Japan Day 18 : How to Eat Unagi in Japan!

April 05, 2013

Before heading back to Nagoya, we decided to stay at Menard Aoyama Resort Cafe first!!
I wasn't too hungry, so I just ordered cake. Unfortunately there was also a blackout in the resort due to it's heavy snow. So they couldn't serve us many options

We were in fact very okay with that because it couldn't be helped!
So I ordered this strawberry shortcake and it's likeeeee meltttinngggg inside my mouthhhhh (>0<)

Japanese desserts are too awesome..!!! It's one of the best cakes I have ever got in my entire life!!

Ce winny got cheesecake and it's absolutely delicious as well!!

But in the end after we finished the meal and wanted to pay, they REJECTED the money!!!! o__o

They said it's all FREE because they couldn't serve us foods omg
The service at menard aoyama resort is soooooooooo good!!! 

I promise I will come back again!!! ^.^

Heading back to train station from the mountain, using the bus special for Menard Aoyama Resort guests! The bus only came once every an hour, but it's free so make sure to check the schedule when you come ok!

Back at Nagoya, and headed for dinner. Nagoya was beautiful at night, so many light illuminations like Christmas. It's quieter & less crowded than Tokyo, but still very modern and clean!

Ce Winny was eager for unagi cos she swears that unagi in japan is the bomb! 
So Karaaki-san treated us for unagi!
Emi-san couldn't join us because she had to go to office

Unagi in Japan is very very expensive. I saw one in shibuya, it's 3000 yen per portion *collapse*
In nagoya slightly cheaper, around 2380 yen? But still lol~

Karaaki-san told me that Unagi is Nagoya's speciality, so I showed off at home to Shintaro's after that but he said that everyone say their hometown is the best one lol
Make sense, everyone says their mom's food is the best as well lol~~

So, here's how you eat unagi in japan!!!
To be exact, in Nagoya style!!!

So, that's the unagi-don!! It's grilled unagi [eel] on top of rice inside wooden pot. Served with pickles and miso soup as well. See the empty bowl and wooden spatula? Moreover some seasonings too? I will show you what I was taught by Karaaki-san!! :D


So basically there is 3 ways of eating unagi!!
You have to divide the unagi into 3 sections, get the first 1/3, and place it on the empty bowl like this = 

Here you go, try it!!! 
Taste the original unagi-don, with the hot & crispy unagi and softness of japanese rice, nothing can beat this in winter *____*

Then, you may sprinkles some scallion if you like it after you try the first step!!


Then, divide another 1/3 unagi into your bowl, and pour hot ocha [green tea] on it, like half?
And eat this food along with the soup!!!

Very traditional taste!! ^.^

Then for the last 1/3, you can eat whichever way you like!!
As for me, I like the second one!!
The dry unagi-don with scallions on top!!

So I got it again and felt very full!!!

It was an amazing dish and I would really like to go again!!!
I wonder if there's real unagi shop in Indo? hmmm~~~ XD

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  1. Postingannya bikin lapar, Stel. Hahaha... ^^

  2. everything loos so delicious, I totally envy you! Thanks for posting, I've been really enjoying your Japan diary ^^

  3. I am very happy if you like it ;__;

  4. iya ak juga lapar nihhh ;_; makan yok XD

  5. unagi means belut >> belut besar means yang kaya ular itu
    sampai kapan pun ga pernah coba mau makan itu, cce hebat ih berani, two thumbs ^^