Review : Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream

April 15, 2013

CC Cream becomes a big trend since like a year ago, but I've never tried it until now.. Because CC Cream is so expensive.. The one that I knew is only Rachel K CC Cream.. I love Korean products because it's so cheap. So I am so happy when Tony Moly launched a CC Cream! Followed by Etude House as well, hope to try theirs too

This one is in Pure Aura edition, it's called Tony Moly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream. Which I can sense that it gives dewy fresh look like Korean style. So let's take a look!

Let's start from the packaging. This CC Cream comes with white plastic pump packaging type that looks very simple yet elegant, based on its black and white dominant colour. I love the simplicity of this packaging because it's not too cute nor too boring, so everyone can use this!! ^.^

They're focusing on luminous pure effect, so I think white packaging represents their purpose nicely!

It comes in SPF 30 PA++, so you can use it as sunblock protection as well. Like usual BB Cream, this CC Cream comes with 50ml product. It should last you like 6 months if you use it everyday

It is very easy to dispense the cream, I usually need only 1-2 pumps because the texture of this CC Cream is somewhat quite thick and it spreads easily

At first I was pretty shocked because it comes in white liquid!! And it needs a good blend to really blend on your skin!!! 

I would say that the texture is quite creamy and thick compared to usual BB Cream. Is every CC Cream like this? I am not sure, as this is my first time trying CC Cream
But, unexpectedly, it's very easy to spread on, and gives luminous dewy finish like its promise! ^^

So I usually blend it on the back of my hand first, and dab some on my skin, then tap it lightly to blend it on my skin

That's the result of half face, using this Tony Moly CC Cream!!
It really gives luminous effect and brighten up my skin, but I really hate because when you're using flash, it gives white cast as it it's too white for your skin!! :'(
Although in real life it looks super super natural as if i wear nothing!!

This beats BB Cream obviously!
And you can tell that it kinda covers my redness and imperfection pretty well!
This CC Cream doesnt feel heavy or thick, but as for the oil control, it's just so-so..

Here's the full result of me using the CC Cream. With Flash and without flash
Can you tell that my skin glows very nice and looks very flawless? Super LOVE this CC Cream!!
Bring this to Japan, obviously~! *shoves it inside my luggage* XD

Final Opinion =

Pros : 
  • Simple yet elegant packaging
  • Comes with easy dispensed pump
  • Has SPF 30 PA++
  • Light-Medium Coverage, covers imperfection naturally
  • Gives natural luminous effect
  • Blends well with skin tone
  • Helps brighten up skin

Cons : 
  • Gives white cast with flash photography

I got this CC Cream from Rie Butik ~! I totally recommend this CC Cream, but I am curious to try more CC Cream so I can find the holy grail one. I saw my friend, ce Bebe, using Chanel CC Cream and it's super flawless~!! The price is also flawless LOL

Tony Moly CC Cream is only around 15USD so I think the price is very okay!! 
I am curious with Etude House CC Cream next.. ^.^ But for now, this one is very good~!

Viva CC Cream~!!! ^0^)/

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  1. aku suka foto cce yang di sini, lebih kawaii dari foto2 ter kawaii yang lainnya ><

  2. I also reviewed this CC cream a few days ago! I've been using it for the past week, and it's really good. :3

  3. It's really nice although it does not offer much coverage

  4. I bought this TonyMoly cc cream last month, but...I prefer CC cream from The FaceShop n Innisfree :)

  5. I bought this TonyMoly CC cream last month, but I prefer CC cream from The FaceShop n Innisfree,
    Better oil control n better coverage... ;)

  6. Detry Septi RahayuApril 16, 2013 at 7:11 PM

    what different bb cream with cc cream?

  7. yes CC Cream is good! But i cant say this one is the best yet, since i have never tried other CC Creams

  8. yeah, most of korean products only offer light-med coverage. if you want more, get concealer :)

  9. never tried those, im interested!!!

  10. CC cream from The Faceshop have a good coverage,
    N CC cream innisfree have a natural looking,
    You should try, I recommended! :)

  11. BB cream is more for normal to combination skin and has a more sheer coverage. CC Cream is geared toward the oily and acne prone skin type with a medium coverage. Hope this helps :)

  12. im trying to help, if you dont know^^ the white cast caused of the high spf in it, so if you dont want look so white when you are using flash, dont use product with high spf:) i hope this can help

  13. This seems like a great product. I can't wait to try this out too!

    Hope you'll visit my blog too! :)

    Chamee from PIXELS AND TALES