Make Up Forever HD Blush Review in 04 Walk of Shame

August 04, 2011

Make Up Forever HD Blush is the first and only cream blush in the world that has pump packaging. It naturally sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy glow. It's matifying and light-reflecting pigments were selected for a perfect application. It guarantees a radiant complexion and a complete natural finish

The mini sample of it was given to me by Make Up Forever when I attended their event, and now it's time to review it on my blog!

I love their pump packaging idea. Other cream blushes are made on pan and its honestly un-hygiene for me because you usually rub it with your fingers. Even though you have washed your hand before, but I'm a pump lover person for its simplicity

The packaging itself is very classy and doesn't look cheaply made. Though I'm afraid that you wont get every single product inside when it's about to run off because it will end up sticking on the bottle instead and you can't pump it out

The full size product is 10ml and the price is Rp 325.000, its available at any Make Up Forever's store with 14 alluring shades to choose from. The pump is easy to handle so you wont get too much and end up wasting it, but you still have to carefully control it. You only need a super little amount to give your cheek a radiant glow because a little goes a long way

Every cream blush tends to have natural finish and more long lasting effect instead of powder blush. Its not an exception for Make Up Forever HD Blush. The texture is quite creamy and not sticky at all! It's fragrance free and buildable. So if you want more coverage you can always add more. It also blends easily on skin and long lasting. With luminous finish, it makes your complexion brighter


Have I also mentioned that this blush is also super pigmented as well? I'm super impressed by how good the quality of the blush color even though it feels really light on my skin!

All the HD Blush are matte because it gives natural finish effect. If you'd like to add shimmer on your cheek, you can always use powder blush on top

btw I'm using OPI in Passion, you can get it from and receive 10% discount if you mention my name lol

this is the shade 04 in Walk of Shame, its a bubblegum pink with blue undertone, it's a fun and bright color

see how tiny the size of HD Blush is?

dab it lightly on my skin

blend it with my fingers


Final Opinion :

Pros :

  • Easy to use

  • Hygiene

  • Pigmented and subtle color

  • Buildable & blendable

  • Unique packaging

  • Easy to get

  • Gives natural finish

  • Have quite a lot of shades

  • Long lasting

  • Light weight

  • Matte, can never go wrong with it

  • A little goes a long way

Cons :

  • Expensive compared to any other cream blushes

  • Won't get every last drop of the product because of the possibility it will stuck inside the bottle

This product is amazing! I don't think it has any main problem with the product itself! Yes its expensive, but the money spent to this blush is worth. At least for me

I probably will end up buying other colors such as 13 Smooth Talker which is a pale pink color, or 12 First Kiss, a bright apricot, to expand my blush collection. This color is too purple on my cheek when I tried it before, so I will get another shade for me. Even though its only 10ml, I only need a little amount to put on my cheek so it will last forever! lol

Have you ever tried any cream blush too before? :D

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  1. you start to blog about MUFE ^__^ great, I need guidance about this one since its so expensive. BTW, the picture won't come out or its my computer problem? ' 'a I can't really enjoy your post without the pics D:

  2. try it again within a hour ^^ im sure its your connection

  3. image nya ga kluar loh, btw follow back donk :) masih sibuk emang?

  4. sudah keluar belum?

  5. udah nih stell, eh tadi aku sempet failed pas mo komen gatau krn koneksi ku apa gimana. web mu dah bener kan?mnurutku sih uda rapi...

  6. [...] I’ve reviewed about this blush before, so this post is only for swatch, to show you the color of this shade. You can read the review about this blush HERE [...]

  7. Whooaaaa tadinya hampir mau beli ini, tapi mehong bhookkk.. Warnanya canteeekkk bgt yiiaaa ^_^

  8. haha, tapi kan tahan lama dan emang bagus say hasilnya *meracuni otakmu* :inlove:
    iya cantik ^__^ bisa dibuild juga untuk jadi hot pink yang lebih dolly :-*