Japan Third Time!!!

August 03, 2013

I was freaking joking to my friends when I said that I had been to japan TWICE this year. One is super hardwork from all the savings that I have. And another one is the prize of my blogging career

I said, 'if I come to Japan again 3 times, that will be a super miracle'

and so, I am!! O.O

NHK informed me like 2 weeks ago that they would fly me to Tokyo for a fashion event again. I am not really sure what the job is all about but HEY! Japan again!! 

So I will have experienced 3 of 4 seasons in Japan! Winter, Spring, and this time Summer!
I'll be drown in happiness if i can experience Fall as well in a row!! 
A girl can wish, right? 

And this time it feels like a joke. I was supposed to come for 3 days 2 nights only! Day first after arrive, is meeting. Then second day is the Event. Next morning go back already lol
I was like, "OMG, do I reach the point where I just come to Japan just to eat ramen? " LOL

Turn out NHK couldn't find me ticket during those times so they're indirectly forced to extend my stay lol
More luck! Yay!

I am going to Japan on 15th August, then I will go back to Indonesia on 22th!

Come to Japan for the third time, I already have seen things that I want to.. And this time is summer
And I won't bring many souvenirs this time

Which means, I have some spaces for Shopping Service again!
Did it on my 2nd trip. So why not do it again this time? ^.^


For order, mail me = stellalee@hotmail.co.id

Okay back packing!! ^.^ 

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  1. Whoa, congrats on the trip Stella! ^_^

  2. good luck ci stella ! :D have fun!

  3. Hahaha congrats Stel...
    Ati2 loh di Jepang kalo summer banyak kecoa x_x

  4. WUAPAAAAAAAA >A<)\ arghhhhhhhhhh

  5. Lucky! Have a good time in Japan. I look forward to reading about your adventure.

  6. congrats ya ce ^^
    ditunggu post selanjutnya tentang japan ><

  7. wow tel, you're so lucky and proud of you (^0^)/

  8. So envy you, I am still saving for my first Japan trip... =)


  9. Yays, I am glad that you are going to Japan again. I'm happy for your success.

  10. hahaha mau post apa jg bingung tapii >.< kirain pada gak dmen

  11. eh kata siapa, aku suka kok ce bacanya
    kan buat tambah2 info juga, hehe :p