Japan Day 17 : A Night at Menard Aoyama Resort

March 28, 2013

yahoooo~ Stella's here~! 
Gosh, it feels such a long time already since I came to Menard Aoyama Resort, though it's only been 2 month. I miss Japan, sometimes lol Being piled up with homeworks and jobs make me kinda forget how it felt in Japan so when looking back at the photos I feel 'awww' again T___T

Best holiday ever!

And so I really wish to bring you into my own journey as well. Let's head out to Day 17, at night! :D

After finished making cosmetics, we headed out to the hotel to change into yukata and had dinner!! Emi-san asked whether we would like to get dinner first or onsen but we were pretty hungry so we decided to get to eat first! 

The scenery of Menard Aoyama Resort area is very dreamy. I have never seen snow as much as it before [obviously] and it's pretty clean and white, like what I always imagine of!
I only know snow from children's storybook and it's always so dreamy T___T

Childhood dream mission's accomplished!! 

So here's the highlight!! *-*
Japanese hotel/Ryokan usually had their price along with dinner! And you can pick whether you want to get Japanese or Western one. I told Emi-san obviously I would die to get the japanese one! XD

And no need to die, I got it lol

Mind you it's just the appetizer ok.. 
See the long list in front of me? It's all the food that's coming, and it's for me only!!! 

My face was like O____O

Ater changed to Yukata that's provided by the hotel, we went to the restaurant and got inside the private room to get our dinner! The restaurant was pretty lovely because it's very traditional and japanese-like~! Something that I always only dreamed of T___T As I only knew it from manga or drama T___T


It's Umeshu!! Means sake plum!
Usually sake is not that tasty but umeshu is made for women so it is very very very tasty and sweet!!
You can mix it with soda too.. But i didn't finish it on that day, will tell you a bit more later

Here's the appetiser!! It's made very beautifully and elegantly!! 
Emi-san told us that Japanese Traditional Food [Washoku] is in fact very beautiful and coordinated very well. They play with colors, shape, and taste..

Inside the orange, they have salmon roeeee~~ Madness!!
And the small raddish is made from the real raddish, they decorated it to make the mini size with another veggies on top *___*

Freaking creative~!! 

And inside the glass, I thought it's chawanmushi, but Emi-san said "just eat, I will tell you what it is later"

And I know something's fishy so I gave it to her lol

Ce Winny ate and said "it's delicious stella, are you sure you dont want?"

And I was "yes" because I had bad feeling hahaha..

Turned out on top of it is brain or testis.. -_-" I kinda forgot but I remembered it's disgusting lol
I kinda forgot but Emi-san said that it's very good for men's vitality kinda thing..

And I was like, yea I will not eat it seriously.. T^T; never in my life
Glad I didn't!

Had each pot for us for shabu-shabu~!

SASHIMIIIIIII~~~~~~ <3 <3 <3

It's sooo fresh and very chewy and after this I can never look at sashimi the same way anymore..
The real japanese sashimi is very fresh, clean, and delicious. Enough to say, you just need to come and eat by yourself to know the real taste T___T

Bye bye sushi tei!!

Fish for shabu-shabu~

Beef steakkk~~~!!!!

More veggies for healthy dinner~!

And even they served us Matsuzaka Beef!!!! And it's freaking GINORMOUS!! With sakura carrot, cant be cuter duh!

I knew it from Shintaro-nii before. He asked, "do you know Kobe beef?"

I replied "yes, it's the most expensive beef from Japan right?"

Shin-nii laughed "yes, but there's another one that's most expensive. It's matsuzaka beef?"

I was in silent.. And Matsuzaka that I knew is only Matsuzaka sensei from Crayon Shinchan -_-"
Therefore I asked again "have you ever eaten it Shin-nii, Maki-san?"

They said that it's too expensive so they never did it



lotsa lotsa thanks to Menard Japan team because I could eat it. It's like one of the most expensive meal I have ever got in my entire life. I wont mention the price, you'll die of heart attack. Tthe most expensive meal that I ate happened to be in Japan too. But it's on another day. Wont blog about it though.. 

