Make Up Forever HD Beauty Class - Face HD Lesson

August 14, 2011

Make Up Forever invited me to attend their Beauty Class about Face using Make Up Forever HD products. Last time we learned directly from David Arbid and it's the time to put it on our face directly! I had a fabulous time with other bloggers here before I joined the class. So, wondering what I did on the class? Read more =D


The event took place at Make Up Forever Indonesia's boutique in Plaza Indonesia. The place isn't that big but I find its better because you can learn better with less students. With all Make Up Forever products surrounded us, we couldn't prevent our desire to take all the pictures there!

I warn you, these pictures will tempt you a lot if youre a make up lover!










Putri busily took pictures





Ms. Adinda, Indonesia Make Up Forever's PR, was explaining about the lesson


we were given face chart to learn about our skin tone and MUFE products that matched our skin tone and hair color. And this is what I got!

some pictures in this post are taken by Franky, he took great photos of mine! and gonna mention his name on his photos to credit him ok :) the photo below is taken by him


MUFE's Make Up Artist helped us a lot and answered every questions regarding this matters helpfully. The one who spoke to me is Mr. Tommy, and he's really helpful and kind no matter how fussy I was lol


Franky put make up for Adinda because he wouldn't put it on himself right lol


Hanna sadar kamera lol


Because i was using make up, I had to remove all the make up there using Make Up Forever Make Up Cleanser


Soaked them on cotton pad, and gently remove all the make up


After face make up was removed. I still had some acnes on my T-Zone and Chin because of my last break out. we didn't remove our eye make up because we didn't learn about it for this class. Though, I removed my eyeshadows.

Then, we applied HD Elixir to hydrate our skin. This product promises to make the users to increase their skin's moist up to 520%. Then we used HD Primer. Mr. Tommy recommended me to use the purple one instead because it would brighten up my face. I always mention to everyone that you need to use primer before you use make up. Not only to make your make up last longer, primer also makes a barrier between your skin and make up which will protect your skin by not making make up to be applied directly on your face


HD primer in 07. Purple to brighten up your complexion


face got brighter!


Time to try the HD Foundation! Gosh I had been waiting to try their HD Foundation because its said that it would make your face really flawless on the camera! I told the Make Up Artist that I would like to dry darker foundation than my own skin tone. Because my face and neck's shade is different, face skin is whiter because of all the skincare products T__T but of course the foundation has to match our face's skin so I got #127 again

I wanna have tanner skin like Egg's models! I get tired becoming shiro-gyaru lol Ah, so sad to become the one and only gyaru in Indo, kenot talk about gyaru stuffs with anyone so I only talked with other gaijin gyarus in foreign countries. They said they tanned themselves a lot in this summer, but seriously, if I went out and tan myself in Jakarta hot polluted city, mom would say that I looked like "anak kampung"! LOL

okay enough, so I applied the foundation with sponge. Applying foundation with sponge will give smoother and flawless result compared to using brush and fingers


so this is Hanna, using HD foundation on one side of her face only. see the difference?

I'm sorry I forgot to use it before after like her T___T will do it next time ok, promise!!!

But, this is the photo after I used HD Foundation!


no need photo retouching anymore! just like what David Arbid said!


After using HD Concealer to conceal my dark circles and highlight my nose bridge


after put HD Loose powder to set the make up. it wont give you any color or any effect, just to set the make up and make the foundation last longer

I love the foundation because it looks really nice on the picture, but in fact on real life it's not as good as it comes out on the camera. So I'd say that this foundation is probably best when you're having photoshoot and recording movies. I wouldn't recommend this for daily basis though. it also looks cakey on real life and my cheeks are super dry so after hours the foundation tends to look flaky on my cheeks. The oil control in this foundation is so strong, so I believe that the foundation suits oily skin type better. Because I dont see any oil on my tzone and chin. I have combination skin for your concern

I love this foundation, but perhaps even if I purchase this I will just use it when I took pictures. Flawless skin result on the photo, but sadly to say that its not that nice on real life. Got my point?


Okay, so I really wanted to try HD Blush in 13, since it says the color is baby pink. I'm always tempted by "baby pink" so must must try la right?


