In Mood For Nudes

March 05, 2013

As this blog is too boring because lack of my appearance, so here you go. My self-shot lol

I recently received a japanese wig again from my sponsor so I have tested it out to make a proper review. Please wait for the complete blog post! ^_^

I know I look so different haha. Because I did not wear circle lenses and tried natural make up instead to match with the natural hair color. Sometimes I miss natural look lol

The dress is from Berry Benka and very flowy and soft. The chiffon material is very light, a very versatile dress

Dress : Berry Benka
Shoes : I Wear Up; produced by Diana Rikasari
Bag : Charles & Keith
Wig : Aqua Doll, from Hazelnutz Cawaii


The bag is given to me by mom due to her overseas trip. I rarely own bag as I love to collect shoes more, to match my nude outfit, that's the best bag I can come up with lol

Anyway, Diana Rikasari is kind enough to sponsor me these wedges from her collection called IwearUp. It's a handmade shoes, and they are very very very very comfortable!!! *____*
Do check her website for more collection!
What I wear now is Stella Beige lol

Stella wearing Stella LOL

The shoes are very affordable and are high quality and super comfortable. They also have scholarship program where whenever you buy a pair of shoes from them, Rp 5.000 will be stored to pay for students scholarship studies!

You can do charity while shopping, so it's always a good thing ^.^

I wish I had time to doll up myself like this everyday, and take many pictures on beautiful spots to upload on my blog. But i am more an indoor-person and being busy of schools and jobs are one of the excuses

Anyway, spring is about to come, so I have shopped enough clothes of pink, pastel, and floral. Because I have finished my goal to go to japan, I can finally shop clothes again :D

I am about to change my blog layout too, so I will have to go for a photoshoot to match the theme

Thank you for Gabby to take these pictures. I know it's not as good as fashion bloggers but hey, I am trying lol

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