Another Wig From Brightlele on KG

April 08, 2013

Dunno what to say anymore because I love this Brightlele Wig a lot lol

I wore the wig for my new banner and I never received so many praises before LOL
so yeah, here's the wig, that you all love XD

It's a wavy hair from Brightlele, and I pick medium honey gold colour!! 

That's the model of the wig.. I picked it because it has such a natural soft wave, and I was confused whether to get AB or KG instead.. But I have tried ash color a lot of times, so I kinda missed warm color. Therefore I picked the warm honey color!! KG !! 

Yeap this one!!!

And here's how it looks like on me = 

Make up that I used on that day =

Tony Moly Luminuous CC Cream
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer
Lioele Dollish Moisture Powder Pact
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil and Mascara on 02
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Diamond Lash Glamorous Eye [Upper] and Princess Eye [Lower]
Canmake Cream Cheek in 01
MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon
Peripera Colorful Lip Gloss in 04

Yea on harsh lighting it can be quite fake and shiny because afterall it's still synthetic, but it turns out SOOOOOO GOOOOD without flash!!! O___o

It looks like my real hairrr T_______T

Oh my hair how I missed youuu T____T [not like Im bald already ok duh]

The main trick to make it less less shiny is to pour baby powder on the wig, and let the powder absorb the shine.. I can do it, but I just want to show you the shine on the wig first.. You can always help by doing that trick!

On the photoshoot, I have already put powder on it so it's less shiny.. And I love how thick the wig is and as always, very easy to use as well as comfortable on my head!!

The wig was kinda tangled because of the strong wind on the photoshoot T___T But nevertheless, it's still a good wig and I really want you guys to try this one as well because it's so good!

OH! and get the BLONDE one pls!
Dont let me be the minority girl who's havin blonde hair in Indo. Let's be blonde together MWAHAHAHAHA 8D  

The wig is pretty long, it's around my hips, so self-shot taken picture cant really show you how it works.. Therefore I have someone to take picture of my half body shot!

He is a professional photographer, Nurfajar Tetuko. Thanks to him I could get amazing shots! ^__^ 
If you want to book one to take your picture, you may contact him on his fb~!

I want to post more camwhore pictures but I am afraid that you'll be sick looking at my vain pictures.. So I shall just end it now lol

The wig is sponsored by Hazelnutz Cawaii, and I really recommend her because I ordered this wig from her before and it arrived like 5 days after that!! O___O
freaking fast!! 

So, go get it from her ^.^

that's the real color under sunlight ^.^

I find this colour is very versatile~!!!! <3 Depends on the lighting, and the color will change. So it's all good!

Personally I really really really LOVE brightlele.. I am amazed by japanese wig quality to be exact ^___^

Although I know that it's pricey but it's always a good thing to invest on a good wig. It's my personal opinion XD
Because I know that not everyone want to bleach/color their hair.. And wig is very good to try a new style!

Cheaper than bleaching and coloring your long hair at salon >_<;

Recently I have been very into wig because each wig gives different feeling haha
last time I wore dark wig, so many people told me I looked like Hyuna LOL
I bet Hyuna would be offended to be categorized with the same level as me la, so please dont do that haha!

All in all, I love the wig!
What do you guys think? ^.^
Do you personally want to own a brightlele wig too? 

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  1. cute as always, and I looooooove your new blog layout!

  2. You looks great with it! :D

  3. cc tuh mau make up ga make up tetep cantik yah, envy liat cewek cantik ;p
    jadi pengen ikut beli wig :3

  4. It's very pretty! A good quality wig always looks so much nicer. You are tiny btw! :)

  5. It's very pretty! A good quality wig always looks so much nicer. You are tiny btw! :)

  6. you are so cute :)

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc?
    visit my blog ^^

  7. Jessica Novia FirmanApril 9, 2013 at 5:00 AM

    love your new layout a lot! hehe :D
    wanna try brightelele if I have a chance later >:)

  8. hehe hayoo wig apa cat :P
    Yelahhh kek gak pernah liat aku mekapan aja masih dibilang cantik lol

  9. gimana ga mau dibilang cantik, cce umur segini uda bisa ngehasilin duit sndiri
    lah aku biar umur kita sma, tapi belum bisa apa, sugoii ^^
    tapi bener2 transformation bangetlah, aku suka liatnya ><

  10. Stel wignya tipis ndak

  11. stel, beli wig nya dimana?hahaha i wanna

  12. itu kan ak sebut? hehe, di hazelnutz cawaii di fb

  13. susah nggak ya ngerawat wig biar nggak kusut? jadi kepengen beli juga nih... hehehe >.<

  14. stella, ajarin cara ngerawat wig donk.. kalo pake wig rambut cepet lepek n rontok ga sih?