Affordable Fashion at New Look

April 02, 2013

Have you ever heard of New Look before?

I didn't know about this store before my friend told me that there's a brand new store, with western style similar to Topshop and Zara, but with more affordable price!
I dont hate Topshop and such, but the price is too high for me, and we need a lot of items to make a good coordination. And fashion is changing toooo fast, so I always end up buying affordable clothes to follow the latest trend

So I decided to give a look at this brand and I was surprised that this brand offers more affordable price ^^
Perfect for teenagers who wants to appear stylish! :D

I visited New Look Central Park, one of the biggest stores that they have in Jakarta right now. It's quite near my university so I often visit this one :P

The store is very modern and spaciousss *0*

The store has so many fashion items to satisfy your shopaholic sense. American style can be sensed when you step inside the store. The fashion is very casual and chic :D

They have denim section, from shirts to pants. We all love denim, right :D

They also offer peplum dresses that's quite big recently ^.^
The material is quite good and the price is very reasonable~!

But I notice they sell more casual clothes, so you can also wear this brand for everyday basis :D
They have so many shirts that come with so many unique patterns and such. The colors are very versatile and easy to mix match too!

One of my favorite parts in shopping at mal, is to find shoes! It's very difficult to get shoes online because of the size. I feel that I need to try it before hand!

New Look also offers big shoe section!! *0* And the price is less than Rp 500.000 usually! 

Moreover, they have sale too :P

Studded heelllsss *0* very rock-ish and cool!

Not to forget bags and accessories!! ^^

Seriously i love the bags that they offer because it looks very nice!! Especially the ribbon clutch, it's so cuteeee ><

And since it's spring time, lace is very popular! :D 
See the handbag above, it has pretty lace to decorate the beige bag. Pretty!!

Their accessories is also affordable!! o.o
It's mostly less than 10usd, I also saw 3 pairs of rings only costs you 7USD o___O
The bangles are very cheap too, a set of it will give you a few bracelets and it's only about 7-8USD i think

And here are some clothes items that I think is perfect for this Spring 2013!! ^_^
Full of white, pastel, and sweet look!! 

I think the store gives nice clothes selection, and the price is very reasonable! For fast fashion, I do think this one is very good because it's cheaper than most of fashion stores such as Topshop or Zara. 
The brand itself is from London, that explains the cool and chic style :D 

And anyway, it's under MAP group so you can use MAP Voucher to shop here ^.^
They also have promo currently 'buy 1 get 1 free' for denim so hurry up!!!

You can support their facebook fanpage and follow their Twitter to get the latest promotional info!!
Happy shopping!

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  1. Jessica Novia FirmanApril 3, 2013 at 2:00 PM

    OMG that studded heels *drooling*
    I've been eyeing this shop for quite a long time and now it's time to drag my mom to this shop lol :D

  2. Wah, udah lama banget suka New Look, bagus-bagus loh ce but with affordable price :) quality-nya sama kaya Topshop hihihi

  3. Maakkk, beneran itu syurga para shopaholic :)))) duh, mupeng.. Wakakakak..

  4. cece suka ke CP juga toh, berharap bisa liat cc secara langsung ><
    kebetulan kadang aku pulang kesana, CP kan paling deket sama apartment jadi tinggal jalan kaki, hhe

  5. I love New Look, but there isn't one in Malaysia so every time I go Singapore I HAVE to visit it, hehe~ Love their shoes too, and even better when they have sales. :D