Lioele Aroma Waterproof Lip & Eye Remover Review

August 19, 2011



The most important thing to do when you wear make up is to cleanse all the make up properly otherwise it will leave your skin all the chemicals, which will lead to skin care problems. Cleanse your make up is not as easy as wash your face with regular facial wash, you need extra care to completely remove the make up. Eye & Lip is the most delicate part on our face, therefore you need special remover to cleanse it. And now, I'm gonna review Lioele Aroma Waterproof Lip & Eye Remover that is sent to me by my sponsor MyLovelySister





It removes every heavy or light eye and lip make up gently in an instant. It can be used on sensitive eye and lip area without irritation because its alcohol-free and praben type preservative free.

The packaging is typically Asian product which is cute and attractive. It's also made from transparent plastic bottle for your convenience so you can see how many products left. 80ml product is more than enough and it will last you for a while. But of course we wont buy it no matter how cheap and how cute this product is without knowing the product's result right?


Then, lets put this product on a test!


I used cream eyeliner and loose eyeshadow which have pigmented color, and quite difficult to remove


shake the bottle well before using it


pour adequate mount on cotton pad and leave the cotton pad on your eyes for about 15 seconds, then gently swipe it


after one swipe of cotton pad, almost every eye make up is gone!


with one swipe only! MAD!!


need 4-5 swipes to completely remove all the make up


Eyes now completely free from make up and so you can wash your face afterward and rinse it off with lukewarm water


Final Opinion

Pros :

  • Affordable

  • Cute packaging

  • Removes make up in instant

  • One bottle can last for about 4-6months, last long!

  • Light weight / Travel Friendly

  • Gives calm and cool feeling on my eyes

Cons :

  • The hole of this bottle to pour the remover on cotton pad is too wide, that's why sometimes I spill some liquid if I don't pour carefully

Overall, it's such a great bargain! I love this product! The price is seriously affordable and it can last for about 4-6months if you use it everyday! Also the bottle is made from plastic so you dont have to worry if it falls down and break. I used to have Revlon remover and its made from glass and one day I was too reckless and it broke down T___T

I definitely will repurchase this amazing product!

Eye & Lip Remover is a must and this product is definitely one of the best eye make up remover I've ever tried so far because it removes make up easily! Moreover, this product is really affordable!

You can buy this product from MyLovelySister for only Rp89.000! 

Rp89.000 for 80ml amazing eye & lip remover is a great deal for me!

click the picture to visit the store directly

so, whats your thought about this product? Will you purchase this product too? Leave comment below so I can hear your opinion =D !

with love,

Stella Lee <3

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  1. Errrr salah besar deh buka-buka post ini, jadi ngileerrrr kaaaannn...*tutup mata *kuatkan iman

  2. XDDD murah kok ini han, klo pake maybelline ato revlon kadang suka harsh di kulit >.<; ini lembut dan relaxinggg *meracuni* :-D