Cheated in Pattaya

August 08, 2013

I mentioned before that we got cheated a lot in Thailand
I know that as a tourist, you will get cheated, but I didn't know that it was that horrible before

When I went to Bali last time, I got cheated too, but since I am Indonesian, the price wasn't as bad as overseas tourists. Last time I only could stare how Indo cheat foreigners. Now I got cheated in Thailand. Is this such a revenge? =___=

Or is this every country's culture? Since I heard that some people I know got cheated too in Italy and Egypt
There are some countries that don't cheat tourists though. Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. I have been there, and I must say although Korea has the least good impression considering I got scolded by the ahjuma there lol, it's still far better than got cheated in Thailand lol

At least the ahjuma gave me decent price lol kamsahamnida~~

Back to the topic, we went to Pattaya. It's out of town and we had to rent van. We tried to book van via online before and I sent email to like 6/7 van rental websites but NONE reply back!! Therefore we had to rent from hotel, and it costed us 4000 baht. They said we could use it all day, no time limit, and all included. So each person only pays 500 baht for all day transportation. Which I think, pretty decent

Every little thing that I got cheated, will be written on BOLD text, so next time you come to Pattaya, please be cautious of those things!

It took us 2 hours to reach Pattaya from Bangkok. Our driver instantly dropped us at Pattaya Beach and suddenly talked to a native there whom he introduced to us as 'his friend'. Let's call him Mr. X

Everyone's already happy when we reached Pattaya ^.^ 
And we researched that we needed to go to Coral Island by boat, as it's more beautiful

So Mr. X offered to rent us a boat for 8 person, and it costed 3500/4000 baht [I forgot exact price] and I GOT HEART ATTACK =____=

How come from a beach to another close island, is as expensive as a full-day-van??!!!

I didn't bother to haggle cos even if I haggled half price, it's still expensive for us. So we decided to just stay at Pattaya Beach and played sand lol
Next day when I met Porsche, my Beauty Blogger friend from Thailand whom I met in Korea last year, she and her friend told me that, it only costs 30 baht / person in fact 
so total of 8 people, is only around 240baht

MAX CHEATED if I took the boat!!! 

So we wanted to get water sport, and we saw a lot of people did paraceiling!
I never had chance to do that, and I love extreme play like that hahaha!! So 7 of us went to get it, while my mom was enjoying her coconut drink on the beach, while keeping our bags

We haggled the price from around 1200 baht to 430baht per person
We seriously had no idea how much they cheated, so we were okay with that price because Mr. X told us that we could be on the sky as long as we want 8D 

we took boat to reach to a small island where everyone departed to do the water sport

I apologize that I am the only blonde one in my circle.. lol

We queued to get our turn for the sport. And suddenly I was grabbed by the staffs to hurry and within 30 seconds suddenly I flied and I had no idea how it went cos it's just so fast!! LOL

My picture . . . ahem . . 

The wind was freaking strong so my body was pushed everywhere. It was fun

But hey, I stopped after 1 turn of THAT SMALL ISLAND!!! 

And Mr. X said that we could do it as long as we want, and many rounds as well. WHY ONLY 1 ROUND ???
And it's only 3 minutes!!! O_O

And by chance, we met some Indonesian backpackers and they said they got 300 baht per person
I don't really care about the price, as long as I had fun! But 3 minutes only when he said we could do it as long as we want?

Also, he was nowhere accompanying us at Paraseiling Area so we couldn't complain. Got money then leave huh? Nice!!! U____U

After lunch at 'meh' restaurant, which was expensive. All restaurants around Pattaya Beach costs you like 7/8 USD per food. Which was not bad when you went overseas. But it's very high after you try every cheap food in Bangkok, we went back to the beach for playing sand

Around walking, we spotted a few women who might do night job. It was at small alleys, and they were doing make up outside, looked like just had waken up
Pattaya is known as Sin City. So it's not very crowded during the day

We didn't stay a night at pattaya so we couldn't really see how it was at night, but according to my friends it was very 'lively' at night

My mom would like to try motor boat, so I decided to find a new person who could offer us better price. Mr. X offered us 1000 baht per boat for 30 minutes, and after 1 hour I could get 1000 baht for 2 boats.. Each is 30 minutes, and each boat can be used by 2 persons

2 of my friends tagged along, so me and my mom had 1 boat. We could exchange seat in the middle of play

It was very fun and exciting. But my eyes got red easily because of the sea water [have sensitive eyes T_T] so every 5 minutes or so, I exchanged with my mom
I really like speed, and during this I could release my wild side of speeding 8D
Something that I can't get when driving in Jakarta haha

I love speed and thrilling rides too when I am in Theme Park!
Anyone feels like that as well? ^.^ 

But as always, this Thai cheat, they only give us like around 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes. I checked.. But since it's fun and enjoyable, I let it go!! 

