Summer in Japan

August 19, 2013

is, freaking freaking hot!
A little hotter than Jakarta, but in Jakarta i didn't get as much sun exposure as in Japan where I had to walk everywhere everyday!

My legs were swollen, my toe nails were broken, and my body was exhausted. I didn't get sunburn cos i applied tons of sunblocks

For the first 2-3 days, I was freaking sick. I gulped many medicines to make my self stronger as on 19th I have the important fashion event. I also slept until 1p.m usually to give myself a rest, as I do want to have my body healthy on the big day
As I am coming to Japan not for playing, but for job

So mostly I woke up at 8, then went to the nearest Family Mart and bought bento. After finished it I went back to sleep until 1, before I put make up and met friends or had meeting

Toilet was even my best friend on 2 days ago, I really didn't know what's wrong with my body
Probably Summer Cold? So stupid lol

So I was only playing around Shibuya-Harajuku where I am staying currently

And today I have to appear at Marble Wonderland Talk Show + Fashion Event. There were only 2 persons called by NHK this time. Me, representing Indonesia. And Judy Chou, from Taiwan. She's the TV Host for Cool Taiwan

I was suggested to drink a lot of collagen drinks before the show to get nice skin
So heeeyaaaa~~!!! 

I gulped this a lot! 

I havent finished everything but I hope it sure does give me nice skin, even for a day!
Will update more! ^_^

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