New Hair Before Japan~!

April 17, 2013

Hair must be perfect *0*
Because i will be meeting a lot of people for the project, and the project is still secret, I am still not allowed to say what it is, sorryyyy

But it needs me to be perfect in appearance!!
Well, kind of :x

So, I asked L'Oreal Professional Indonesia Team for help~!!
Ko Indra, the Educational Manager of L'oreal Indonesia gladly helped me H-1 so my hair look fabulous!! 

I haven't done my hair this year, last time I did my hair is also from their help last year, before I came to Japan. Now japan again! omg I cant believe my luck this year is soooo good

That ugly roots

Ugh, to be honest my ashy color has faded to something like beige blonde, it's okay, but the roots are very annoying!!! And because it's been 4 months, it's so ugly I wanna cry T___T

L'Orealll, helppp~~ lol 

So of course at first they bleached my hair, and it takes forever because my the shade that I want is pretty light, obviously

In order to not damage my hair and scalp more, they carefully get like 10 pieces per hair and wrap it with the aluminium foil. I felt like Lady Gaga!
That way, the bleaching will be even, and wont hurt scalp at all!

I didn't feel anything, just heavy lol
Usually bleaching is bloody painful, literally. Ko Indra is very attentive to my hair condition

After that, they tone down the yellow color after bleaching, and add peachy color for less than 5 minutes, because my hair absorbs color very quickly..

This time, they give me spring-summer feel with a hint of peach-pink for my hair OMG!!! 

And this is the result = 


And my blonde in real life also has pink undertone so it matches perfectly!!!
I dont know how come Ko Indra managed to mix colors to get this shade!!

All products are from L'Oreal, so whenever salon you go, it should be available.. The pink is mixed by L'Oreal team for me because I want baby pink, by mixing a little bit of magenta and ashy?
Not very sure lol

I am ready for Spring yeehaa~~

Thank you Ko Indra and L'Oreal Professional Indonesia Team for making my hair very gorgeous before I fly to Japan!! 
This one is Spring and Summer Collection 2013 with Pastel feeling! ^0^
They will be launching Spring & Summer Hair Show next week but I cannot come >_<

L'Oreal is very good, I am impressed
Oh btw Ko Indra is very famous and known by every salons using L'Oreal because he's the one who educates them. So he's the master of all master mwahaha 8D 

Beautiful or not?? ^.^

Will give you more pictures later with my new hair in Japan~!!
Now packing! :D bye bye

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