Result Update of My Radio Frequency Treatment!

April 16, 2013

I know a lot of people are waiting for this post as I received so many messages want me to post the result!

I have been doing Radio Frequency Treatment frequently at Beauty Couture Taman Anggrek, and I must say I am impressed by the result

Ready to see?? XDDD

And, This is the result after 10 times treatment for my upper arm *0*

I think the difference is quite drastic and obvious so OMG OMG *0*)/
My mom and friends have mentioned how skinnier my upper arms have become!! Thanks to Radio Frequency Treatment <3

It's less flabby and becomes much firmer!!
Before the treatment, can tell that my upper arm is very wide, and getting slimmer around elbow ._.
But right now it's quite even!!

I cannot say that it's that skinny because it still has fat, and not all boney, but I am happy after all because my arm looks normal at least lol

I intend to continue the treatment after I come back from Japan ^.^

If you're interested to try the same treatment as well, might as well to try this coupon code special for my readers!!

Just save and print this image to get the best deal you can ever imagine. OMG I never knew it could be very cheap T-T 
I was almost collapsed when I heard about the real price and so I asked whether they could give special promotion for my readers so yeah :D

I think the price isn't bad, but you need to do it at least once a week to get the result. And for faster result, twice a week like me.. 

You can redeem the voucher until 31st May and use it as many times as you want! Bring your mom as well! ^3^

To be honest, I am quite, er.. skinny? So I think the result isn't very obvious
Right now my weight is 41-42kg's, thanks to my diet that I have been doing diligently since I'm coming back from Japan..

So reducing fat on me, is kinda difficult. The result is much better for those who are a little chubbier..
I dont mean to offend anyone btw T___T

I just wanna say that, if you're heavier than me, you may see better result, and it will be faster!
And if you're skinnier, it's more difficult cos no more fat to reduce :o

Make sense or not?

So if you want to get the treatment as well [I really recommend the upper arm so we can wear sleeveless dress yeay lol], you may book the treatment first by calling 021-5639968 and arrange the appointment. Then come with the printed coupon!!
You can share this with your friends and family as well :D

I have told my aunties and they're so excited to try this treatment too XDDD

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