Canmake Four Shiny Eyes Review and Swatch

August 11, 2011

Canmake is one of the most famous Japanese drugstore make up brand, featured Lena Fuji from Vivi as their model. I have been using this Canmake eyeshadow quad for a while and now it's time to review it!


I bought the shade 01 Strawberry Chocolate because I had too many bronze eyeshadows. I thought its time to go with some romantic color


The packaging is really small and sleek, so you can easily bring it when you're traveling. I always bring it on my make up pouch because its easy to carry

The eyeshadow brush is quite soft compared to any other drugstore's eyeshadow's palette brush. It has dual ended brush, a sponge tip, and a fine tip for precise application on lower lashline


Unfortunately the eye shadows fail to impress me. It's not pigmented and it falls out a lot so it ruins my make up with its glitter. It's too shimmery and all the colors except brown looks almost same in real life

I had to swipe the eyeshadow on my wrist 3-4times to achieve this result. It's a big thumbs down!

The real price of this palette is 680yen on Japan, but I bought it on Sasa Malaysia and it costs me double price


Final Opinion =

Pros :

  • Cute packaging

  • Unique brush

  • Easy to carry

Cons :

  • Hard to find outside Japan

  • Expensive if you dont buy it from Japan by yourself

  • Eyeshadow falls out easily

  • Not pigmented

  • Too much glitter

After all, I wont repurchase this product anymore.

It's a huge disappointment even though I used it a lot since its really travel friendly. I'm thinking to buy Visee next because people rave its more pigmented! Though if you don't want to have pigmented eyeshadow on your eyes but only want some shimmer instead, you may like this product. But for me its just a waste of money

What do you think about this product?

Have any of you tried canmake too before? :)

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  1. ga bagus yah Stel? -_-" kepengen nyoba padahal. klo eyebrow cake nya gimana? Kate keknya mayan bagus yah.. tapi beli di manaa...? -_-" bener katamu. susah nyarinya.

  2. gak bagus, jangan beli deh, udah mahal klo kita beli di OS, produknya glittery dan warnanya gak kluar =-= failed abis!
    kate katanya emang oke, bisa coba aja blanja di ato ikut po2 kosmetik jepang di fb gitu :)

  3. any suggestion OL shop FB say? ga ngerti masuk web itu.. -_-"
    pernah denger la pensee gak? keluaran jepang juga. aku rasa sama aja payahnya sama e/s canmake ini. -_-"

  4. coba kamu tanya ke, dia jual asian cosmetics, tp yang ready stock gak ada yang kate e/s stauku, mungkin bisa ikutan PO-nya :)

    la pensee? pernah tapi gak pernah pake hehe, aku baru beli shiseido integrate sii, mirip2 ini tapi smoga lebih bagus, bakalan aku review scpetny ;)