Japan Day 17 : Menard Beauty Trip Starts~

March 20, 2013

Hello~! Finally we reached a post where I experienced Beauty Trip with Menard Japan!! 

I am a loyal user of Menard [though only a few months la lol] but I knew their skincare is amazing so I have been using it for a while and many of you also notice that my skin is getting much better right? ^.^

I admit it's not perfect, but it's about improvement~! 

So, Menard Japan and Indonesia offered their hospitality to treat me for beauty trip for a few days while I was in Japan. Being a beauty lover who's very interested about how it works in Japan, I agreed! 

So after many days in Tokyo and trip with Shintaro-nii and Maki-san around Kyoto, Gifu, Ise, and such, I went to Nagoya and Mie Area to experience the trip!! <3

Beware of many pictures!!! 
This is only part 1 btw lol

We stayed at Hotel Trusty Nagoya for a night before moved to Menard Aoyama Resort. Because we would be visiting the Laboratory in Nagoya first! ^.^

The hotel was very cozy and had good service. Also got free breakfast!

To be honest, first time trying Hotel food in Japan, I can totally say that food on street and restaurants are much better lol

So if you happen to get a trip to Japan.. Dont bother with hotel food, get out and eat ramen on the street instead XD

We were then picked up by Menard Japan Team to visit the Laboratory. Ce Winny from Menard Indonesia flied to Nagoya just to accompany me <3 She's such a sweet heart..

And then I think she has a really great job. She can fly to Japan for free because she works for Japanese company XDDD

Then I was thinking why I dont work for them too in the future lol so I can come to japan for free lol
You also can lol  

Arrived! The laboratory was very very spacious and clean! Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of how it works inside because of hygiene issue. I only could take pic of first floor :'(

But I will be sharing about it later! 

Menard Staff!
from left to right = Emi-san [Japan], Ce Winny [Indonesia], Karaaki-san [Japan]

Menard staffs have very good skin, and you cant even guess how old Emi-san because her skin is in fact very very very healthy and clear, and much better than me!! Karaaki-san is also very beautiful *0*

They swear by Menard, it's the secret of their skin. And I was like "I also want~~~!!!" 

I want to grow up to a beautiful woman like them lol 

Then, I am sorry I forgot her name because when I first saw her I screamed "YAMADA YUU!!!"


Yamada Yuu is a very popular actress & model in Japan and she's married with Oguri Shun. Google her if you dunno. But Yamada Yuu is very beautiful and I love her so much. Then the Menard staff resembles Yamada Yuu a lot!

FYI, She doesn't even use a single make up and her skin is crystal clear already. Such a natural beauty *___*

I cannot stop looking at her when she's explaining how Menard works lol And I forgot her name because she reminds me of Yamada Yuu to much lol I am sorry *bows down*

So she guides us in laboratory and tells about how Menard products are made and such..

And these are some Menard products = 

Authent Cream from Menard which price is about 12 million rupiah @_@; or about 1300USD! It has stem cells to regenerates skin and won award in scientific nomination for skin care category if I am not wrong. So it's proven globally and top skin care from Menard. The stem cells promises to repair your skin faster and better.. 

I dont really understand how it works because it's so high tech lol but if you're interested you can ask more to Menard Indonesia directly

Tsukika Skincare, an affordable skin care from Menard lol around Rp 300.000 [30USD] if I am not mistaken per product. It's for brightening effect ~

And this is the range that I have been using. It's Lisciare! I fell in love instantly because of the scent and the pink packaging XD

By the time I was in Japan, Lisciare hasn't arrived in Indonesia yet. Because it's new. So for months using it, I got it from Japan.. But now they're available already in Indonesia so I really recommend it XD 

I use a whole set and it does wonder on my skin!! 

More Menard products = 

So we there went around the laboratory but I wasn't allowed to take pictures because it's for hygiene issue and such.. But I know from my experience to Menard Laboratory, that hygiene is number one in their product. Also, they have each room for each division

Like there's perfume room. So it's where they make all the scents for menard products, and they're looking for the best combination and ingredients such as france rose or lily from east europe, or what. They're trying to get the best scent 

Also there's a make up test room, where they do review about the longevity, color, texture, and such.. It's like a blogger room hahaha.. Some of the staffs are even male and they have to put make up to test them out. So fun! The room is provided to make sure that they serve the best quality products before they sell it on market

There's also temperature room with high-tech machine to test the products will last on whatever temperature. Whether it's so hot like in Indo, or so cold like in.. Norway?
They want the products to be perfect in every temperature... Moreover, it also lets them to see about the expiration and it can last for months or even years to test one product o___o;

They work really hard.. After came to the laboratory, I trust Menard more!

As it's lunch time already and we were hungry, we left the Laboratory and went to eat lunch. It looks very small and ordinary for you in the picture, but let me tell you

Japanese food set is A LOT!!!!!

