The Reason Behind My Trip to Japan~! Kawaii Leader!!

April 18, 2013

And I swear I was freaking 98klfhajhfuseh@#%SFS25 when I knew I could come again to Japan!!

*pulls hair*

and what's more shocking is that

the main highlight and purpose of this trip is . . . . .

*drum rolls*




*dies of a heart attack*

*gets stoned by haters*

*dies for good*


How could you believe it!! ME NEITHER!!
I mean, ME??? Just a random blogger from Indonesia, and never dream to be a model [I only wish to be HYDE and GACKT's wife wtf] can walk on a runway show??

More over it's JAPAN SCALE LA PLS!!!

It's where KYARI PAMYU PAMYU & TM REVOLUTION will appear as well!!

more famous artists and models are going to appear as well!! Such as SCANDAL, Nakagawa Shouko, etc!!

*inhales breath, exhales, slowly*

I must have used all my luck this year.. I also dunno how come it can be like that 

I am always ordinary la.. The only extraordinary thing on me is my blonde hair. Really. And it's only unique in Indo..
Dunno how come I am offered a chance to walk on a runway show, and more over, the first runway I am going to walk is KAWAII MATSURI

Japan scale...
Asia Pacific Scale...
Asia Scale

And I represent INDONESIA!!!!

*puts hand on shoulder, sings Indonesia Raya*

So let me tell you the story in short. I received email from NHK last year and they're asking whether I would like to collaborate with them as Kawaii Leader. They want someone who loves Japan passionately and have influence to spread kawaii culture in the world. 

They pick some Leaders from different country as well, it will be 5 leaders at first
Here we are = 

That's why I tried my best to lose weight, and even do Radio Frequency Treatment frequently.. 
Because I want to look good on the runway show~!

Please la.. It's where I walk in front of thousands of japanese girls.. And I bring Indonesia name :x
Must look at least decent!!! ><

So here's the fresh pictures that I just took like hours ago =

She's Mio from Germany! She represents style of Fairy Kei! So her clothes are mostly very pastel-dreamy like~!

This one is Eva Cheung from Hong Kong! She represents Harajuku style with a mix of 80's!

This one is Kaila from Rainbowholic, Philliphines who's residing in Japan right now. She's into Kawaii  Lifestyle 

Last but not least, she's Marie from France and she represents Lolita~!

Sorry my make up is not full-complete look. I just did it in 10 minutes because a lot of stuffs happened T_T

Dont need to say but you know, that I am from Indonesia and I represent Gyaru style in this kawaii leader project!

All in all, I am very thankful for the opportunity that Kawaii.i gives to me!
I really thank Kishibe-san who worked hard so I can come again to Japan, and have a great experience..
I am sure I will have a lot of fun!!

And dont worry!!

I will blog again about my trip to japan!!! ENTIRELY~~~~!!! <3

Thank you Kawaii.i and NHK Kawaii International to invite me T_T
And yes, this project is for TV on NHK and it will be aired next month!
Will let you guys know the update more soon, now i am going to sleep because tomorrow's schedule is very hectic

Wish me, and Indonesia luck ^_^

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