Japan Day 18 : Menard Aoyama Resort Facial Treatment & Onsen

March 30, 2013

Back again with Japan Day 18!
I am sure all of you beauty lovers will love the post la cos it got beauty kinda stuff lol

I experienced the real japanese facial treatment at Menard Aoyama Resort!! ^.^

But first of all, in the morning before I took an onsen [hot spring] to get rid of my tiredness! If you come to japan, onsen is a must try!! 

I am an early-riser person.. On that day I woke up at 6 and went straight to the onsen. It's in fact public onsen so in fact you shared with the other customers. But since it's pretty early, I was the only guest there!

Lucky!! Cos in Indonesia, we dont have any tradition to be naked freely in front of others and it's very embarrassing for us >___<;
And also it's lucky cos there's no one there so I could take pic. Otherwise I would be slapped by Japanese women for being such a pervert tourist lol
Though it's just from phone camera XD Bring DSLR is moreeee frightening XD;

The onsen in Menard Aoyama Resort is very spacious and has traditional feeling, with all the wooden stuffs ^.^

They also have powder room area where you can blow dry your hair, and use body lotion and skincare products FREELY!!! O__O

Look at this!!!!

Lisciare products at public bath!! And you can use it as much as you need oAo;

If it happened in other countries, I'm sure it would be gone as fast as thunder strikes.. Japanese wont steal, to that degree
Only in Japan..  #CultureShock

Body lotions special from Aoyama Resort!

So you put everything inside your own rack, and yes, no locker, no security stuff. In fact can steal very easily but hey, it's Japan. So you dont have to worry anyone will steal your stuff o_o

Amazing, really.. 

Before you can go to onsen, you have to wash your hair and body first.. They provided Special Menard Aoyama Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner. And it is very very high quality!! 
I would die to get a shampoo from them ;~; 

There were 2 onsens.. Indoor and outdoor. You can see from the window of indoor onsen that the sun just began to rise XD it's still very dark haha

I went to shower first, then indoor onsen, then shower again then proceed to outdoor onset
Everytime you wanna get inside onsen, you have to shower!

Here's the outdoor onsen.. FREEEZIINGGG.. See the fogs please!!

Ok la I just took the photo, ran again to the inside cos it's so cold.. And saved my phone on the rack.. Then enjoyed the outdoor onsen with all my might

Though it wasnt that long.. Just about 10 minutes

I wished to stay longer but.. 

I heard monkey's voice =____________________=

I dunno if it's just my feeling, or there were really monkeys [like in manga], or there was special effect. I honestly, dont know. But I am kinda afraid to face monkey, let alone naked pls wtf.. 

So I rushed back to my room.. lol

After that, I took a nap for an hour until ce Winny called me for breakfast ^.^

As I've always said, japanese set menu is always HUGE.. It can feed like 2-3 people.. Here's my breakfast on that day =

Even 4 Sehat 5 Sempurna is Defeated lol

I cannot finish anymore haha.. 

Also got this Ginseng drink from emi-san! She bought some for me to improve my health! On this day, I felt better so I really thought i just caught a cold.. But I just drank it to make sure I can keep doing the trip! ^.^

After that, we went to the beauty clinic area!! YEAY YEAY YEAY :D

Manicure and pedicure area, also for consultation! ^.^

Make up area!

The staffs, as always, are very polite, kind, and helpful.. We were given warm tea after we sat down.. And then they came to each one of us to do skin check and analysis to see what treatment suits us best 

We also can pick our own aroma therapy
And it's like one of the hardest decision I have ever made before because ALL THE AROMA THERAPY SMELLS FREAKING GOOD T____T

So I had to sniff each one of them, and eliminate one by one. For like freaking 15 minutes? 
That's how nice the aroma is!!! 