It's probably more than in Australia or countries that I have visited so far. Dunno about america size tho, never been there. But what I want to point out,

they serve food set with salad, soup, meats, noodle, rice, and such with a big amount, and it can feed 2 persons in Indonesia in fact

I dont really finish my food in Japan because it's a lot! And my friends know that I am such a big eater so in Japan I was defeated o_o

If you come to Japan, you can save money from lunch by dividing the food with ur friend anyway lol

I dont know how come with all these foods, Japanese girls still maintain to be very very skinny. I was considered chubby there [according to shintaro lol] while in Indo I was skinny enough. Or so I think lol ?

I guess it's because of ocha and all the walk? 

After that we went for 2 hours train ride to Mie perfecture to visit Menard Aoyama Resort

Menard is so big in Japan to the point it has their own resort to pamper their customers o.o It's very desolated from outside world and takes very long time to go there, because they make it kinda "Sharingla-like" lol

Which means not everyone can come there.. Because it's difficult
So if someone has come there, people will go "OMG you go there???!!!"

To show the exclusivity lol


More info About Menard Aoyama Resort HERE

It's located on mountain, and Menard has two mountains alone just to build the resort. So rich one lol

It's freaking cold because it's mountain area, and Mie Area is very cold compared to Tokyo. Therefore it's covered with snow completely.. I almost died when I stepped snow, soooo freezingggg

Arrived at the Resort to check in and put our luggage. Then I saw news in Japan, Tsubasa Masuwaka divorced her husband lol

In fact Menard Resort has a lot of different types of hotels, and I thought I would be staying at Japanese style. But Emi-san told me that it's under renovation T^T

My room~~~!!!!

It has two beds, such a waste. In fact I can stay with Ce Winny too.. >.<

And in fact I was allowed to bring a friend to come along. I asked Maki-san but she had job T_T And Tina & the others also had job and school so yeah.. 

Obviously I did not ask Shintaro-nii LOL !!!!

The amenities were ALL Menard products and skincare!

Bath up inside the another room!

And here are sceneries outside my room *0* =


A scenery that I could only see on movie or picture. I HAVE been there~~!!! T___T <3

So we had activity to do after this! 
We were going to make make up! XD

Since it's a beauty trip, what do you expect XDD

They offered service where you could make your own make up, so we drove there by car to go to the activity area. The road was covered by snow so we had to go there slowly cos it might be slippery >.<

A picture that wont be able to be taken in South East Asia area T___T

We had to register and walk like 5 minutes to reach the place! 

Now I feel like in Canada [talk-as-if-have-been-there-lol]

It's so.. dreamy *__*

I wanted to take picture of me standing on snow!!! 

But dumb me because I never played snow [only saw one in Gifu] so I thought it would be hard and strong enough to support my body

But in fact it's softtttt.. So my legs were trapped LOLOL

Tried to get out but very difficult cos get trapped.. Very freezing also lol

I think I have played snow more than enough for my life lol I dont want anymore lol
I wont come again in winter LOL

Emi-san said that during summer-fall, the snow area would be changed to lavender garden and it's soooo beautiful, and many people came to have wedding too there

Ce Winny and I checked for the price of wedding and in fact it's same price with in Indo o.o

So when I was at home I asked mom whether I could get wedding there ya lol And my mom was like.. "Who's gonna come to Japan for you?" and "... You dont even have boyfriend yet"


Ok moving on, we went inside to make make up! I picked lipstick and ce Winny picked blush on! :D

The room was very cozy and clean. We had to clean our hands with special soap by Menard to disinfect all the bacterias, and we also wore apron! 

Then the staff accompanied us and taught us about how to make it.. Each of us had our individual teacher~!

We then swiped some basic colors and decided what color we wanted to make. We're free to mix the colors and I tried my best to get the perfect natural shade! 

Now I look like the-real-beauty-blogger? lol

So mixed some ingredients with correct way and amount to the glass, and heat the pan. The ingredients used are for moisture and gloss, so it would be easy to apply on lips! Then place the glass on top of it so all the ingredients would be mixed up well~

 I picked citrus sent for my lipstick anyway!! Cos I love fresh scent! :D

And then mixed some colors altogether to get my own personal colour!

First experience making cosmetic, and it's in Japan too XD Do I look pro ? lol

After finished mixing everything, then they removed the bubbles and bacterias with high-tech machine. 

When it's done, I must quickly pour it on the empty pan and it should be done perfectly or the shape would be bad or it would spill up or it would dry out already..

I was so nervous!!! X___X;; Because they said it's very difficult to get the perfect pour lol

Tried carefully!!! 

But in the end I did it!! 

The staffs complimented me because it's very good! XD

I still had some left-over so I make second lipstick and gave it to Maki-san as souvenir when I reached home ^0^
I thought of giving it to my mom too, but she hates natural lip colour so I dont bother haha

After that, we placed the lipstick on the transparent packaging, and sealed it with Menard Aoyama Resort Sticker. We also placed sticker about the date it's made for expiration reminder!

My own lipstick~~!!! There's only, 2 in this world lol

I didn't try it because I was wearing my shu uemura lipstick on that day so Emi-san and Ce winny tried it and they said it's a perfect colour!! LOL I am genius 8D mwahahha

Picture with the staff at last!

