Rosy Rose

April 14, 2013

To be honest, I have ditched this sweet romantic style for quite a while. For 2 years?
But when I came to Japan, I got struck by Liz Lisa virus so yeah -_-"

This outfit is worn for my latest photoshoot ~!

Floral Crown : Unbranded
Dress & Belt : Bought it from Online China Store
Wig : Brightlele from Hazelnutz Cawaii
Shoes : Handmade shoes from Pink Locomote 

I am glad to do fashion post ! I always love to make more fashion posts but fashion posts need photographer haha.. I am lucky that on the day I wore this outfit, I had a photographer with me ^.^

Spring is coming in Japan  so floral is very big right now!
And I am very addicted with rose recently, till it becomes annoying obsession lol

Shoes are from Pink Locomote. It's handmade order!! ^.^ I got the shop to duplicate the same shoes from Rose Essence, famous japanese shoe store and they made it like 99% same~~!!!

Rose Essence shoes can be like 100usd T_T But handmade is about 35USD only~! So I recommend it :D
Although the comfort is different, obviously

Do you love this look on me? ^.^ 

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  1. really pretty stella...!!! can u give a link for the 'online-china-store'?

  2. awa stella alwasy look cute dhe hehee kiss and huge for u <3 <3

  3. Detry Septi RahayuApril 15, 2013 at 6:41 PM

    U Look so cute on that dress.. :*

  4. I love the Liz Lisa look! Super cute on you <3

  5. You are soo adorable!! Loovee your super cute blog layout as well btw!!

  6. love the skirt, so lovely! you know when I knew the concept, rosebullet came up on my thought, you know it's so pricey but looks so cute and vintage, right? hehe

  7. haha ive ditched this style for quite a while ><

  8. it's something like allfashionwholesale?

  9. yeah rosebullet! of course i know cos my fav AKB member loves it as well, tomochin :3

  10. I know! I can't wait to get to Japan next week to go Liz Lisa shopping with Michi!! <3 I wish I could have met you when you came to Japan the first time, but I had already left by then.. :(