Review : Menard Fairluscent Day Cream

April 24, 2013

Sunblock is a must have for me. It's impossible to go outside, especially in indonesia, without sunblock.  It protects your skin from the harmful UV ray! I have been using Menard Fairluscent Day Cream for like 6 months already [and it's still like 60% left] so I guess I will review it now :D

This product is a day cream that's supposed to give a fairer skin and protection with SPF 40 PA++! 

The packaging comes in white squeeze tube packaging that's simple but looks classy due to it's silver metallic cap. It comes in 40gr, but I still have like 60% left after 6 months as I only need a pea size to cover my entire face

It shows that it will last 12 months after usage, which I pretty much believe that one year of sunblock can be provided by this cream alone. Menard is made in Japan and I always trust japanese brand. And japanese is very crazy of fair skin so this day cream supplies the demand lol

The texture of this day cream is quite rich and thick, but spreads easily.. It has light flowery scent but not very obvious, and it's gone pretty fast. It doesnt clog pores and I can tell that my skin tone is slightly improved as well. 

Though it's a good product, i do not feel the need to really re-purchase this product simply because I dont feel any obvious difference after using this :(
I know that it kinda lightens up my skin and protects my skin, but the result might be obtained by other sunblock/day creams, making Menard Day Cream not different. Moreover, it's more expensive as well lol

Also the oil control isn't very good, and not very moisturizing as well. It's more suitable for people who just want to improve skin tone without skin problems

Final Opinion = 

Pros : 
  • Comes in squeeze tube for hygiene issue
  • Protects skin from UV Ray
  • Doesn't clog pores
  • A little goes a long way

Cons : 
  • Doesn't really give benefit for people with skin problems [very oily/very dry]

I think I will finish this up first before getting another sunblock. But no, I wont repurchase since it's just merely an average day cream in my opinion. Compared to their high quality skin care, this is just disappointing for me T___T

This product is sponsored by Menard Indonesia btw, please like the facebook to support them ^^

Okay I am going now!
Will do more product review when I'm back in Indo! ^^
Still have a week left in Japan and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest :D

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  1. It's suck you don't really lovee the product. But thanks for the review (;