Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel Review

August 08, 2011

Baviphat is one of the most well-known Korean cosmetic and skincare company. Their skincare products are made from fruits or vegetables, giving your skin a healthy nutrition. My sponsor MyLovelySister sent this product to me as a review purpose, I asked her for this product because I'm a peach lover <3 So I'm excited to try this product out!


The packaging is to die for! It comes with a peach package and its super cute! The weight is 100gr so of course you have quite a lot of product inside! It's really handy, and doesn't look cheap at all. You may remove the tag if you think it's troublesome when using it

Baviphat Fruit Series mask comes in other types as well, such as Apple, Strawberry, Lemon, and so on, each with its different purpose, though All comes for exfoliating your dead skin cells. The main function for the peach type is to tighten your pores, brighten your skin, and gives smoother skin

This product comes with its additional cap to save your mini spoon inside


the spoon is your measurement to take the product out. Its so tiny but its enough for your entire face!


so, take a proper amount, which is enough for your whole face

The texture is like a gel, and the smell is really fantastic. It smells like real peach, though it's pleasant, its too strong and perhaps some people wont like it. Its also really fluffy and doesnt become liquid at all. I feel like eating it coz it looks like peach pudding! SERIOUSLY LOL i cant stop smelling it! The scent is really nice for me!


pardon my dirty back of hand, I was swatching other products


As you guys can see, this is more than enough for your entire face. I notice that it's too much for my hand but of course I cannot put it on the pack again so yeah, just let it be lol


the gel glides easily and smoothly on my hand


spread and start exfoliate the skin in circular motion


after its finished, rinse it off with lukewarm water


Even though it seems that the grey-ish thingy is my dead skin cells, but in fact its not, it's the mixture between my dead cells and the ingredients. After usage, I feel that my skin is really soft, smooth, and moist. Also it gives pleasant peach scent on my face, and its also brighten my face, but it doesnt mean that it changes my entire skin because skin care is a matter of time

I recommend using it once or twice a week to exfoliate your dead skin, therefore you can re-grown a new skin. Make sure your hand and your face are completely dry when you put this product otherwise it wont work. Unfortunately, unlike Cure Natural Aqua Gel that easily shows you how much dead skin cells removed, you cant really tell how much is it by using this product because its gel also mixed with your dead skin

Although, I do believe that the finishing result is quite same since the purpose of this product is to exfoliate your skin, some people will find the smell annoying because it's quite strong. BUT, I personally like the scent because its just too sweet to be missed of!

And you know the best thing?

I thought this amazing product cost me around 20-30USD like Cure, but in fact, MyLovelySister only sells this product for Rp105.000 [12USD]!

It's more affordable than I thought, because I only need small amount of the product, so I assume this product can last for more than 8 months if you use it once a week! WAOW!


Final Opinion

Pros :

  • Cute packaging

  • Do its work well, exfoliate the dead skin

  • Pleasant peach aroma

  • A little goes a long way

  • Hygiene, because it also gives you the spoon to take out the product

  • Can measure how much product you need on your face by using the spoon as measurement

  • Affordable

  • Spread and glides easily

  • Tighten pores

  • Gives brighter and smoother effect

  • Last long

  • Make moisturizer and other skincare products absorbed well on my skin


  • Cant see directly how much dead skin cells removed

  • Scent is quite strong, some people wont like it


Overall, I'd love to repurchase this product.

It really makes my skin smoother and it brightens my face with peach eaxtract. So it's perfect to pamper my skin once a week and improve the dull skin , that's caused by pollution and weather, to a radiant skin. I also love the peach smell on this product, the packaging is also unique and cute!

Even though I cant see clearly how much it removes my dead skin, I still can feel how smooth my skin after using it so of course this product works well! It's also affordable and will last long, needless to say that its more like CHEAP instead of AFFORDABLE to me, because if you count how many times you can use it, you wont ever regret purchasing one for yourself!

If you compare it with Cure, I still believe that Cure exfoliates my skin better because I can see the result directly. But if you're looking for something similar and much more affordable, of course you need to purchase this Baviphat Peach All in One Peeling Gel

If youd like to purchase it too, you may visit the store here

let me hear your comment below about this product gals, whether you like it or not

with love,

stella lee <3

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  1. Aww look at the packaging! So cute! It reminds me of the Tony Moly peeling mask I tried a while ago. I'm not sure if I like this type of mask, though. My skin's prone to acne and abrasive masks tend to be too harsh. :/

  2. Yes the packaging is MAX CUTE <3
    oh, i know, the infamous tony moly tomato mask? its not mask though, its more like scrub to exfoliate your dead skin. I believe this one works well with sensitive skin because its not harsh like the skin food black sugar mask [if youve ever used/heard about it] because mostly exfoliator has harsh scrub. This one is more like gel. you can also try cure natural aqua gel that works like this too. both of them is gentle

  3. Beneran ampe kaya gitu sis pas udah digosok? Tapi agak mahal ya....

  4. malah menurutku gak mahal sama skali, ini cuman 105ribu dan klo dpake 2x sminggu aja bisa buat 6 bulan

  5. I recently got this product too! been using it for one month till now and I have to say that I looove it except for the strong smell. I hate fragrance in skincare products =/

  6. yeah some people cant stand scent on products but i love the scent ^^
    this product is really nice and pretty affordable too <3

  7. would this maybe be good for pimples? i have a small amount, but it would be nice if it worked for that too! :)

  8. As for pimples I don't recommend peeling it, I always let it heal by itself or use acne cream. Because it can be a little too harsh for acne
    So I try to avoid that area