Souvenir from Indonesia to Japan!

April 27, 2013

My mom taught me since I was a child to always bring something in return when you visit friends. And so since I would be meeting a lot of people in Japan, I shopped so many foods and batiks!

Then I just realized that I forgot to take picture of 10 batik merchandises T___T; But I already gave it away to my friends, so yeah, just food lol

As I was meeting some new friends from different countries [Kawaii Leaders include Phillipines, France, Hong Kong, and Germany] and also NHK Kawaii TV Staff as well as Shintaro-nii and maki-san again. I shopped a lot of stuffs to give it away

As always, half of my luggage is souvenir =="

Lucky I flied with All Nippon Airways so I can bring 2 luggages instead of 1!

Obviously I bring 3 boxes of my favorite food my Indonesia all the time, Indomie!!
I got 3 flavors, Kari Ayam [Chicken Curry], Soto Mie [Noodle Soto], and Mie Goreng [Fried Noodle]!! Which are their best sellers ^^
If you dont live in Indonesia you really HAVE TO try these out since it's freakin delicious!!

Also Japanese have different meaning of KETCHUP. For them, KETCHUP means tomato sauce, while KETCHUP in Indo is Kecap o__o it's thick sweet black sauce that's very useful in Indonesian food

For us tomato sauce is tomato sauce la lol

So Shintaro-nii and Maki-san got kinda confused when I said in Indonesia, KETCUP is KECAP o__o;
So I got them a big one to try 8D

got kecap bango haha 8D

Also my mom forced me to get me these stuffs from Shintaro-nii and Maki-san [I dont eat those foods so IDK]

It's kue Semprong [kinda like crepes] and Ikan Teri.. Traditional foods from indonesia! 

As well as some spices to make Indonesian curry!

Also I got them Keripik Balado, it's a spicy snack that's favored by a lot of people in Indonesia. Since I hate spicy foods, I dont eat it lol

Also dozens of silver queens chocolate, local chocolate from Indonesia, to give to everyone whom I met in Japan ^_^ 

Some coffess for Maki-san and NHK Staff!

Also Tango latest cakes!! For Maki-san too! :D

As for the NHK Crew, Japan Tourism Marketing that works as sponsor, and Kawaii Leaders, I got them batik to introduce Indonesia to them. And everyone got Indomie and chocolate as well! :D

Some also got coffee and keripik balado! They're very pleased!
I hope they'd like Indonesia more ^_^ Indonesia food is very good!

I'm trying my best to introduce Indonesia globally yeay ;D through food and batik ^3^

And anyway, I also need to give something special for special friend
Shintaro-nii is like my big brother, and sometimes like a dad as well lol

Kinda difficult to explain to new people when I say "oh yes I am staying at my friend's house" and when they ask further, I use "HE" instead of "SHE" so everyone are like "your boyfriend??" LOL

but then he is married with Maki-san and I am also friend with her wife la! And he's very very nice and kind, and supportive! I am very lucky to know him T___T)/

He's the one that I rely too a lot in Japan and I trouble him many many times! Very trustable friend!
So obviously I need to give something in return more than just food!

I got a specially handmade towel for him (^_______^)

Requested to specially bordered his name on the towel! :D

He's very delighted with it! ^_^

I got it from Handuk Nama by the way! They specially asked me whether I would like to get it, and obviously I want since it's so special as a present :D 
So if you want to give something to your precious friend or family, you might consider this!! It's so huge and soft! And the price is reasonable as well, less than 10 USD I think XDDD

So okay, tomorrow I am going to Harajuku for meeting Eva Cheung and Kaila Rainbowholic for last time before I go back to Indonesia!

So many things I got in Japan from NHK and sponsors in Japan T___T Im afraid my luggage wont fit
So I think I will leave some of it at Shintaro's home XD
Since he's coming next month to Indonesia with Yuta-nii, so I'll just ask him to hand carry it to Indonesia LOL

See, I trouble him a lot lololol
He doesnt bring many things either anyway, since it's just 2 days trip..

Too rich.. come to Indonesia, just for 2 days tsk tsk tsk...

Wondering when will the time arrive when I come to Japan just for 2 days, simply just to eat ramen ROFL


Okay then! Bye now!! :D

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  1. Stell I think it's kue semprong and not rempong LOL!! xD

  2. Iya, itu semprong tipis bukan rempong haha,, duhh kamu udah boleh jadi duta indomie lol
    Jadi lapar deh liat makanan2nya

  3. duh itu kue rempong kayanya baru denger deh xD

  4. ci, ketchup bener saos tomat kok artinya. meanwhile kecap is soy sauce :)

  5. ga nyangka cece ke jepun bawa batik juga, bangga jadi wong indonesia, wkwk
    btw btw, itu kue semprong zaman nenek saya dulu masih ada aja ya, hha XD

  6. Lol stellaaaaa!!! kecap in english is SOY SAUCE not KETCHUP! ketchup is for tomato sauce in everywhere indeed. Of course you make all of them confused lololol! but it's cute lah, thankyou for introducing our country to others, really a good citizen \^^/

  7. As an Indonesian, I'm so proud of Indomie. While I was living in the UK, I used to endorse all my foreign friends to Indomie.. The best thing is, the love it...:)


  8. They like Kripik Tempe too and all things about tempe (orek). でも、インドミーは日本人の一番大好きな食べ物だと思う^^。私もインドミーが大好き~~

  9. oh everything you bought looks interesting!!

  10. Ketchup means tomato sauce also in western country dude, not only in Japan.

  11. sorry for typo lol i never eat it lol

  12. iya salah ketik lol

    iya harusnya aku jadi brand ambassador indomie ya, muncul di TV lagi makan soto mie lol

  13. gtau itu mamaku beli dmana lol

  14. nice nice XDDD next time siapa tau ditawarin hahaha

  15. kecap manis isnt soy sauce T_T;
    idk anymore lol

  16. great that you've chance to live abroad! indomie is very good XD

  17. oh really? next time I shall bring!

  18. Ketchup really means tomato sauce all over the world LOL. kecap manis in english are sweetened soya sauce. But i think indonesian soya sauce also diferrent with japanese soyu.