 Then 3 of us swam for a while, while cleaning sands inside our clothes. Tried to get good shots but the wave was very fast and strong so we ended up with only silly pictures haha

4 of us then took a quick shower, as we had to rush to visit Mini Siam. It's a place where there are a lot of famous mini architectures around the world. Similar like the one in Hong Kong

But our driver drove us to wrong place, he brought us to the Sanctuary of Truth instead!

And after that, he drove to Mini Siam, but he told us that it took 50 minutes to reach there. Considering that we already bought a Lady Boy Show on that night, we had no time. So we decided to grab something to eat and just walk around Pattaya

I intended to get Tiffany's Show instead of Alcazar. Because I heard they are much prettier! And Haruna Ai [Famous Talent in Japan] was the winner of Miss Tiffany Show years ago. So I really want to see!!

We tried to book online but no response, so we booked through our Hotel. Then they recommended Alcazar instead. They said Alcazar has bigger stage, and much better than Tiffany's. They said it's same price but better. So we agreed
I clearly told them, I wanted to get the front seat, the center, and vip. Each of us paid 800 baht for it

You know what
The VIP for Alcazar Show is 650 Baht, the regular is 500 Baht. These prices are even printed all around Pattaya, whether you book through agent or directly, still same price
Not only we paid more, but we got regular instead of VIP, and seated at second floor and ON THE CORNER

Like I said, I don't mind pay more, as long as it's decent!!!! 
If we got front and center seat, we're still happy despite being cheated the money!!

And I didn't even bring my glasses so my sight was very blur!!! (>A<) 
And I kinda get it why they promoted Alcazar Show to us. Tiffany's Show is 700 Baht -_-" More expensive than Alcazar, so they got more profit
I didn't enjoy the show at all

I really wanted to complain about this, I wanted my money back. So when we arrived at the hotel, I wanted to talk to the person who took care of me, but they've changed shift. So I thought 'alright, next morning'
But next morning the person in charge was NOT PRESENT! Coincidence enough huh? So we only could getting through to her via phone only, hours later! and she said that she couldn't meet us, it's not her fault because they tried to get the BEST SEAT and that's the best they could get so they couldn't refund the money. 

Best seat from where! VIP still got many empty seats. Regular seats on the first floor are also empty! Why I had to watch from 2nd floor? =.=

I snapped, and too tired because everyone cheated tourists in here but, to that extend? 
If anyone is curious, we stayed at this place

Back to Alcazar Show. After finished the show, we could take picture with the LadyBoy for 40 Baht each. I didn't really want to, because I didn't put make up ! I would look awful lol


After in chaos, I decided to get one. But I wanted to get picture with a LadyBoy in white dress. Instead the pink dress whom my friends would like to take pic with, took my money, and grabbed me to take picture together! O_O

I was like, wait what? I don't want you.. 

Then my friends helped to take pic together, but she forgot to use flash on the first picture, so she had to set it for a moment. I said to the pink dress 'wait a moment, setting the camera'
Then the pink dress sighed 'no time'! Then SHE PUSHED ME AWAY!!!!!!!


Thank you for the blur picture and impatience of yourself after grabbing my money, thank you so much 8D 

2 of my friends got mad too because the money taken from them is 100 baht eact and no exchange!! 
So make sure to have EXACT AMOUNT of baht when paying them 

Not enough being cheated, we're cheated by our driver too

We decided to have a walk at Walking Street, since my friend, happened to be in Pattaya too before my trip. He said it's very crowded at night and a must visit. So I told the driver to go there. But he said, 'cannot, traffic jam, 1 hour!'

it's the second time he cancelled the place we went. So we went back to hotel instead
I Lined my friend to know whether it's true. And he was shocked of what I experienced. He said Pattaya is very small, so I can go around the city for less than an hour, and Walking street is only like 5-10 minutes from Alcazar

That means, the driver lied to us because he didn't want to drive us around Pattaya since it's troublesome! ^____^ Thank you so much! 

Conclusion is, Pattaya, could be much better
If the natives didn't cheat tourists as much as this
I am so displeased of my experience being cheated many many times. I don't try to bring Thailand down or to prevent you guys from going to Thailand. No

I love this country. I love my Thailand friends too
But I am sad that the culture of cheating tourists is very common there

Thailand is a beautiful country, and I did really enjoy Pattaya but I regret that the fun was ruined by how the people cheated us. Do they think we wont find out? 
It's not only a matter of money. We come to Thailand to have fun and enjoy our holiday so I am sad that our beautiful holiday is ruined by them

I couldn't even list every little things that we got cheated, so I just put some.. 

Probably after visited many countries that are nice toward tourists, I begin to be very sensitive of this small issue. Is it only me? Do you guys let it go or be upset as well? 

I wish that anyone who read this blog and plan to visit Pattaya after this, could arrange the schedule better and know the price nicer. Don't be cheated too much

Sorry for my rambling


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