Take a Visit to Sunsilk Hair Studio

August 15, 2011

I visited Sunsilk Hair Studio a couple weeks ago but I forgot to post it lol I'm so sorry..


I received free invitation from Sunsilk Hair Studio and its for two. The invitation can be used for creambath, styling, make up, or cutting. I decided to take a visit to there with my mom on Sunday


Sunsilk Hair Studio is located at Grand Indonesia East Mall Level 2. And its supposed to be there only from June to July, but they extend it because the response is really nice till the end of August. Is it that nice? See by yourself!



The interior is really classy and modern. I don't understand how come Sunsilk decorates the place so nicely when they dont open it permanently. Isn't it such a waste? But for us customers it means good, so lets forget it lol


the price

gotta register first and wait because the queue super long. I had to wait for about 1,5hours so I had dinner while waiting.

I wish they had more staffs so we didnt have to wait that long


Finally it's my turn! I chose to cut my hair because I havent cut it like for, 6 months? lol coz I wanna make it so long, perhaps around my butt rofl
But I asked the stylist to not cut too much, just give some layers, and cut my bangs. No more. He's really nice and we chatted a lot about hair. He praised my hair color loh! lol *ish proud*
My mom got creambath instead because she just cut her hair a week before, and regret that i didn't receive the invitation earlier lol


I even had 2 stylist to blow my hair WAOW!

When I was chatting with the stylist, I told him that I loved curling my hair, so he blew my hair like this!
Hair super soft afterwards! But cant last long, as usual :( according to the stylist, he said that my hair was really heavy and super straight to begin with. So hair tends to lose its curl after 1-2hours. GAKH pity me T__T



I didnt even put any make up, just put Shiseido Majolica Majorca foundation before took this photo, such a bad blogger I am lol;


I received sunsilk shampoo's for free too! But I dont use this type so I give it to my aunt

Instead, I bought my usual hair products that I was about to run out of. I use the damaged hair treatment from sunsilk because hair is super damaged from bleaching, curling, and so on T_T


After all, its really nice, but I dont think the service worth the money. Cutting is Rp100.000 and creambath is Rp80.000. I only cut my hair ends and bangs, so of course I wont go there and pay for Rp100.000 just for it. And usually creambath is about Rp30.000, I thought the service is excellent but mom complained a lot after we finished. She said that the staff massaged her half-heartedly and recklessly

Will we visit it again? No of course not, it's just too pricey and the service doesn't worth the money. I know that there are a lot of good posts about them, but my mom and I agree that it's not that great. We dont say that it's awful, but it's not worth the price

I rather go to other salons and get better service. After all Sunsilk Hair Studio is not a salon where you can get great stylist to improve your look. Their staff's skills are so-so. So, Nah, I will cut my hair again by myself at home. Wont go there anymore, period

Have you visited or do you want to visit Sunsilk Hair Studio?  Lemme hear your story or why you'd like to go there! :D

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