Summer in Japan

August 19, 2013

is, freaking freaking hot!
A little hotter than Jakarta, but in Jakarta i didn't get as much sun exposure as in Japan where I had to walk everywhere everyday!

My legs were swollen, my toe nails were broken, and my body was exhausted. I didn't get sunburn cos i applied tons of sunblocks

For the first 2-3 days, I was freaking sick. I gulped many medicines to make my self stronger as on 19th I have the important fashion event. I also slept until 1p.m usually to give myself a rest, as I do want to have my body healthy on the big day
As I am coming to Japan not for playing, but for job

So mostly I woke up at 8, then went to the nearest Family Mart and bought bento. After finished it I went back to sleep until 1, before I put make up and met friends or had meeting

Toilet was even my best friend on 2 days ago, I really didn't know what's wrong with my body
Probably Summer Cold? So stupid lol

So I was only playing around Shibuya-Harajuku where I am staying currently

And today I have to appear at Marble Wonderland Talk Show + Fashion Event. There were only 2 persons called by NHK this time. Me, representing Indonesia. And Judy Chou, from Taiwan. She's the TV Host for Cool Taiwan

I was suggested to drink a lot of collagen drinks before the show to get nice skin
So heeeyaaaa~~!!! 

I gulped this a lot! 

I havent finished everything but I hope it sure does give me nice skin, even for a day!
Will update more! ^_^

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  1. awws I hope you feel better!!
    goodluck with everything^_^

  2. I do agree with you, it's very hot. The average temperature in my room is 33 degree Celsius and it's worse outside orz. My friend taught me to freeze one or two pet bottle filled with water overnight, then whenever I'm going out I wrap a bottle with handkerchief or towel and press it on my skin to help cooling down.
    Btw, Where are you staying, Stella?

  3. Stella Lee so Kawaii ^^

  4. I was staying in Shibuya ^_^
    As it's very close with NHK Office!

  5. Thank you! I was getting better after a few days!