Review : Aqua Doll Wig

March 18, 2013

How many of you are waiting for this post? ^.^

It's a review about my latest Japanese wig from Aqua Doll!
When I went to Japan, a friend of mine named Kayo wore Aqua Doll. I have also heard about this brand a lot! In fact I think it's more popular than brightlele..
The price is also slightly more expensive.. 

Because of curiosity, and I want to have a natural color wig because sometimes I want to get natural make up. So I got this one~!

Original Aqua Doll wig came with their original box. Inside they store your wig with net, and also you'll receive pamphlet how to take care of wig [in japanese though] and hair net!

The wig that I ordered this time is this style = 

Medium length wave wig.. I chose LB color. It's dark chocolate brown with reddish tone! I placed my order at Hazelnutz Cawaii, a trusted wig seller from Indonesia. The wig came very fast. Like this one came less than 10 days, and also my next wig [I placed another order of brightlele] came less than 7 days o___o

So I am very amazed with the service! 

Because this blog really wants to make the 'review'.. I take pictures with a lot of different lightings.. I obviously can photoshop the wig to look as natural as possible, and make it not fake.. Therefore I would look prettier right? lol

BUT, since it's a review and I always want to make it a thorough one, I dont find it's necessary.. What you see here is what you get too in real life

Not cos I am lazy in photoshop XD

So AquaDoll, is a synthetic wig. But since it's made in Japan, it's made from their japanese synthetic viber so it is also very light and easy to use! The comfort point is same with Brightlele. I dont feel like my head is hot at all when wearing this wig. 

It stretches easily and fits on head perfectly so it doesnt hurt when you wear it for a long time

But still, since it's synthetic wig, it looks fake under harsh flash lighting. Here's the comparison anyway =

without flash

with flash

without flash

with flash

Do you see the difference?
The shine can be reduced a little by patting some baby powder on synthetic wig though. But still.. I think dark color also looks more fake compared to light color for wig. 

Therefore I recommend you to avoid harsh flash when you're in dark place

with flash

without flash

But still, if you are good in photography, or you have friend who's good, By adjusting the correct lighting and such, you will be able to lessen the shine like what I did here =

The pic is taken with flash, but it's less fake than before, right?
So it's back again with your photography skill lol

BUT, if you only take pic with phone, the wig looks pretty natural. I often take selca with my front camera of my phone, and it looks pretty okay. Just, avoid flash as much as possible, because it's synthetic

I personally recommend Brightlele more, because it is less shiny than Aqua Doll, and brightlele doesn't tangle as easy as Aqua Doll. Not that Aqua Doll is not good, but considering that it's slightly more expensive and more shiny, Brightlele is a better choice

Therefore I have ordered another brightlele wig again hahaha!

Okay so that's all!
I hope now you have idea about the quality of Aqua Doll Wig!

And if you want to buy any japanese wig, you can go to Hazelnutz Cawaii and pick whatever style or shade that you want ^.^

I do not recommend cheap china wig because it is more shiny than japanese wig, much much more shiny.. AND it hurts a lot when you wear it for a long time ><; Also feels hot lol
if you have budget, get the quality of japanese wig! ^^

See you on my next post~!

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  1. You are so pretty in that wig Stella!! I really like your blog! It's clean and simple and so easy to navigate! Great work <3

    ~Amanda Heinz

  2. Haha yea but I think I suit blonde more?? XD
    I got that wig just for an image change a while lol

    Thank you for loving my blog! visiting ur blog~

  3. cocok bgt wig nya d kamu n make up nya juga oke~
    mlah lbh suka wrn rmbut kamu kya gini :D
    looks so fresh n pretty of course <3

  4. So pretty! I love how the curls are so big and fluffy. XD

  5. it looks natural on you :D very pretty!

    ❁【s ᴜ s ɪ ᴇ v ɪ ʙ ᴇ s】❁

    p.s. Come join my big giveaway! ;D

  6. I don't know if it's just me, but I think it looks so fake lol..
    Maybe I'm just not into wig..

    U're prettier on your own hair, Stel..
    At least I think so lol..

    Oh and I like your ash colored hair better :P

  7. It's beauty :)

    The light isdoes not light up such a big difference. Some even natural hair glisten when the lamp :)

  8. Haha really.. A lot of people say they prefer me blonde lol

  9. yes it's just wave so it's very natural XDD

  10. hahaha yea some say i look better with blonde
    i prefer my natural hair too but i cant do much with it atm so yeah lol

  11. waah kapan-kapan bikin tutorial Photoship boleh tuh kak ^^ haha. nice wig tho, itu ada yang warna pink lucu deh :o ga pernah tertarik beli wig yang warna-warna aneh gitu ya kak? haha

  12. Thank you so much! I love you in blonde ^-^

  13. Thanks to you, I discovered Hazelnutz. I will be ordering one soon. I love wigs (and I just moved to Jakarta --- easier for me to order, yay!).

  14. Wow, i really like your blog! The wigs looks really good on you !!! Where do you usually buy your wigs? Cuz i buy mine at they have pretty good Japanese wigs for a lower price too!