Review : Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

April 09, 2013

Hello~! I blogged about Etude House Sweet Recipe before, and I cant get enough of it because the packaging is soooo cuteee >< We're all attracted to it, right! Etude House never fails to create unique and cute packaging. I wonder who's the designer ^.^

So that's why I ordered some again, the Cupcake All Over Color! It claims that it can be used as lip cream, cream eyeshadow, and cream blush!! 

Very efficient for traveling haha, and I intend to bring it for my next travel as well because I dont need to bring a lot of stuffs!
So let's take a look!

The packaging is to die for! It comes by transparent box, wrapping the product itself. It's designed to really look like a cupcake packaging!

Though when you open the box, you'll be presented with an aluminium jar product, similar to their lip balms. The design on the cap is inspired by fruits, that represents the smell and color of each product. I really love the scent because it's very sweet and fruity, and each shade is represented by cute cake name

Unfortunately they dont provide any spatula or tool to take out the product, and I always hate jar products because the risk of having bacteria inside your product is obviously higher!
Moreover, it can be used for 3 parts of your face, so you have to make sure that your products, tools, and fingers, are extra clean!!

PK001 Blueberry Cheese Cake

It is a pale purple-lilac-ish color. I dont really recommend to use this for lipstick because it's too pale, but if you're keen for a pale dolly cheek, this one is a very good color! 

 PK001 Strawberry Chiffon Cake

It is a pale warm pink color, and the color is in fact slightly similar to Blueberry Cheese Cake, just it's a bit warmer and comes in pink. This one is also good for dolly cheeks! I tried using this as eyeshadow too and it gives feminine look ^.^ 

OR201 Orange Choux Cake

My favorite color from this collection! It's a bright orange color and gives a fresh look! This color is neither too light nor too dark, therefore it can be used for everything! Very good indeed!

OR202 Peach Sugar Cake

A lighter shade than orange choux color. It is a light orange with peachy tone. I love to use it as a natural blush because it gives such a nice flushy natural look ^^ 

RD301 Raspberry Mousse Cake

My second favourite! It's a bright coral red, but it turns out to be very natural color when you apply this on your cheek/lips! 

Anyway, here's the picture of colour comparison of all the products = 

The texture is very creamy, and easy to blend on! The produced colors are neither too sheer nor too pigmented, which I love!! Because you can always build the colors to the level of pigmentation you want!
I am impressed etude house has become better and better in make up products!

Swatch on my wrist =

I love how it gives matte but glossy effect! It gives natural look, and will be versatile wherever you use it ! Whether it's eyes, cheeks, or lips!!

Here's lip swatch of the product anyway, in order = 

Final Opinion = 

Pros : 
  • Comes in a very cute cupcake inspired packaging
  • Has a great fruity scent
  • Moisturizing
  • Glides and blends easily
  • Gives the right pigmentation of colour
  • Comes in 5 versatile color
  • Can be used for eyes, cheeks, and lips
  • Gives matte finish with a little gloss
  • Affordable

Cons : 
  • Comes in jar packaging, no tools provided

I got them from Rie Butik through Pre order. Always love to shop from her because she offers very affordable price
The shop receives hundreds of mails each day so they may be replying late, but dont worry, they'll sure reply you ok! ^.^

I think the price is less than 10USD for each product, so it's pretty affordable. I really recommend the Orange one !! ^.^
Do you like this product? Which one is your favorite colour??

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  1. I got mine on the peach color. at first i thought it would be warm peachy pink that would be suitable for darker skin tone like mine. But in fact i guess it's more suitable for the people with pale skin tone. And i tried mine on my eyelid (which is oily), and it won't stay long, after 3 hours it will clump on my lid, jadi ada garis peach yang aneh di lid aku. Sob sob.. But the packaging is DAM cute and it smells amazing! And now i wanted the orange and raspberry one..

    Great review as usual Stella, keep rocking! :D

  2. I'd say that considering of it as a cream eyeshadow, it has tendency to crack yes. Therefore it's better to always layer it with powder eyeshadow again to protect the color and make it last longer :)

  3. oh! and now I get confused to choose between the orange or the red. red seems brighter but the swatch shows that orange is brighter.

    thanks for the review. have been wanting this. ^^

  4. I personally love the orange *0*
    and yes the red colour isnt as bright as i expected so it's very natural!! ^_<

  5. Stella.. Kulitku mayan putih.. Bgs-nya yg mana ya.. Pengen yg peach, tp bs kepucetan ga ya ? Thxx

  6. rie butik masih buka? :/ aku email uda ga pernah dibales dr yg mutiply gangguan :|

  7. The orange and raspberry one looks nice :D shall try them soon ^^

  8. yg peach sii masih lebih mending daripada grape dan strawberry haha

  9. those are the only safe colors T-T
    the rest is too pale for everyday lips

  10. Natural gt kan ? Soalnya ga pernah make cream blush

  11. seandainya untuk kulit gelap, paling bagus pake yang apa ya?