair! But yes, some people dont look nice with blonde hair. And stop telling me that I'm trying my hard to look white, no, I follow gyaru style, which is a japanese fashion style and 99% of gyaru has colored hair la. I don't say that I look nice with blonde hair, but after all I'm happy that I'm eye-catching ROFL no matter how many of you say that I look ugly with blonde, I dont dye my hair for you, but for myself <3 *random*


I was invited to Make Up Forever Beauty Class with other bloggers and the photo is from that time. The foundation looks amazing on photo!

I will post it as soon as possible ok! I'm still waiting for Franky to send me some photos of mine that he took! He's really a nice photographer! my photos come out so nice! <3 :D

I think I look much better with bangs, I look old and my forehead looks huge but err, the lighting is ok so i post it. What do you think? do you prefer me with bangs or not? :D

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  1. rambut stella bagus wlpn diwarnai, perawatannya gmn?
    susahnya jadi gyaru.....
    pake bangs lebih cocok :)

  2. sebenernya rambutku rusak parah naomi, perawatannya udah ekstra keras, lebih keras daripada kulit tapi tetep masih kusut hehe
    aku rajin2 pake hair mask tiap 2minggu skali, terus pasti slalu pake conditioner, dan hair serum, kadang klo kusut ditambahin lagi spray anti tanglednya, dan tiap malam harus disisir sblon bobo biar gak kusut pagi2nya :) repot memang jadi gyaru hehe, tapi kan demi dedikasi ke style ini LOL

    produk perawatannya juga khusus untuk rambut bermasalah dan pewarnaan, pakenya macam loreal, sunsilk, sama kerastase hehe

    iya yah? i also think so LOL tua jadinya hehe

  3. "I dont dye my hair for you, but for myself" Nice quote ^^
    You look cute with bangs, one of my korean friend told me the secret of "forever-young" look are 2B: Bangs and BB Cream XD I'm so agree!

  4. you look just fine with blonde hair, nothing wrong whit it.
    also better with bangs, because it make you look more like a grayu.

  5. hehe, after all i never really groom up myself to be praised or for somebody's sake. we become beautiful for ourselves first, for me :b hehe..
    ROFL!!!!!! I laugh so hard hahaha, yes everyone looks much younger with bangs. kalo di indo BBB itu = behel, belah tengah, blekberi LOL

  6. @chell thanks a lot <3 yes i think bangs suit my face a lot, though i really wanna pull off onee-gyaru style[mature gyaru] but i just cant have it haha

  7. I can truly understand being blonde is insanely crazy cause I been there... especially being asian. I was blonde for 8 months and now I'm back to black... looking at this post just makes me want to go back to blonde again... but luckily I have my wigs to wear so I don't miss it that much. =P

  8. im back and forth between blonde brunette and black lol
    i wanna have platinum blonde but its almost impossible to have it without bleaching, and i cant bleach it anymore T.T ive tortured my hair so much haha..
    ah i wanna have blonde wigs too! but its so hard to find a great quality on here :cry:

  9. I love being blonde!! But totally hate it when my hair starts growing..cos you can see the black roots...

    LOVE your skin and your cheek bones *drools*

  10. @jess = yea i know, thats why its really difficult and so troublesome, gotta retouch it every month :(

    skin looks nice coz of the foundation! lol and i, honestly, hate my cheekbones, my mom said that i looked like sick person :cry: