Around the World in Yokohama - Germany & Hawaii

August 06, 2013

I freakin need to finish this one blog post, the last post from my 2nd trip to Japan.. Otherwise I wont be able to catch up with my schedule! Since I'll going to Japan again within 10 dayssss *___*

As the continuation of my Around the World in Yokohama. This time I was accompanying Shintaro in Germany to drink Beer, and having lunch at Hawaii. Feels like a superstar what
That's why you really need to come to Yokohama!

This was what I saw when we were walking outside the park.. On that day, there was German Festival. And Germany is famous for its beer and sausages, Mio, Kawaii Leader from Germany often made a joke about this too haha. Oh know I miss her  photo 20_zps5d2368e3.png

So we were very hungry and we decided to come closer and saw what they offered!
A lot of people were having their beers! 

Feels in Germany already??  photo 17_zps5e02f649.png

Since I don't drink, Shintaro-nii bought one. It's very expensive. A glass for 1000 yen! And he said it's just normal Heineken so he got cheated LOL
Maki-san scolded her, saying why not buy another one instead of normal Heineken. He was like 'oh I didn't know that'

yeah right . . . LOL

The buildings gave more feeling of being in Europe.. 
As it was sunday, there were a lot of couples and family visited the place to enjoy themselves! 

Or should I say, packed . . ? 

The food price is not bad for some.. Like you can see that curry rice with Katsu is only 800Yen, and french fries is 500Yen.. But Edamame is also 500Yen I was like.. whatttt lol

They also sold Lobster menus. And Japanese are very creative with pun. They named the shop as LobStar LOL

The people ordered food and sat outside to enjoy the scenery and environment. It's really nice to see a lot of people in happy mood. But this amount of people is just.. too much hahaha

We can't even get any seat.. And it was hot on that day. And nothing appealed us. So Shintaro-nii was like, "Do you want to eat Hawaiian food instead?"

So we walked to American Area.. The Area really reminded me of Old Town America but my camera died exactly on that time -____-
So I saved my digicam's battery [which was almost died as well] to capture Hawaii instead, I apologize in advance

So we're in Hawaii now!!! 
[Don't ask me how to go here, I just follow my tour leader T__T]

And I was like 'OMG, This is like Bali!'

Maki-san told me Japanese people really like Hawaii and almost everyone has been there. And it's not so expensive from Japan. I think it's only around 1200USD for a tour to go to Hawaii!
Considering high salary in Japan, I could say going to Hawaii is like going to Bali for Indonesia? 

They told me that in Hawaii, although it's a part of America, but most of the people there are Japanese. And you can sometimes bump into someone you know while you're there [if you're japanese la] 

And they consider Hawaii as Hawaii, not a part of America haha
Same like Bali. Tourists know it as Bali, not a part of Indonesia T____T

So anyone read this, please notice.. Bali is one of Indonesia islands T______T 

Enough of the chat, I need to enjoy Hawaii!! After listening to Maki-san and Shintaro-nii's story, I was like, 'damn I wanna go to Hawaii one day!!' 
So I was excited to know the food!! Who doesn't!

Alohaaaa~~ *dances*

The famous food from Hawaii is that Loco Moco! For about 980yen!
Mind you that almost average food in Japan is around 1000 yen. Cheap one is around 500 yen. And expensive cafe is like 2000 yen.. Prepare your budget when you're here ok! ^_^

I ordered a fruit juice too along with the menu!
And here's . . 

Loco . . Moco . . . ???

 photo 11_zpsf7048e0c.png

I was surprised cos it just seems like normal Japanese Hamburg with Half Boiled Egg on top of Rice
I was like "This.. is.. Hawaiian Food..?"

And in fact, we can make it at home too.. LOL

The taste was not bad, but I expected something more Hawaii haha
A little disappointed to order Loco moco because Shintaro-nii and Maki-san ordered Sandwich! 

It looks normal for you??

Now... see this




It's bigger than my palm!!!  photo 18_zps6a561248.png

Now this is what I feel as 'AMERICAN SIZE'  photo 18_zps6a561248.png
That one is veggies sandwich, and the one below is salmon sandwich~

I feel that it's more Hawaii-an that my LocoMoco. So I put Hawaii as a country list I wanna visit in the future! Hahahaa

But I wanna go to Europe moreee  photo 20_zps5d2368e3.png 
I have to work hard to go there! 

And we finish the gourmet by eating Hawaii Donut! I forgot the name of the Donut, but the shop is in Hawaiian Town, and it's the only one that sells it. So if you manage to go to the Town, you can easily find it!

The Donut is not like any other Donut becos the sweetness is just sweet enough to make you smile but doesn't make your tooth hurt LOL
Both male and female can enjoy the Donut! Shin-nii really likes this!!

The texture is freaking SOFT too! Like it melts inside your mouth! After the dessert, we went back home, and I had to pack bcos the day after I already went back to Indonesia. It was short, but I enjoyed every single second i was there!

To be honest,

I do not recommend you to go to Japan and have food gourmet there

Once you feel the high standard of average food in Japan. You will never enjoy food in any country like you used to .  . . .

I warn you!!  photo 3_zps1cb1205a.png

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  1. hehe it's funny to see what others consider as "typical german" xD Well, if you ever come to Germany make sure to let us know and I can show you around here ^.~

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