2nd Jakarta Beauty Class Report

March 15, 2013

So last Sunday, 10th March 2013, I held my 4th beauty class in Jakarta. Making it the 2nd beauty class held in my own city!!

I was so excited to share some tips that I learned in Japan with them and everyone came with high enthusiasm so I was pretty pleased with it! ^.^

So.. Ready to see how it looks like? :D

The place was at the Coffee Bean at Grand Indonesia. I intended to go for Waraku again, but like 90% of restaurants in GI cannot be booked on weekend.. Some can, but the food is meh, or the place has not enough lights, or it's too crowded.. Lucky me that The Coffee Bean is located in the corner, and not so many people pass by, as well as it has enough lights both from outside and inside!

The class began a little late because there was car free day so most people got stuck ><

But in the end it turned out well

I tried my best to teach them everything that I know.. It's not that I hide anything anyway. I am really willing to share and it's easier to do when I do it in person / face to face. After all blogs and videos are limited

I still want to share a lot of things but make up is not something that you can learn only from 3 hours then become pro so I suggest them to keep practicing! So the skill will become better and better! ^_^

I brought so many types of products and explained to them the difference and how to use itI also brought my japanese magazine so they can have inspiration.. And also everyone can put false eyelashes so YEAY~

I know for beginners fake eyelashes is a nightmare cos it's so difficult. But I am the master of it LOL No no, just kidding
But seriously, it's so easy la so I dont see reason why you cant do it!

Most of people, or can I say everyone? like 99% ? Whom I taught how to use it, can wear it instantly! And they say that they never thought it would be that easy

Though lower lashes is a challenge yeah.. But upper lash is very easy o.o

We also had lunch session so I chatted with them until they had to go! It's so fun and I am so blessed that it's almost a full class! 1 person cancelled on the day. And 2 persons cancelled before hand because of sudden appointments.. But still full, consists of 19 persons from 20 limited seat. so HORRAYYY ^0^)/

Oh anyway, here are some pics of before and after from the participants!

Im sorry cannot publish everyone, but at least it's half of them! ^0^

I am so happy because the class involved contouring and highlighting technique to make the face looks more 3 dimensional. And more glowing in healthy way!! You can see that the after result they have some glow on face right!! 8D

I am happy to see they become prettier yay~

I hope more and more girls will dress up and love make up more. If everyone dress up, then we can go to the mall with make up and no one will stare at us like we're alien. Know what I mean? xD

The goodie bags they received from Menard!! They received skincare from Menard worth thousands of rupiah, so nothing to lose. Got skincare, got food, and got class XD

Everyone looks so happy with Menard <3

And Menard is very kind to sponsor 2 door prizes as well for best make up!
It's very difficult to choose them but in the end I did it. I picked them because their make up application is very neat!!

With 2 million worth of products from Menard!!!!

I also want!!!

Consists of Tsukika Skin Care Set, that's supposed to brighten up your skin! It includes cleansing cream and facial wash, as well as massage cream to have skin brighter and suppler!

She also got menard eyelash curler and mascara, as well as lip brush and lip treatment for better lip condition!! I love Menard skincare ^3^

Now her skin will be better~

Close up of her look

Also another winner to win the set of 2 million products worth from Menard!!

Eyes got bigger after make up right!

All in all I was very happy that everyone became very pretty after the class. I hope everyone also enjoyed the class and know the correct way to do their make up

I think I will be making 5th Beauty Class soon for Bandung!!

Who's from Bandung XDDDD 

But I need to go for survey first. To see which place suits the class best
I was supposed to go to Bandung this sunday with my friends, they're willing to drive me there T^T)/ <3
But some cannot join so I think I'll go there next week instead.. I will obviously publish more details on my blog when it's ready!!

So bye bye guys, see you on my next post

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  1. the first winner best make up really looks so different after the make up XD~
    looks so elegant :D

  2. Smoga next time ada beauty class di sby aku bs ikutan stel ^^ hihi