My Visual Kei Era

August 15, 2013

Frankly speaking, I wasn't interested with girly gal style until the past few years
I found that sweet, girly, or feminine look, didn't really suit me. Instead, I went crazy with Harajuku Style

My friends that love Japan back then were also loving this style. And we kinda became close bcos of it. Up till now, they're still going out with me ^.^ 
And even 4 of them, are having holiday in Japan now so I'm going to catch up with them sooner because my flight is tonight


Why 'Loved' ?
Because I grew tired of it after 3-4 years? A lot of bands that I loved back then became mainstream or went for major debut, so they had to follow their agency, so their songs kinda 'changed' in my opinion
I loved Alice Nine, Miyavi, Malize Mizer, Vidoll, Versailles, D, Gazette, Nightmare, and so on

I listened to them every single days and followed their latest article and PV's

Obviously because I loved them, so I wanted to do my style like them as well lol

And if you dunno what and how Visual Kei looks like, you can google about it ok :3 

I never hide the truth that I had.. really weird hair style, back then lol
Even for now, looking back at it I feel ashamed hahaha

But yesterday I was looking at my old PC and found these pictures so I think to let you guys know 'how I looked like years ago' so I'll upload it here hahaha

yes, that's my pink lens o___o and I shaved my eyebrow, so it's half bald so I can create that thin eyebrow lol

Blonde has always been my favorite color
Anyway, I had crazy affection toward Miyavi's Hair style as it had weird cut!

Basically the cut is very tapered and creates pointy hair. The bang is shaped like messy cut, with short long short long type @.@ I dont know how to explain. But you can see from the picture right lol 
This is very common bangs for V-Kei bands that I liked back then

Then the side of my hair is like framing my cheeks but diagonally become shorter with 45' degree toward the ear. So it totally shows up the ear because it's so short, and it became long again behind it! 
Hair was layered to make it easier for combing and creating high and voluminous hair effect
I only had around shoulder-length hair back then 

Back then, M-shape bangs felt kinda cool haha

There was time I had 4 hair colors at once. Half blonde, half black, pink highlights + some brown on hair ends

I am the left side.. 

Sometimes I had black hair, since I was still at school and I wasn't allowed to dye hair. I always dyed my hair whenever holiday started, and dyed it again the day before class started lol

And usually one eye was covered to give mysterious cool look
Which I think of myself now as LAME cos it failed on myself LOL
I thought I looked cool back then, heyyyy XDDD

I wanted to look manly sh*tty one back then lol
I was frustrated to try to look Kakkoii! 

In fact, compared to my blonde hair right now, I attracted more attention years ago. Since the style was crazier and the colour is shittier lol
There weren't many people who got hair blonde back then either. Right now, I think it's becoming more and more so it's a good sign ^_^

My friends who just knew me were always surprised that I looked kinda badass when I was teen hahahahahha
But, that's why I am not very trying to achieve cute bubbly look even till now
I want to be pretty or mature instead hahaha

I think my background of visual kei era kinda created that influence

These pictures were from 5-6 years ago? LOL

Are you guys surprised that I looked like this back then? hahaha

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