Why being blonde is difficult

August 11, 2011

Being blonde is difficult, but in order to become a gaijin gyaru, I'm willing to destroy my hair since I was teen. Wanna know what's the most difficult thing for asian to have blonde hair?

Telling you, its random useless post ok lol i got tired writing review products ahahahah

It's simply the roots




 roots grow fast and it's really visible when you have blonde / light brown hair when your hair is basically black. Like me :|

I need to retouch my hair and dye it every month to make sure that it looks perfect! And what's worse is, dye it at salon is expensive, and I have no money to spend on dyeing my hair every month la, so the best option is to dye it at home by myself lol


I guess I'm pretty skilled in hair dyeing my hair? The color comes out evenly 8D #vain

another reason is because mostly asians cant pull blonde hair nicely. Although I seriously LOVE asian with blonde hair! But yes, some people dont look nice with blonde hair. And stop telling me that I'm trying my hard to look white, no, I follow gyaru style, which is a japanese fashion style and 99% of gyaru has colored hair la. I don't say that I look nice with blonde hair, but after all I'm happy that I'm eye-catching ROFL no matter how many of you say that I look ugly with blonde, I dont dye my hair for you, but for myself <3 *random*


I was invited to Make Up Forever Beauty Class with other bloggers and the photo is from that time. The foundation looks amazing on photo!

I will post it as soon as possible ok! I'm still waiting for Franky to send me some photos of mine that he took! He's really a nice photographer! my photos come out so nice! <3 :D

I think I look much better with bangs, I look old and my forehead looks huge but err, the lighting is ok so i post it. What do you think? do you prefer me with bangs or not? :D

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