Open Shopping Service from Japan~!

April 07, 2013

So, basically. I am coming to Japan again *0*)/ 

It's from 17-30th April! :D

Last time I came to Japan, I cannot help you at all because it's my first time in Japan and I want to buy many things for me and family and friends la. But this time I think I can manage some stuffs, though the slot is limited!

Basically products that I recommend you to buy are, make up products. Simply because I am quite knowledgeable about it, so the chance to get the products wrong is very low. I dont understand Gundam or anime figures, so yeah lol

I will ship the products after I come back from Japan. Approximately a week after came back >< [I assumed I would be pretty busy to catch my school so I say one week just in case]

Products that I do NOT accept are =

  • Perfume / Fragrance
  • Liquid products such as body shower, hair shampoo, hair dye products, and such
  • Bulky foods [Tokyo Banana, Mochi, etc.. Small items are ok!]
  • Japanese Magazines / Comics / Art books
  • Action figures such as Gundam / Anime stuffs
  • Shoes
  • Wig 
  • Probably added later, dunno lol

I reject those products because of the space of my luggage is limited, or I am afraid some might be spilled or damaged when arrive in Indo

Recommended products from me =

esp the lashes that I freakin adore~
Price for a set of lash is only 1050, and you get 5 pairs. Much cheaper than Dolly wink, stronger, more glam, and get more lashes! 
I totally recommend the purple box cos it's more dramatic, and get the green box if you want very very natural effect!
They have bottom and upper lashes to fulfil your needs!

esp the cream blush that's very natural and cheap!! The cream cheek itself is only 580yen. I recommend you to get a lot of colors for collection!
And their melty nude lipstick that's very famous!! Only 700 yen each o.o

It's very very popular for its eyeshadow palette! Very good quality, contains lotsa shimmer to brighten up eyes. Price is ranged from 1400yen. Their eyeliner and foundation are also popular! 

I recommend their gold powder foundation! The case and foundation are sold separately but it's 735Yen + 1890 Yen. I own one and it's the prettiest powder foundation I have ever got! Pretty smooth too! They're also famous for its mascara!
Not to forget their moisturizing lipgloss!

Produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, and pretty famous for its blush and lipstick. Kinda pricey, but if youre willing to pay for the brand name and 'Tsubasa Image', it's what youre looking for lol

Produced by Tsubasa as well, but famous for eyelashes instead. I personally recommend Diamond Lash cos it's cheaper haha.. Price for falsies is 1260yen.. I only recommend their eyeliner, freaking awesome!

Other cosmetic brands from Japan =

Visee [famous for its high quality eyeshadow]
Melliesh [gyaru make up produced by Kanno Yui, lipgloss is popular]
Jewerich [dramatic gyaru falsies!]
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation [Eyebrow and eyeliner products are popular!]
Jill Stuart [Freaking pricey!!! But those who love pretty packaging, GET ONE, NOW!]

and.. google la lol

Besides make up, I also offer CD/DVD from your favourite artists ^.^
you can pick from HMV or CDJapan
Much better if you buy either Arashi, L'Arc~en~Ciel, and GACKT. Though if I die in Japan, i will still buy it for you LOL And obviously very very prioritised *biased* lol
Goodies from your favorite japanese artists are also ok, like accessories and such. Just let me know!

You also can order japanese snacks and foods, such as KitKat? Or candies? Or Japanese curry powder? Or whatever.. As long as it's not bulky or liquid, it's fine!

Japanese circle lens is like the best and the comfiest I have ever tried so far! You may try Candy Magic ^.^ it appears a lot on gyaru magazines. It's pricey yes, but it's worth your money for a single year..

I only accept probably around 80 items. Otherwise it wont fit -_-" But I'll see. if most of the orders are like, small make up, can fit more i guess
First come first served.. 

You can place your order at
To make everything's easier for both of us, please do send the link of the products [or may include the code number for shade/what] and the yen price [with tax]
You also can consult with me first, can message me on FB fan page ok ^^

Ok now it comes to the money part

I haven't bought the yen but I think right now it's around 105 rupiah/yen? I will inform you the latest yen rate to make prediction of the product's price.

But there's a shopping fee from me

1-10 products = Rp 50.000/ product
10 - 20 products = Rp 45.000/product
> 20 products = Rp 43.000/product

I think the price is still ok.. Like lets say Canmake Cream Cheek is 580 yen. Right now we see yen is around 105, so real price is Rp60.900. Supposing you pay Rp 110.900 per product

Diamond Lash is 1050 yen, makes it real price is Rp 110.250. So the total fee is Rp 160.000.

Please note that this shopping service isn't regular and I dont intend to sell cosmetics. I just help you to buy anything you want from Japan. Cosmetics is one of it. And it's possible because I come to Japan soon

The fee is for train fee and my luggage fee la

And Deadline for payment is 14th April! Cos must buy yen soon according to demand order! D:

Ok so bye now, waiting for your order ~~~~~ *blows kisses*

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  1. Begitu baca post title nya lgsung kepikir mau nitip wigggg, tnyata ngga bisa hehehehe T_T
    Have a nice trip dearrr

  2. aku mau order dong stela , gmn caranya yah ?

  3. send email produk2 yang dipengenin :)

  4. haha berat soalnya :D kan bisa psen di hazelnutz cawaii
    thank youu ^.^

  5. Dina Puspa AndiniMay 3, 2013 at 10:03 PM

    omg...gackt!! -_- telat baca posting..padahal mau nitip cd aa gackt yg white lover~ hiks hiks *nangis pojokan

  6. masih bisa order ?