Japan Day 15 : Kyoto Part 2

March 12, 2013

First picture is random girls walking in Kyoto with their furisode. Artistic or not~

I dont know if anyone are still interested with my Japan Post or not. Please hang on.. I am about to finish, less than 10 posts and I am catching up!

I was still in Kyoto, it's on the same day! After visited Kiyomizu Temple, we went to get lunch. Shintaro-nii and Maki-san found a great kyoto traditional food from a friend, and we headed there because we were very hungry!

Price for lunch set is only 1200 Yen. At night should be expensive. And Shintaro-nii told me it's very cheap because usually washoku [Japanese fine dining] costs you very expensive.. And food that we ate could be like 3000 Yen.. 

I had been very adjusted to Japanese price after 2 weeks.. Therefore I think the price is not bad! We got set of appetizer, rice, and our own choice of meat!

I picked fish~ 

The japanese salad appetizer lol looks very gross but taste is ok!
Shintaro and Maki are very surprised because I always eat everything and like anything, except spicy food, but spicy food in Japan is not spicy so it's ok lol
I cannot even eat indomie's spicy powder, so that's how bad i tolerate chili.. But in Japan, spicy is not spicy lol

Therefore I can eat everything.. I can live there lol

Got miso soup too~

The rice is cooked on a pan and burned I think, IDK la.. I think it's similar to nasi bakar in Indonesia? But less oil!
Taste good, I dont care what and how it is made lol #fail-trying-as-a-food-blogger

Found beautiful spot so just camwhored lol
Kyoto is very traditional.. Similar to Yogyakarta i think.. We wandered around the city by walking to see some shops after that before headed to the next place

3rd Visit in Kyoto is Kinkaguji!!

Kinkakuji is a Budhist Temple that's made from GOLD~
Unfortunately we cannot come inside.. But tourists are welcomed to see it from far away lol
The temple is built near the lake.. Surrounded by beautiful garden and scenery

Nothing much at temple.. Just more small temples and garden.. 
We kinda felt sleepy at that time because we had good lunch, and who doesnt feel sleepy after that? LOL

Up close with the temple~
I wonder how many golds used to build it. And it's sparkling clean~ Still looks fresh although it's been there for hundred years! They really take care of their old buildings ^_^

4th Visit is Ryoanji~!

Yes more temples, because that's the only attraction in Kyoto lol like in Indonesia when I was in Junior High School, I went to Yogyakarta for study tour and we visited Candi Candi and Candi to learn History la lol

So it's basically same..

Just, in Japan.. All the temples are still very clean and treated nice..
Indonesia has so many historical and beautiful buildings but we kinda abandon it.. Such a waste.. I hope government and citizens will take care about them from now on..

Candi Borobudur has been kicked out from 7 wonders of world because of it too.. Boo~ T_T

So we went inside the temple. Because the main attraction is inside the temple.. But camwhored a little because inside is very traditional

Okay, so this is the main attraction

A garden!!

Full of. . . .



Yes at first I was like "dafuq????" But then I read the description and Shintaro-nii also explained to me, that there's hidden meaning between the garden full of rocks and stones.. The garden is called zen garden and it's very wide so you cannot take picture of it on a single frame

They have small pieces of white rocks to cover the garden.. And position the big heavy rocks with a strange and abstract line

There's no real theory about what's the meaning of zen garden, but many theories regarding this is about universe or world, and how world goes. Represent islands or what. Many many things, and no one can tell you the real answer

What they know is it is designed by a monk from the temple.. And is believed you can have positive energy after been there for a while. A LOT of people claim it's true and can spend like a whole day just sitting on the corner of the garden and do nothing!

Here's the quote of Shintaro-nii

"It is not a simple or ordinary garden. If people dont think it's useful and give them energy, they wouldnt come back and this place wouldn't be a tourist place, right"

He sure has a point lol Maki-san, his wife, loves loves this garden very much and can stay there just looking at the garden for a whole day..

I tried sitting there for like 10 minutes while thinking it's kinda a hoax.. I told you I was very sleepy and tired after all the travels right. But after 30 minutes just sitting there and looking at the garden, I dont know why I also feel more powerful as if I get my energy back o.o

They say this garden is very mythical and has power.. Well, in any country especially in Asia, it does happen lol

Before dinner, we went to a place that's full of Maiko! When you heard about Japan, especially Kyoto, you will also know about GEISHA~

Maiko is level before becoming geisha. Means they dress up in kimono and put the white face make up, sing and dance traditional song including playing shamisen, to entertain guests.. They need years to become full time geisha.. It is very expensive to get Maiko, and very rare. So we came to the area [forgot the street name sorry] and hunted to take Maiko's picture

And my camera died...


I brought 3 batteries just in case, but all are out of battery


I dunno if I can be more stupid than that or not.. But it's like, very difficult la to take maiko at night, with full speed, with only my phone!!

I need my DSLR!! ;_;

But I still tried my best to catch them!!

Blur T__________T

But Shintaro-nii said that we're very lucky to be able to get a glimpse of Maiko because even local people cannot really see them as they're very rare. Also they only walk for a few meters before going inside taxi so yeah..

We saw like 5/6 maiko's before heading back to Nagoya to eat dinner with Maki-san's family.. They said I was very lucky cos I could see that many too!

Well okay..

After all I am still lucky to be able to visit Kyoto :D

Grateful for everything!!

Bye bye kyoto~!!

Next is GIFU! 

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