My Make Up Transformation

March 27, 2013

Sometimes I feel like I am lying to this world by changing my appearance

When I have put on my wig [or it used to be, styling my hair] and dolled up my face, I became a completely different person

It's like I have 2 characters inside of me lol

But, I am never afraid to show both sides. Ugly and pretty ^.^ I embrace both of it because afterall, it's still me..

I just find it's fun, to get this picture lol

So here you go~

somehow it's inspired by chinese girls pics too LOL

Here's how you read it =
1. Bare face
2. Apply face products
3. Eyebrow & Contouring Face + Circle Lens
4. Eye Make Up
5. False eyelashes~!!
6. Blush on & Lips!
7. Completed with hair!
8 & 9. Camwhore with nice angle

So yeah.. Just want to say that everything in this world is enhanced lol
If I can do it, so can you LOL

Make up and dress up are like playing doll la, but the doll is real, that's yourself! 

But since I posted so many bare face pictures of mine, I dont think it's quite shocking for old readers :X

And no no, I do not become like that everyday lol

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