Make Up Forever HD Blush in shade #13 Smooth Talker swatch


Hanna used #7 One Too Many which is a peachy beige color

a little out of topic, I met Hanna first time through Ponds event. She was the first beauty blogger I met and I was like super shy. But hey, I gotta introduce myself coz i wanna be friend with her and other bloggers, notice that im a newbie in this kind of event I realized that I have to be the active one to talk. Her face is really arrogant so I was kinda scared lol but in fact she's really kind and nice once you know her

I shook her hand and talked a bit bout blog. She told me she had heard of me before, but I honestly told her that I didnt think I had visited her, because I didnt know other indo bloggers lol Since then we met a lot and chatted a lot. Her beauty blog is written in Indonesia language so if you get sick reading my english entries, you may visit her blog here

Later I just noticed that I had been to her blog for a few times before i knew her personally lol

No I'm not paid to advertise her la lol wrote this coz.. you're gonna see lotsa photos of her in this post..? haha


put HD Blush on the apples of my cheek and blended it outward, i used #3 Truth or Dare blush which is a hot pink shade, but once its blended it becomes normal pink shade. I just noticed that the cream blush's color is not that strong, but more into natural shade to make it like your real cheek's color



Then I used HD Blush in #11 Mistaken Identity. Its a matte redbrown color so I used it to contour my cheek bones


looks so natural!

3 photos below taken by Franky


to complete the look, of couse we need to finish it off with lipstick right! Marcelle looks absolutely gorgeous with her red lips! And susi wanted to join but too late haha! dont blame me ok LOL



this photo is seriously really funny! its as if hanna was disgusted by me LOL peaceeeeeeeee


normal shoot, applying lipgloss


final look with Nissa, I told her she would look absolutely stunning with orange lips, and she tried one of mufe's orange lips, see how fresh and pretty she was? I used MUFE lipstick in #38. Its a really nice pink color and I love it so much. I wanna purchase it but I just spent a lot on this month haul, so maybe next time :cry:


I love the HD Blush in #11, it really emphasizes my cheek bones!


Priscilla, me, Putri, and Franky




Many thanks to Make Up Forever Indonesia to invite us to join their Beauty Class. Its really fun and we hoped that you would do this kind of event in the future. If youd like to apply for their make up class, you can just simply tweet them HERE or go to their FB HERE

More info: 0815 1090 1984 and/or PIN BBM 228c3894

bye folks!


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  1. yeah readers, im not paying her to write about me, esp paying her to call me arrogant! lol

    no no stellaaa. its not arrogant face, but "sangar" face, hehe..

    oh and how dare you, itu foto jelek akuuuu kamu pajang, hiks hiks. :reallypissed: tunggu aja, ntar kita ketemu aku kelitikin kamu sampe nangis *evil eyes*

    aaaah cant hardly wait for next meet up! :-))

  2. mwahahahaha... i wrote nice about you coz i have ugly photos of you below! so you wont get mad at me hohohoo!

    its just because its too funny so i have to put it on this blog! lol blame franky for taking it *nyalain orang* wakakakak...

    ah, dont bully the younger, auntie *wink*
    sure, i cant wait for our next meet up too! we will meet again soon though lol *smooch

  3. buahahahaha.. lucu amat liat fotonya hanna.. :-D
    we had so much fun ya, hehehe.. see you on 18th! ^^

  4. sure will see you again soon <3

  5. bwahaha fotonya kocak semua
    can't wait to see you all again you are all fantastic ^_^

  6. you're really great too <3 we'd see each other again soon, I believe =D

  7. *DROOLS*
    I really wish they have something like this in NZ =((

  8. go back to indo!

  9. Hwaaa seru banget acaranyaaa!! *mupeng. Kulit kalian mulus2 banget gitu yaa. Itu line MUFE yg campaign-nya no photo retouching ya? Jadi terbukti benerr ya.. :yes:

  10. iya bagus buat photo say, tapi aslinya kulitnya gak sbagus itu haha, pas pulang aja kulitnya udah aga kering :(