Short Update of Life in Japan!

April 20, 2013

It's been very hectic in Tokyo right now. Shintaro-nii lied to me, he said Tokyo was very warm, around 24 C. But I think it's around 15!!! It's so windy and I was freezing to death because I wear thin and short clothes T____T

So yesterday we had a lot of activities including fitting for our, Kawaii Leader, Kawaii Matsuri fashion shows!
Today we're also going to appear on youtube live streaming I think for the event.. I think.. The information is not fixed yet. But please check or subscribe to THEIR YOUTUBE ^.^

With Kaila [Phil], Marie [France], and Mio [Germany]
Eva was at another room already when we were taking this pic. 

And I went for Hime-Kei look yesterday yeay~!

I wont update much because you need to watch the videos of us touring around Tokyo next month at NHK Kawaii International hehe ^3^/

Today I just went out shopping for buying all the stuffs ordered via my shopping service before.. 
And I talked to 2 interesting guys when I was on my way to Shibuya109!

One guy is Korean, and he asked direction to me for going to Disney Store in Shibuya. I think he thought I was local. But luckily I knew the way so I led him there!!
hahaha! Funny thing. I mean, I can direct someone to a place in shibuya XD

So we were kinda talking during our way there
He said he's a fashion stylist and scouts artist in Korea and he mentioned the company name. But I cant really remember.. Then he just said "Do you know 2AM?"

"Oh!! I know!!! o.o Jo Kwon-Ga In!!!"


And he was like! "yes!! Along with 2PM, JYP~! ^^"

I was like, "ehhh that's cool!!" and he suddenly showed all the pictures of 2AM fashion stuffs and Jo Kwon with his coordinations o_o

Then I just noticed now, why I dont ask for Nichkhun mail address from him XDDDDD

So he's coming to Japan for work, and finding stuffs for 2AM and such. I was surprised because Korean groups get their fashion items from Japan instead! To the point the staff has to come to Shibuya alone to get them haha

So we separated and said good bye after he reached Disney Store. And I moved to 109!
Then I got a japanese guy talked to me. I thought he was going to Nanpa (seduce women on street) me because when I was in Japan last time, some guys tried to do that as well, and it's quite common

But in fact he said that he's a professional stylist in Shibuya Salon and offered me his name card and he said that he wanted to cut my hair and be their model? I am not really sure because my japanese is not very good so I only catch a glimpse T___T

I was like, "えええ?いま?あたしのかみか?” [my hair? now?]

”そうですよね。いいですか?” [yes, is that ok?]

”あら、いまは、ちょっとむり。。” [ah right now it's not okay]

And I say that I only have short amount of time and I've to go back to hotel for NHK, and on 30th I have to go back to Indonesia again.. So he was like, ah too bad, probably next time.. Since I am not here permanently

And I apologized then continued my way to 109!

But I am so surprised!!! T____T

Now I am eating my bento anyway, bought it at convenience store. Today I have free time until 4p.m only but I must do my hair make up right now~ 
Tokyo's life has been so fun to me!

So until next time ^_^

Thank you Kawaii.i ~!! 

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