Thailand Ghost Story

August 07, 2013

I didn't intend to put my Bangkok Trip, cos I looked shit lol
I didn't really put make up when I went out with my friends.. I just transformed into 'Stella Lee' look that you often see on my blog/insta/twitter whenever I have to attend an event, meeting with clients, or take pics for blog

The rest of it, I am, very very normal girl.. Or so I have to say . . lol

So, I'll at least make it into some short blog posts.. I am sorry Thailand, if I discriminate you this much 

I went there with 6 other girl friends of mine, and my mom as a guardian lol
We got cheap flight through Mandala Airlines. Return flight is around 900.000 rupiah [less than 100usd] 

Upon arrival, we went to Hotel near Pratunam area. We booked it through Agoda. The hotel was meh.. But i didn't intend to buy expensive hotel either
Without further ado, we rushed to Catucak Market for shopping

But we were hungry so we got some lunch first
Foods are surprisingly cheap, the cab as well.. 

This Duck + Rice is only around 40Baht? Around Rp 14.000 or 1.5USD! O_O
Now I feel like rich people!! 

In Japan I am always poor tourist T.T 

Nothing really interest me in Catucak Market, and my mom was sick so we rushed back to hotel and scolded her cos she didn't want to tell me that she's sick =.=
I had been telling her to just go back to hotel together and stop walking at Catucak. It was hot, and crowded, and i didn't want to buy anything. But she insisted to keep walkinggg... 

Which made me felt awful as a daughter. At the hotel, I said that I would accompany her that night, and wouldn't go to China Town. We had fight but in the end, I bought her warm dinner with my friend and left her cos she said she would just go for Thai Massage.. 
Since at pratunam area, there are dozens of Thai Massage Places. I felt more relieved if she's there so I was going with friends in the end

Turn out when we came back, she said she got better after massage

China Town in Bangkok is Yaowarat Street. 
I informed my Thailand Blogger friends whom I met through NAPBAS years ago, and one of them is P' Kafaak! IT Blogger from Thailand! He was willing to bring us around with his gf! ^.^ 

He brought us to eat the most famous seafood in Yaowarat, but we ended up eating at the 2nd famous one cos the most famous was very packed and had to wait about 40 minutes

Yaowarat is nice to have some street foods and snacks! 

With P' Kafaak, his girlfriend, and my friends
It was nice to see him again! Next year he'll come to Bali! I'll see if I have money to come as well lol 
I always like to meet friends whenever I visit a country

If i don't have friends in that country, I don't really want to visit it, since it will be boring lol
That's why I love visiting Japan, I have so many friends there ^.^
Finally my to do list to visit my blogger friends in Thailand achieved! Next is to visit blogger friends in Singapore!

Thank you P' Kafaak for the dinner treat too (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)

The next day, we had shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall

I didn't buy any clothes in Catucak cos i know that Platinum offers better price and collections! 
No pics cos too busy shopping o.o
But seriously, you don't have to go to any other malls, just visit Platinum Mall for shopping and that's all!
The clothes price start from 100Baht! Around 3.5USD! 

At night we went to Khao San Road and it was freaking MEHHHHHHH =.=
I dont really like it, cos it's just like dirty market, and so many tourists, and the foods are expensive.. 
And I kinda had.. weird experience..

We went inside a cafe for dinner. Then usually I am in charge of talking and arranging stuffs, so I talked to the staff that we're 8 people. And he said, 'ok follow me!'
The cafe was big and dark. The the waiter walked in front of me and I just followed him, but strangely he went to the back room.. I still followed him until I heard my friends shouted at me 'STELLA! Where are you going!'

which I replied 'eh? The waiter was walking that way, so I just follow' 

And they were like... " ???? The waiter is here" and they pointed out at a waiter

So I sat, and one of my friends, Cia, who was behind me all the time, said

'you know. I remember the waiter's face. I really remember that you follow a waiter to the back area. But when you're distracted, the waiter disappears to that area and suddenly everyone said he was there..'


I do not remember anyone's face very fast. So I don't have any confidence. But Cia said that the waiter that I followed to the back area, and the waiter that went to the other area and led my friends to their chair, HAD SAME FACE



So when people on my table hearing that, we were dead in silent 
and everyone's just like

'OK WHAT TO EAT!! dont talk about it!!" 

I am seriously still wondering what would happen if my friends didn't shout at me. I'd be led to the back area of the cafe..

The problem is, I am sure I followed the waiter so we get to the table!!! I thought there was a back area!!

I do not want to think about it any further arghhh (✖╭╮✖)

I only want to watch your horror movie

I do not want to experience it . . . . 

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  1. In Japan I am always poor tourist T.T
    I can feel you, the cheapest thing you can buy is mineral water for 10.000 IDR

  2. Wow. :DD
    Awesom pics. You're still pretty without make-up, don't worry about it! :33

  3. serem bgt tel pengalaman horornya >.<

  4. OMO! OMO! That is too SCARY!

  5. so scaryyyy hahaha... >_<

  6. in Japan, water is free!!! XDDD
    you should bring your empty bottle and fill it at whenever, I even filled my bottle inside Disneyland's Toilet hahaha.. it's clean and safe to drink tap water there ^.^

  7. i still drew my eyebrows la haha

  8. aku juga gak tau itu beneran horor apa gak =.=

  9. im still wondering what's that omg ==

  10. lol but I didn't see weird creature!!!

  11. Lol the waiter was really weird... xD

  12. Platinum is the best!!! My eyes become busy when in there.. wakaka..

  13. I rember when I was a kind, this would always happen to me. I would go out with my mom, and she sometimes would enter a store, and I remember I used to see she left the store so I used to follow 'her' and the she just dissapeared, so I would walk back to the store and she was still inside without leaving it, like.... it happened to you. I once was told that, our soul leaves our body sometimes, so what you saw was the waiter's soul and you followed his soul. Does it make sense?. You reminded me of my weird past experiences with this post. lol.

  14. Raimar ღ Guevara ღAugust 8, 2013 at 5:18 AM

    Wow that was a bad experience for you. Reading you was like an horror movie. Thanks to heaven you´re ok.


    Join to my Giveaway for Win an Etude House CC Cream!

  15. Oh man that sounds so creepy.
    Don't wanna think about what could have happened.
    Say strong *^*

  16. omg so scary!! i'm a big fan of paranormal and horror related stuff.. but if that ever happened to me i'd freak out too hahahaha xD

    And you look absolutely pretty here!! with or without make-up ^^

  17. haha idk about that cos i dont really experience it, and i dont see any weird creatures o_o

    tbh, i dont think it's 100% ghost, but im just not sure what's that weird experience all about

  18. hahaha.. the problem is, i dont know what it was o___o;; how come it happened like that, i had no clue at all o-o

  19. ahahaha i wasn't really freaking out, more like confusionnnn

    i insisted to talk about it on the table, but my mom shut me, she said 'dont talk!' lol
    haha still got eyebrow drawn !!

  20. Elizabeth MuhalevaAugust 8, 2013 at 4:05 PM

    aaaah, you are so extremely pretty without make-up!
    nice pics too, I want to travel there :)