Lancome Genefique Eye Youth Activating Eye Concentrate Review

August 23, 2011


Genefique youth activating eye concentrate is enriched with a unique extract known to stimulate the eye contour area. Promises you to make your eyes look visibly younger after 7 days, and will reduce eye bags and diminish dark circles after 28 days. Is it true?




This unique gel-cream leaves the eye contour velvety to the touch. Dark circles and signs of fatigue fade as the eye area is infused with life and takes on a fresh, luminous appearance. Discover the skin you were born to have with the ultimate age-defying solution. With ten years of research and seven international patents to its name, this revolutionary solution boosts production of 'youth proteins' to reverse the signs of aging. Drop by drop, skin is infused with life, taking on a more refined texture and a breathtaking, lit-from-within look - Sephora


Today, for every woman, Lancôme invents our first eye care that boosts the activity of genes. This formula stimulates the genes to increase production of youth proteins. Ten years of research, including in vitro studies on 4,400 genes and 1,300 proteins, as well as clinical tests, have pinpointed key youth proteins that are associated with the complexion's youthful qualities. It promises you to achieve brighter eyes in just seven days after usage!


My Experience

I've used this product for over than 2 weeks and applied a generous amount on my eyes area with my ring finger outward. This product promises to reduce dark circles and puffiness, I've taken the before and after photo, and I seriously dont see any difference even after using it. Hence I don't bother to put the pictures here. I love Lancome, but this product doesn't give any improvement on my eye problem

I've read a lot of review about this product that it can reduce the wrinkles. Probably its true, I cant say anything about wrinkle because I haven't had it yet. This product gives cool feeling on my eye areas, but just it. I'm pretty sure other eye creams with better price can give the same cool feeling, even with better result


Final Opinion

Pros :

  • Nothing, because I dont see any change on my eye area after usage

Cons :

  • Expensive

  • Doesn't give any improvement on my eye areas

I wouldn't repurchase this product, dont need to ask

It just, doesnt work for me. It doesnt even give me any improvement on my dark circle. I know that this product's main purpose is supposedly to dismiss wrinkle around eye, but as far as I know this product is mentioned to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles as well.

I have no wrinkle so I can't say how this eye cream works on wrinkle eye, but for dark circles and eye bag, its totally a failure

With price Rp650.000, I expected a great result like what Genefique Youth Activator works on my skin. But its just not worth the money, even if it's cheap I wouldn't buy it because it has no effect on me

How about you? Have you ever tried any eye cream that does amazing job on your eye's skin area problem?

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  1. sama ga ada efek buat dark circlenya :sweat:

  2. iya, padahal activatornya bagus, aneh bgt ini eye cream ga ada efek apa2 :no:

  3. yahh, mahal gt malah gk ngefek......
    dark circle ku parah banget lho, trs I 've tried thousand of cream.
    mulai dr yg murah smp yg mahal, ada yg obat dokter jg. tp nothing works :((
    apa mungkin gara2 gaya hidup jg ya?
    Km pake apa stell buat ngilangin dark circle?

  4. iya, aku ngarepin hasilnya bagus karna harganya mahal, tapi sama skali gak ngepek :b

    dark circleku juga lumayan loh >.< cuman banyak2 minum air putih, makan buah n sayuran, kompres pake timun, n jangan tidur malem2 itu membantu sii, cuman gak ilang hehe..

    pacarannya harus sama concealer deh :rotfl:

  5. wah mahal banget tapi engga ada efeknya... kak stella udah kayak michelle phan versi Indo ya :) hha semua reviewnya hampir lancome . hehe ganbatte kudasai :D

  6. iya kalo emang gak bagus juga pasti aku tulis kok di blog :D
    hehe gak lah belom secanggih itu. kebetulan aja lagi dapet produknya lancome jadi direview ^^ thanks anyway <3

  7. *tos* no effect on me too!! T_T well, ada sih, tapi cuman berapa lama, itupun klo cukup tidur it becomes better than the usual. aneh deh apa mata aku emang ga bsia disembuhkan ya --a pake eye cream apa aja hasilnya sama

  8. iya emang gak ngepek apa2 :( tapi youth activatornya bagus <333 mungkin emang ini bagusnya bwt wrinkle doang kali yah, u/ dark circle sama skali gak ada improvement
    kalo emang gak bisa coba dikonsultasikan ke dokter :-) karena biasanya ada yang turunan dan gak bisa hilang ;-)