Review : 24 Hours Eyeliner Injection

August 13, 2013

Eyeliner is my essential make up product to create big gyaru eyes. I love how by mastering eyeliner, you can create many different eye shapes! 
My favorite eyeliner shape is in mountain shape, where the middle part is thicker than inner and outer corner. This will create effect bigger iris and very dolly-like! 

Unfortunately my eyes are very oily and Indonesia weather is very hot, so my make up melts easily  photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png

Therefore I keep looking for a perfect eyeliner for everyday use!
This time, is Kji.Co 24 Hours Eyeliner Injection's chance to prove itself to me!  photo 13_zps0e34a866.png

It comes with a plastic pink packaging box, with a cute heart on top of it
The box packaging is not that eye catching and attractive, so if it's stored in drugstore, to be honest I wont look at it twice 

This Eyeliner Injection claims to be Water Proof, Sweat Proof, and Smudge Proof which are what you need to fight against Indonesia's weather, or Summer season in your country
It sounds too good to be true, so I was a bit skeptical. 

It also says that it's suitable for any sensitive eye and anyone who wears contact lenses. I dont really have problem with any other eyeliners, but if your eyes are more sensitive than mine, then you might consider to get this eyeliner

It also says that it's very easy to remove by using water. So no more panda eyes!  photo 1_zpscccab512.png 

The product itself looks normal, with black packaging and the name and brand of the product printed on it. It comes like Dolly Wink and K-Palette Liquid Eyeliner, a pen-eyeliner. I think this kind of eyeliner is the easiest to use! 

The brush itself is also soft enough on my eyes, and easily create thin and thick line. So I have no difficulty in using this pen eyeliner

Now let's talk about the product itself

Water Proof = Checked!

This eyeliner stays still when you pour water on top of it! When I was in Pattaya and playing at beach, I tried using this eyeliner and it stays on my eyes nicely. One point to notice of any waterproof eyeliner is, it doesn't stay if you rub it
So make sure to let it sit for a while until it's dry

Sweat Proof = Checked! 

Usually on my outer corner of eyes, I have a little smudge caused by eyeliner melts because of the humid weather, even Dolly Wink melts a little. But Kji.Co eyeliner stays still !! Super strong!

Smudge Proof = Checked!

This eyeliner is like magic, it doesn't smudge at all and doesn't give me panda eyes like most of eyeliners do. So although you rub the eyeliner, it will stay still. Just make sure that you don't rub it altogether when it's wet

So this eyeliner has proven itself that what they write on the packaging is not just a fake promise! 
Finding fault of this almost-perfect eyeliner is quite difficult, but I notice that the black line created by this eyeliner, isn't as strong as some pen eyeliners on the market

You need to layer the line 2-3 times to get pitch black colour on your eyes
But that's all about it

 Easy to create thin and thick line
 Easy to remove
 Stay long on eyes

 Need to line 2-3 times to get great pigmentation 
 Difficult to find in Indonesia

Overall I am very very pleased with this eyeliner and I intend to bring this along with me to Japan!
Japan is in Summer Season right now and I heard it's very very hot!!! So I need great make up products to stay still on my eyes!

This brand isn't very popular in Indonesia so it's kinda difficult to get it in here. If you happen to stay in Japan, or maybe Hong Kong and Taiwan, this might be a piece of cake for you though. Good luck for anyone who wants to try this eyeliner  photo 19_zpsea30aab8.png

I get mine from online shop in Indonesia,  Perfect Beauty Shop 

The products are sponsored by Perfect Beauty Shop as a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. say pernah pake k pallete gak, lebih waterproof mana sama k-pallete?

  2. so far km lbh cocok sama ini ketimbang dollywink punya ya stel?> >_< ahh jd mupeng *msk wishlist

  3. Raimar ღ Guevara ღAugust 14, 2013 at 2:33 AM

    Oh wow looks like a nice eyeliner. The box package is really pretty is the first time than I see this product. Many thanks for your review!


  4. lebih bagus ni untuk daya tahan, dolly wink tapi lebih tebel aja itemnya XD

  5. rankingnya sih = ini > > > Dolly Wink > > > baru K-Palette :3

  6. wow.... this sounds like a really great product that I really need... I easily get panda eyes lol

  7. udah coba Clio Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black ?? itu juga bagus ko, smudgeproof & waterproof juga
    + 1 set sama mascara nya ( d mascara itself really recomendedddd !!! if u want natural result with lengthening effect ouw ya sama ngga ngegumpal, langsung kaya kepisah pisah gitu bulmat nya :D ) skrsng ak pake dari pagi jam 8 - 4 sore ngga bleber ke mana2(masih bisa tahan lebih lama lagi ) XD eyelinernya juga palingan d inner corner aja. coz ak pake softlens jadi harus tetes airnya. . overall recomended & murmerr XP

  8. Where can I get this eye liner?!

  9. sis belinya dmana ini...............

  10. makasih rekomendasinyaaa =D aku enggak pernah coba
    mungkin nanti kalo bisa dapetin produknya ak akan beli XD