Review : Sonia Kashuk Hidden Concealer

April 11, 2013

I recently got this Sonia Kashuk Hidden Concealer from Reine Doll Shop Beauty Box. They sent to me the box filled with a few beauty items and the main star is the Hidden Concealer, therefore I will review it ^.^

I have known this concealer since Bubz mentioned this on the video a few times and I think it works wonder for her. So I am always interested to try!

First of all, I am not really impressed with the packaging because it's cheap looking and totally uncute. Also, they only have one shade!! -_-

I am glad that it still fits my skin tone, I am around NC 25
They provide 3 shades though in one palette, along with one concealer powder to set it up

without flash

with flash

Comes with light, dark, green concealer to fits your needs. I usually get the light concealer for under eye or highlighter, and green concealer is the reason why I love this color a lot. I wear it the most to cover redness because green is the color to neutralize redness on your face

Whether it's just redness, irritation, acne scar, pimples.. Use green concealer ^.^

For the dark concealer, it's too light for contouring nose, and it's too dark to cover imperfection on my skin tone. So I hardly use it. I wish they'd include the concealer-powder mini brush so it's easier to bring it for traveling though

The concealer is very easy to blend, and has very good coverage. A little goes a long way, but it has creamy kinda texture so it can be quite thick if you want only light coverage. I usually dab it on areas where I want to conceal, then set it with powder. The powder is transluscent so dont worry!

Here are the results after using the sonia kashuk hidden concealer.. Well, just the green concealer though because i have redness around my chin. It covers nicely ^.^

I am quite happy with the result ^.^ You can see that my skin becomes even after concealing redness on my skin with the green concealer from Sonia Kashuk!

As for the light concealer, it works okay for highlighting but so-so for under eye.. So far I love it!!

Here are other items inside the Beauty Box.. I havent tried the others because to be honest I am not interested of those stuffs. The main star is only the Sonia Kashuk Concealer. I will probably review them when I have time and mood haha.. But for now I just love the concealer ^.^

So many beauty boxes appear in Indonesia market recently and here's just one of them
Do you have personal favorite beauty box? :D
Or are you interested to subscribe Reine Doll Shop one? :) 

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  1. wow that concealer works really good to cover red parts on face Oo I might get one like that too.

  2. Stella, ini concealer yg dipake waktu beauty class di coffe bean bukan y?

  3. haha i never see sonia kashuk in japan though, you gotta buy it online? T_T

  4. iya benarrr :D aku suka makanya aku pake di kelas hehe

  5. mh maybe I find something similar

  6. I love the eye tattoos!

    Mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback!

  7. I subscribed to reine doll as well and I got the same stuff like you did, love the concealer and shampoo <3

  8. huwah... ngiler deh... masuk wish list bulan depan neh kayanya... >.< thx for sharing stell...

  9. havent tried the shampoo~ gonna bring it to japan lol