I had so much fun with Menard with their beauty trip!! And I love the experience of making cosmetic here! I know it's a very simple prochedure and if Menard or other big brands make the lipstick, it would be much more complicated haha

must not waste my lipstick from now on!!!

It was such a joyful experience, thank you Menard for bringing me there~! The trip is not over yet, so please anticipate for the next post ^0^

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  1. Ini yang aku tunggu-tunggu ^^. Penasaran sama Menard Resort-nya...hahahah... Dan itu lipstick, tiada duanya ya Ste...bikin sendiri, campur2 warna sendiri...love it...:)

  2. iya seru banget XD
    kalo kamu nanti ke jepang, coba datang yah bikin lipsticknya menard ^.^

  3. seru bgt tel kyaaaa >.<
    trus itu km ga dingin pake short gituuu?
    aku msi bingung mau pake baju ky gmn ntar tel pas k seoul T.T

  4. stel, pake short segitu dan hanya 2 lapis stocking apa g kurang tebel? looks so cold.

    i envy! best experience! asik ya bisa buat warna kita sendiri, limited, hihi

  5. tetep dingin, but i cant fit into the new jeans that I bought from F21 in japan T.T I bought the fukubukuro so I cant try, turn out it's too long for me argh..

    ntar kan pas di seoul udah anget, udah spring cece XD

  6. yeah supposed to get more layers lol;

    hehe iya seru banget di resortnya ^.^

  7. wah looks so fun T______T been following your japan posts and every new post coming my heart hurts why everything is so perfect in japan ;______; you're really lucky!!^-^
    pemandangan di resortnya bagus banget ci T____T pas salju aja bagus gimana kalo ditutupi lavender :'''D btw japan has such high standard for female body type haha

  8. what a great experience :D
    pemandangan resortnya kyk yg d komik" jepang gt ya hihi
    lipstik na jg keren keren bgt XD~

    (nymbung post kmrin, iy kyk na kmu lebih cocok blonde ya wkwkwk XD~)

  9. but menard is pricey >_<

  10. ;___;I feel you.. I also always envied people who came to japan.. Save money and come there one day ok! T^T

    Find cheap flight!! XD

    iyaaa pengen dateng pas summer lagi deh, bayangin itu smuanya jadi padang lavender, romantis abis *A*
    hahaha yes! japan women are very skinny!!!

  11. haha iyaaaa.. sbenernya pengen pasang lebih banyak tapi itu salju smua o3o kemana2 ama aja, pohon tinggi sama bukit salju wkwk

    LOL terima kasih

  12. Stem cell Stel, IT'S STEM CELL! *screaming o_O*

    Ah keren bisa buat make up sendiri >_< keren juga buatnya bisa bagus gitu

  13. ngomong2 kok ganti pake disquss?

  14. everything you've done in Japan seems so great stel >___< envyyy hehehe.. What a great opportunity, could have a partnership with Menard :D

  15. This post was so interesting and you look like you had a lot of fun!!

    I can't even believe you're considered chubby in Japan! I must be overweight then. T^T

    Were you not cold in those shorts? I've only been in the snow once and I was freezing! Oh well, at least you looked cute and your outfit was adorable! :D

  16. This looks like so much fun! Making your own lip color must have been really interesting!

    I can't believe you wore shorts and socks in the snow! My new hero *~*

  17. yea thanks for letting me know, but you dont have to scream o_<

    karena lebih rapi untuk komen di blognya.. tapi tetep bisa follow pake nuffnangx kok

  18. japan has high standarts of beauty i think. most of them are trying to achieve below 40kg's with same height with me o.o

    and slimming products are very big there.. shintaro doesn't say I'm fat or what, he just says 'youll look better if you lose a little' LOL

    freezing la lol

  19. haha yes! i never made one ^.^

    ermm.. it's cos i cant wear my long jean ._.; too long ><;

  20. Oh wow! Making lipstick? That is so beauty blogger! hahahaha~ It looks really pretty. Have you given it a name?

  21. ah snow~ wanna visit Japan too.....
    you're so lucky! anyway really love menard herb mask :D


  22. buat lisciare range harga nya berapaan yaa? lagi bingung sama skincare. ga ada yg cocok huhu. rencana mau coba shiseido atau menard.

  23. Cobain menard aja XD
    lisciare mulai dari 300ribuan kalo gak salah untuk pembersihnya

  24. Oh you've tried it? I have reviewed it on my blog and it's such a lovable product!! *0*

  25. Yes, beauty blogger achievement lol
    No I havent XDD but it's so fun.. I wonder if I can create my own make up too line too LOL

  26. kira2 berapa tuh ce biaya main kesitu? hihi

  27. wow, you're so lucky ce. bisa ke jepang, maen salju, beauty trip ke perusahaan besar pula. btw warna lipstiknya jadi bagus ce. :D


  28. Hi Stella, mau tanya harga menard di Japan and Indo beda jauh ga ya? selisih brapaan? thankss

  29. Do you mind telling me how many mm your curler is?? your curls look so nice!!