Kawaii Leader at Kawaii Matsuri - with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

April 22, 2013

Kawaii Matsuri has ended~!!! 2 Days of the Kawaii Festive is over, but Kawaii Life will be still here. I still cannot believe it that I walked on Japanese Fashion Runway, and it's the same stage with T.M Revolution and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Along with other artists as well!

Very honored I must say to be given this opportunity by NHK Kawaii International & Kawaii.i ! As one of the Kawaii Leader, I truly feel happy and blessed! 
It's such a big show, with thousands of Japanese fans gathered to scream kawaii all over the world!

As for Day 1, we were busy shooting for interview for Harajuku Kawaii TV and I was going for Agejo Style Look!! I did the hair and make up by myself yeay!! 

I was proud of my body haha! The diet and treatment are success! 

I got the chance to answer the question regarding beauty related stuffs! It will be uploaded on youtube so I will share it when it's up! ^_^

On the 1st Day, the Main Artist is T.M.Revolution. I got to see his performance because I had free time after the interview. Although I dont know his songs as I am not a fan, but he did a very good performance and very cool-looking! I cant believe he's been 42 years old! 

So on the Day 2, it's Kawaii Leader's Fashion Show! We got pro make up artists to do the hair and make up, and we had to walk 3 times for the runway. Twice for a brand, and one for final stage
I worked for a brand called Mer, and also Galaxy!

Face without make up, so I came with sunglasses!

1st Make Up, Sweet Look

2nd Make Up, Cool Look

in fact there was a misunderstanding of my 2nd look. I was supposed to wear a really eccentric look so I got the stylist to match my hair and outfit. But I had to swap clothes with Kaila, therefore I was a little disappointed since it's a little unmatched and out of the concept that we rehearsed

But anyway, here's my First Runway Pictures!!!

from = official kawaii matsuri site

from = fashionsnap.com

For Mer!

from = official kawaii matsuri site

from = fashionsnap.com

For Galaxy!

To be honest I really dont know what I was doing because it happened so fast T___T
And for my 2nd outfit, I didn't even have enough time to think about the pose, this is my first time modelling please
And although I feel that I am skinny enough, I am still fat compared to the other models, and my pictures still turn out not that good T_T

Also I fell down on the first day so it had bruises, so I cover it up with concealer LOL

For first runway, each one of us worked for different brand, I worked with Mer, that's kinda sweet-harajuku girl style!

Left to right = Kaila [Phil], Eva [HK], Me [Indonesia], Marie [France], Mio [Germany]

And for the 2nd one, we did runway for Galaxy that's an eccentric harajuku brand. 
No, I wasn't trying to make me the center, but it's the order of runway, I always came on the third T_T

Eva and Mio did pretty good job, they're full of confidence. And the others were having fun as well
As for me, I am not sure whether I did good or no. I just thought I lost 3 years of my life because I was so nervous lol

It will be aired on NHK Kawaii International Next Month, I will update it again ^^;

And of course the awaited main star, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu came to the stage!! And she was very very cute and petite omg! How come someone can be that kawaii!

Unfortunately, no.. We werent able to see her performance because we were on the backstage to prepare a lot of things and had to wait, so very very poor life haha.. We could only hear her songs and danced alone T_T

But I got to see one performance from very close because Kondo Natsuko-san, one of the models that worked with me for Mer, brought me secretly to the hall haha! But we had to go back again to the backstage soon T_T Still.. It's a good experience!

I also made new friends with the models that worked together with me for Mer on the runway show!

Left to right = Mito Natsume-san, Kondo Natsuko-san, Me, Takechi Shiho-san

Everyone are so beautiful, skinny, good skin, and kind!!! T____T
I always thought that popular people would be kinda arrogant but no, they're very kind and willing to talk to me T___T
They are very very famous in Japan for Harajuku Fashion lover! 
I am going to do beauty interview with them and share it on my blog so you can know their beauty secrets too!
Kondo Natsuko-san and Takechi Shiho-san are 27 years old! Can you believe it!! OMG!!!

I was trying to speak in Japanese with them for 1 hour omg! I introduced to them about Indonesia, and one of them, Takechi Shiho-san said they would come when she had time yeah ^_^

And after the fashion show, we went to the After Party and guess what, we could take picture with the Kawaii Queen, Kyari Pamyu Pamyu!!!! *0*)/

Her skin is so smooth and her eyes are so big *___* 

We had taken picture with all the models as well on the final stage but I haven't received it yet so probably later?

It was really, one of the best days in my whole life and I could never ask for more
Thank you NHK and Kawaii.i for letting me experience all this stuff T____T

Disclaimer = Some of the pictures are from Kawaii.i Official Fanpage  and the official website of Kawaii Matsuri! Some are from my camera! 

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