In the end i picked floral ~

Emi-san filled the survey for us because she translated everything LOL 

The analysis is very very thorough because they ask about our current condition, our last ill, whether right now we are ill or tired, and such.. By doing so, they would know how much pressure they need to treat us, and which shiatsu points they have to press ^.^

Ok la, now scare you with my bare face = 

Yea yea skin is quite ok, just some red spots caused by acne scar.. But because I was sick, see, my eyes were pretty tired, and my face was sagging

And, this is the after treatmenttttt =

I was having mini heart attack after I saw the picture that I took too!!
And everyone also got shocked cos of the transformation!

You can tell that my skin is glowinggggggg!!! in a healthy way!!!!

And my eyes are very bright and big too, less tired!!! 
And seeeee, my face getting smaller and jawline sharper!!! *pulls hair*

What kind of sorcery is this!!

No make up at all!!! 

All they did is just massage my face and shoulder with shiatsu technique, and press areas.. It lasted for about 1,5 hour.. Oh and the mask is AMAZING!!

See the thickness of the mask!!!!! Never in my life I wore a mask that thick, very high quality one!

wahahahah that's how my face kinda looked like when I put the mask la.. Scare you ? lol

The beauty salon also provided make up area where you could use all menard products for free.. So you could still be glam after the treatment

In fact I didn't really want to put more make up because skin was already so good la. But okay, let's do it! XD

All the products are from Menard.. Here are some items that I used, besides the eyeshadow and blush on pan on the picture above = 

Not used to do natural make up with blonde hair.. Moreover this one is unphotoshopped and I dont wear my lenses u__u

But I think my make up on that day isnt bad right!!

See the healthy complexion 8D *praise my own skin*
Okay I know it's not perfect yet.. but better la than before XD

Love their eyelash curler and mascara!!
Their eyelash curler is only Rp 119.000 in Indonesia, freaking cheap!! I quickly got myself one when I came back from Japan :D 

Anyway, you can also do the treatment massage at home la.. The very very basic though lol I created a video before about how to massage your face =

Though you wont get instant result like the japanese treatment one [cos the japanese staffs studied hard and very pro la..] but you can still try haha.. It's slow but surely will do your face good ^.^

And if you're interested, you can also try their facial treatment massage as well in Indo at Menard Counter. Sometimes I went to Menard at Central Park with my mom to get treatment ... 
To be honest, Japanese and indonesian treatment are incomparable la..

Obviously japanese is better.. much much better and relaxing and everything T_T
But price will choke you, cos if i am not wrong it's around 100USD..

In Indonesia it's only 25USD, and no need ticket to go to japan lol
but if you come to Menard Aoyama Resort, do try their treatment cos it's awesome XD

I am ending this post now, part 2 of japan day 18 coming soon!! ^.^

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  1. Baru tahu di counter menard Indo ada face treatmentnya! Hahaha.. itu di semua counter menard atau di beberapa tempat aja, Stel?

  2. You look so nice! This looks like such a nice place to go to!

  3. Wowww, this place looks very expensive. XD I would love to go in the outside onsen when it's still dark- how refreshing! But when I tried an (indoor) onsen, it was just waaaay too hot for me. X3 It was a good experience but I couldn't stay for very long.

  4. Can you please do a post about shaping your eyebrows? I would love to learn. Thanks Stella! Your posts are great!

  5. di beberapa tempat doang hehe, aku kadang ke CP :3

  6. ahahaha the outdoor onsen is very nice!!
    cos the weather is very freezing, so it's really relaxing ^_^
    you should try this resort XD

  7. my eyebrows arent perfect either so i dont think im suitable to teach it T_T thank you!

  8. I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! http://catherine-widjaja.blogspot.com/2013/03/versatile-blogger-award.html

    btw , canyou followback my blog ? :)
    thankyou <3

  9. Wow I'm jealous of all that luxury you experienced! You look lovely btw.

  10. looks awesome! and your skin looks great :)
    haha yea, japan is so friendly. i haven't really heard of problems with stealing there before~

    xoxo Sarahwww.xliciousgirl.com

  11. yea *-* i cant believe i got this kind of experience!