Review : OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand

March 11, 2013

It's been a while since I did nail polish review! It's because I often neglect my nails because I often played with paints to do my homework [I am art design in case you dunno lol]

But recently I have less and less projects about painting so it's time to play again with my nails~

When I browsed around, I found out that OPI has released a new collaboration with Mariah Carey, and what's interesting is they have new formula called liquid sand. Means you dont have to use top coat because they can dry very fast and has textures like sand when it's dry..

I rushed to put this into my shopping cart because I am very interested. So here it is~

The mini set comes in 4 travel mini bottle. It covers 4 shades from Mariah Carey Collection, which you can also buy the full size if you want.. The shades featured are Get Your Number, Can't Let Go, The Impossible, and Stay the Night!

All are in liquid sand formula and very Mariah-Carey-like! Talking about the glitters and bold colours!

I personally love to get mini bottle first, because OPI nail polish last for quite a while. And if I do like the individual color, then I will try to get the full size. Though mostly I own nude colors for full size because it's more versatile lol

But the colors are so pretty!! You can check the picture below!

That's how it looks on my nails. I am always impressed because the colors that OPI offer are exactly like what the bottle colors look like. And it only took me 2 coats to get this colour. Moreover, no top coat needed too~

Let's check the color one by one!

Get Your Number is a glittery blue color with yellow-green sparkles. It reminds me of galaxy and has such a beautiful color that can be used even for one coat only. One coat will give you a light blue color, while 2nd coat will get your darker blue. The color is very bright and brings skin complexion nicely

Can't Let Go gives dark purple color with glitter as well, which reminds me of galaxy as well due to the dark and beautiful color. But it will go well with dark purple smokey eyes. The color is very sexy and sultry, gives mature feeling to your whole look!

The Impossible is very bright red color with black and white shimmer to compliment the colour. It is very bold and perfect to match with black dress as it also has some black shimmers on it. Your nails will stand out, obviously.. 

Stay the Night is the likewise of The Impossible. It is black nail polish with red shimmers, and it is very perfect for night out party! It kinda has gothic and rock feeling as well, and very cool. Personally I find that this color is very unique and well-made! I love how the liquid sand gives 3D effect so the black color doesnt look flat

And these are the whole colors. Which one is your favorite?
I love Get Your Number the most, and followed by Stay The Night. These colors are so beautiful and I love how they come in liquid sand so it gives texture on nails. When you stroke the nails, you can fell it's kinda like sand..

Also, it makes the nail polish last longer than regular nail polish. But the bad point is, it's difficult to remove haha!!

I will obviously wear this collection for party or night out with my friends.. They are gorgeous!!

I got this set from Rasquez , for Rp 150.000 per set. I think it's quite affordable to get OPI, as you only need 2 coats approximately to get the bold color. Also OPI is very high quality nail polish brand and I always trust this brand ever since xD

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