New Blog Layout!!

April 06, 2013


Just a quick post to announce my first specially made blog layout, only for me mwahahaha 8D
The theme is spring with gold color and rose like princess, very liz-lisa-like.. I have been very addicted to rose recently lol Why Liz Lisa? You'll find out very soon!!

I want Liz Lisa theme because I have a project regarding Liz Lisa soon! 
It's with Liz Lisa official in Japan! 
What is it??
Still a secret!!!!
But will reveal after I come back from Japan! probably~ lol if I make it on time lol

I use the background and rose from Liz lisa, asked Liz Lisa staff directly and I was allowed yeah!!
So no plagiarism in here lol

The photos for the layout were taken by Nurfajar Tetuko ^.^ he's taken pics for Matcha Mei as well, a cosplayer and my friend, he's a great photographer so if you want a photoshoot, make sure to contact him :D

My pictures came out very great, dreamyyyy! :D

The concept of photos and the layout theme were like what I wanted, really tried my best to make everything perfect this time!! 

Wait, did i mention about Japan?


I am going to Japan again!!! ^0^
What's better, it's sponsored trip yeayyyyyyyy T____T
Otherwise, no money pls to go to japan again in such a short time
For 7 days in fact, but I extend again for a week to take care of Liz Lisa project, so I stay at Shintaro's home again lol he's sponsoring my room, that's why I can afford it lol

Shintaro is also a part of Liz lisa project so we're kinda like business partner now.. 

2 weeks in Japan!!!

From 17-30th April!!
My visa will be finished this wednesday XD;
Very tight-schedule...

I cannot stay longer cos I am still in the middle of school, 2 weeks of trip allowance is far good enough!! T____T

Been busy for Liz and Japan, which is one of the reasons why I rarely blog these days. But I promise I will make a lot of posts after this, since my blog is so pretty now *-*)\

I cannot really reveal what's the sponsored trip for at the moment, because the sponsor hasn't allowed me to speak yet. But I will tell you when they say 'OK' ^_^
It's such an exciting project!!
ANNDD.. to keep my promise, I am going to open a shopping service too! 
Many of you wanted my help to buy stuffs from Japan before. This time ok la, I will help!

I will make a separate post for it, tomorrow?
But for now.. Go ahead and enjoy my newest blog layout 8D

And oh, the banner has 3 pictures, it can change everytime you refresh it 8D
let's see if you can see all of them!!! hohoho~!!

Let me know what you think on the comment section below guys~~~!!

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