My Make Up Transformation

March 27, 2013

Sometimes I feel like I am lying to this world by changing my appearance

When I have put on my wig [or it used to be, styling my hair] and dolled up my face, I became a completely different person

It's like I have 2 characters inside of me lol

But, I am never afraid to show both sides. Ugly and pretty ^.^ I embrace both of it because afterall, it's still me..

I just find it's fun, to get this picture lol

So here you go~

somehow it's inspired by chinese girls pics too LOL

Here's how you read it =
1. Bare face
2. Apply face products
3. Eyebrow & Contouring Face + Circle Lens
4. Eye Make Up
5. False eyelashes~!!
6. Blush on & Lips!
7. Completed with hair!
8 & 9. Camwhore with nice angle

So yeah.. Just want to say that everything in this world is enhanced lol
If I can do it, so can you LOL

Make up and dress up are like playing doll la, but the doll is real, that's yourself! 

But since I posted so many bare face pictures of mine, I dont think it's quite shocking for old readers :X

And no no, I do not become like that everyday lol

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  1. "But, I am never afraid to show both sides. Ugly and pretty ^.^ I embrace both of it because afterall, it's still me.." I like this line. You look pretty even without makeup, and you look like a doll on the after photo and on your profile pic. :) I've never tried ulzzang/gyaru makeup, I wonder how would I look like.

  2. Lie lor both side beautiful, just one side not fabulous lol btw you look prettiest at step 4, your face is so small like baby's ><

  3. so am i, when i put the make-up on, it looks different...
    anyway u still look good, ur face is small and cute. :)

  4. You have a huge pretty eyes^^ Cantik koq stel before n afternya

  5. haha.. i just think that by doing make up, it feels like i change to a new life. Though seriously, I really love my lazy mode as well..~

    TRY la, it really changes your face!! ^.^

  6. haha step 4 without lashessssss ><
    not really small i think it's normal lol kinda sharper after RF treatment tho! thank you!!

  7. that's the fun part right~ we transform yeehaa 8D
    is it? I really think it's normal! ><

  8. duuh... u're too nice la haha.. awalnya apaan itu *tusuk2 picnya*

    yeah i think im also pretty lucky that i have big eyes naturally >< cos most of chinese have small eyes ~ lol

  9. Tanpa make up pun manizzz kok. Yg ini pake wig apa? Bikin riviewnya dunk

  10. Tanpa make up pun manizzz kok. Yg ini pake wig apa? Bikin riviewnya dunk

  11. Sabrina TedjokusumaMarch 28, 2013 at 12:13 AM

    Steeell... My mom suka fotomu yang nomer 2 :p :)

  12. AIYOOOOOO how come ur mom knows me hahaha!!!

    eh how come la.. it's only BB Cream to be honest, that almost means no make up =.=

  13. Hee hee! I have much the same transformation (except for wig).

  14. tanpa makeup jg km uda cantik stel... envyyyyy xD

  15. haha!! i think most of people who use gyaru make up, change XD

  16. You're beautiful neither way , love it <3 <3 ^^

  17. I think you look lovely! Everyone feels they look very different or plain without any make-up on. I admire you for showing your bare face, everyone gets nervous. ^^

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, I hope you can post about it!

  18. I think you're beautiful either way (as cheese as it sounds) :)

  19. You're still beautiful without make up dear ^-^ also love your transformation, so dolly :3

  20. Thank you very much for this post Stella!!(*^▽^)ノ
    This encourages me to keep striving and learn more about makeup and reminds me that makeup is like a game and have to be fun to do it hehe.
    I just love this frase of yours: "But, I am never afraid to show both sides. Ugly and pretty ^.^ I embrace both of it because afterall, it's still me.." Thank you so much!!
    Hope you are having a really pretty day! Take care!!(n__n)
    Greetings from nyan dany´s blog!♥

  21. yeah i know, i wanna let them know too that it's still both sides of us so there's really nothing to hide XD

    thank you for the award!

  22. yes it's just simply a game!! it's supposed to be fun! ^.^

    haha.. yes, if you dont love your bare face, you won't love your self completely :D let's be confidence lol

  23. I have so much respect for you after reading this post. Not everyone has the courage to post pictures online of what they look like without makeup on! Kudos for you Stella! I for one am still slightly scared to show people what I look like without makeup on, one day I would like to be like you! Thank you for inspiring me!

    ~Amanda Heinz

  24. I often do that ><

    Everyone used to say 'ah I cant be like you', or that.. I want to show, that I am a very normal girl.. And everyone can change to look better ^^

    Girls have more privilege to dress up than boys, so we have to take advantage of it 8D play around with dress and make up~ <3

    Yes, slowly but surely you can do it, Amanda! ^_^
    Good luck