It's an asian french restaurant!! Didnt see the price cos someone paid it for me [I know, I am so lucky!!!] But Shintaro-nii said that the restaurant is freaaaaaaakiiiinnggggg expensive, the area, the restaurant, and the choice of menu.. I dont know area in Japan la haha.. it's just what he said.. He didnt tag along though, I just told him at home
I am sure that night's dinner price, was like 4 months my lunch meal -_-

And Menard's dinner is 3 months lunch meal.. Probably T_T

But here's the unlucky me, and I know i know, I want to kill myself too

I got sick, suddenly..

Ce Winny told me that probably I got masuk angin.. Indonesian typical flu lol
But I kept enduring it, because it happened just suddenly, like in the middle of dinner. And I had to shove everything inside my mouth la, because they have prepared it for me T___T 

And when I ate the matsuzaka beef, I couldn't even feel the taste..

Never in my whole life I was sick and had no appetite.. I felt sick and ce Winny ran to her room to bring me Tolak Angin. Telling you, foreigner readers.. It's like magical medicine from Indonesia la lol 

So I drank it.. And 5 minutes later, I ran to the toilet to vomit

And I felt better after threw up, I could eat again, though it's still tasteless
Y'know, some say that you need to vomit to get it better
And sure it did.. I almost vomited half way but managed to went to toilet. Since I felt obliged for the dirt that I threw up, I cleaned the toilet for 15 minutes to make sure it's sparkling clean again.. 
Lucky no one's there otherwise it would look freaking gross T__T

I though it's probably because of I wore thin clothes, although in fact I wore like 4 layers -_-"

But then, I was probably too exhausted as well.. As I never really had a trip this long before. I knew I was in Taiwan for 1 month as well, but it's for studying.. While in Japan I played from day to night almost EVERYDAY!!! And it's my first winter

So I kept apologizing for being sick, to everyone in the world T____T
for not being able to try out the matsuzaka beef completely T_______T

I also couldnt drink my umeshu T____T

All I could eat completely are only = 

warm miso soup

And their DESSERTS ~ <3

ALL Japanese desserts are totally heavenly delicious !!! I mean, it's not to sweet, just perfect!!! I craved to eat it again!! 
the pudding was miraculously very fresh and tasty. And OH GOD, I NEVER ATE A VERY TASTY FRUIT LIKE THAT BEFORE~!!!

Cant get it in indonesia, and i think it's traditional fruit that's quite pricey and difficult to get!!!
Forgot the name, will ask Emi-san.. But it's very late when I am typing this blogpost so prob later lol

Was getting a little better, and I could take pic with the food!!

I ate 3 fruits all by myself!!! Ce Winny and Emi-san gave it to me!! And I also got the pudding again!!
It's enough for meee T___T

Freaking delicious~~~!!!

I want to eat it again....
ほんとうにたべたいよ〜 T___T

All the food... Mine wasn't finished .__.

So I asked whether i could pack my food and bring to my room so I could eat it during midnight when I felt better. But japanese rules are very strict so we couldnt. But we could pack some onigiri at bento

And I apologize for my behaviour.. But I put some matsuzaka beef inside the bento box when the staff left [no no, Emi-san and ce Winny knew la] so I didn't feel much guilty...

Ce Winny wanted to head out for onsen after that, but I wanted to sleep earlier as I was so tired.. So my night ended like that

Anyway, here's the cute japanese staff that helped us!!

I dont know if this cuteness in Japan is considered normal.. Just a waitress but she looks cuter than us!! It's as if ce winny and I took pic with an artist =_=
I know I didnt put make up on that night, but still..

Beware of Japanese girls cuteness! If you come to Japan, make sure you dress up as well! lol

And here's the stylish woman from Japan hahaha!! ^.^

We had a lot of fun on that night though. Chatting about Indo-Japan, and Emi-san said she loved Kedondong Juice.. Shame on me I never even try kedondong hahaha

It's traditional fruit from Indo btw, in case you dunno!

Okay~! Head back to my room and take a rest!!
Stay tuned for Japan day 18, and I hope you're hungry

Please dont kill me.. For Matsuzaka beef case



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  1. Normal sih km gmpg sakit stel, first winter and your first longest vacation.. aihh what a really nice trip ^.^

  2. How cute & I love presentation of most Japanese foods. It looks just like the pictures/menu.


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  4. Uuuuu, seeing the snow piled up and the Yukata makes me want to cryyy. すぐに日本に行きたい~

  5. なくないだよ〜 >_<

  6. hehehe iyaaa.. :(
    you should go to japan too one dayyy~