Minnie O Minnie

August 29, 2013

Not halloween yet, but here you go.. A picture of real life Minnie that can make you close my blog right after, or maybe not even click on it, I apologize

A friend of mine came to visit my place and I was freaking bored by that time. I kinda thought of painting my face as Female-Titan but I don't have much experience with Face Painting. It's so difficult

So I asked whether she wanted to be my victim lol
And she wanted to be Mickey or Winnie the Pooh instead wtf

So I was like, Oh let's make it cuter, let's make you as Minnie! 

Turn out we were horrified of my result. It looks like Minnie Mouse, but in a creepy way .  .  . 

 photo 18_zps6a561248.png

I dont know how come I make Minnie Mouse so scary like that HAHAHAHA I dont know what's wrong. I am even scared of my own result

I still think that my result is still quite messy as I am not used it. But I will keep studying! 

But oh well.. 

May you have a nightmare tonight . . . 

Good night 

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  1. serem banget hahaha... xD tapi bagus sih,, gw ga bakal bisa bikin begitu

  2. ini cuman lagi latian face painting aja sih, entah kenapa hasilnya serem banget O___O;
    masih harus belajar XD;

  3. mnrtku lipsnya yg bikin serem ^.^

  4. Matanya kurang gede aja stel jadi separoh merem tapi dari bawah wkwkwkw.. mungkin gambarnya lebih ke atas lg matanya biar seimbang sisanya uda ok deh keknya xD

  5. Hahaha you're right! It does look like Minnie but in a fairly scary way lol. I guess it would be good if someone decided to a scary Minnie Mouse!

  6. Scary but it is cute! hehehehe do more face painting work in future ^^ I'd like to see it.
    I blog makeup tutorials http://iamginny.com/

  7. I just randomly discovered your blog on Bloglovin' and I must say, this is both frightening and amusing! Nice work :P

  8. keren stel XD tp agak serem wkwk