Minnie O Minnie

August 29, 2013

Not halloween yet, but here you go.. A picture of real life Minnie that can make you close my blog right after, or maybe not even click on it, I apologize

A friend of mine came to visit my place and I was freaking bored by that time. I kinda thought of painting my face as Female-Titan but I don't have much experience with Face Painting. It's so difficult

So I asked whether she wanted to be my victim lol
And she wanted to be Mickey or Winnie the Pooh instead wtf

So I was like, Oh let's make it cuter, let's make you as Minnie! 

Turn out we were horrified of my result. It looks like Minnie Mouse, but in a creepy way .  .  . 

 photo 18_zps6a561248.png

I dont know how come I make Minnie Mouse so scary like that HAHAHAHA I dont know what's wrong. I am even scared of my own result

I still think that my result is still quite messy as I am not used it. But I will keep studying! 

But oh well.. 

May you have a nightmare tonight . . . 

Good night 

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