Ponds Polkadot Beauty Party Event

March 16, 2013


Hello everyone! This is a blog to share about Ponds Polkadot Beauty Party that was held like 2 weeks ago! I got the invitation on very last minutes, but managed to come with all my might because after all Ponds is the first brand that invites me as a 'beauty blogger'

Never forgets what someone has done in your life!

Remarking, my first beauty event visit of this year. As I have been very busy when I came back to Indo. So glad that I met the Ponds staff and my friends there!
So let's follow it!

The event was held at Ponds Institute, that's located in front of Kuningan City. Took me 1,5 hour to reach it but when I arrived, I was delighted to see beautiful decorations which was decorated by the Ponds Staff itself! 

It screams pastel, pink, and polkadots everywhere!

The first floor was transformed to a very homey and cozy lounge that allowed the guests to sit comfortably there. They have 2nd floor that's the treatment rooms, and I will talk about it later. But anyway, there are like 40-50 high school students from Jakarta, invited by Ponds to attend this event!

They're chosen from their high school to attend the event and had a fun beauty day with Ponds to let everyone aware of their beauty campaign. They're selected because they're active at their school so they can become the influencer inside their own school ^.^

But first of all, we were offered by so many sweets at Sweets Corner such as meringue, macarons, cupcakes, marshmallows, and such!! *0*
I always love attending Ponds event because they manage to make everything looks so cute, and the foods served are very very tasty! 

Lined my friend who didn't come on that day, said that the food was very good, and she was very upset to not come. TOLD YOU 8D

Since it's lunch time, obviously they also have buffet table to satisfy our stomach. I kinda give my diet a day off because the foods were, very good la T__T 
Not even guilty yet omg.. I ate so many meringue and macaron lol I love it!


Met my friend, Gabby! She's also invited yay~~!! Without her, the event will be boring xD
Anyway we go to same faculty at same university, and we lived nearby, so usually we happened to see each other a lot lol

Close up pic~
She just recently got her hair done to red, oh how I want that color but if I get red, it's difficult to go back to blonde again so, wig is ok wig is ok lol

Also met with ce Putri!! It's been so long that I saw her and I missed her a lot! Gabby, Ce Putri, and I talked to each other a lot on that day ~ She just cut her hair short and highlighted it blonde. Her hair is very amazing now!

Then the event was started! I recognized the women MC because apparently she's the one who hosted Ponds Pajama Party event last year too. I like her, she's so bubbly and lovable. The dress is very cute too! Glad she also still recognized me with my different hair lol

First of all, they mentioned about their current campaign, which is JANGAN SETENGAH-SETENGAH [dont do it halfway]
And there's also reason why they pick polkadot as the theme of this event. Polkadot is round and has perfect shape, so they want girls in Indonesia to start taking care of the face completely, in a whole!

It's because mostly teens in Indonesia don't know how to clean and treat face properly. They think that by washing face with facial wash is already enough. As you guys must have known, that followed by beauty routine such as moisturizing and sunblock is a must! 

I think it's very clever to link it cutely to polkadot. I would never thought of it before haha. But the campaign of JANGAN SETENGAH SETENGAH is very good. I know that in terms of beauty, there's only limited information and sources for teens. And not everyone knows how to treat their face. I also grew up with wrong skin care and make up application because no one taught me anything. So, kudos for Ponds to make this campaign! I hope Indonesian teens will be more educated about beauty in the future too!

As for the meaning of JANGAN SETENGAH SETENGAH , it also can be applied not only in beauty routine but also in the way we live. I personally feel when you put your heart and thought completely on a thing, you will definitely harvest good things in the future. Like skincare, right? :D

the meaning of JANGAN SETENGAH SETENGAH for me kinda matches my way of live as well. I dont like leaving things unfinished. Like for my blog, I always manage to give my all on photos and writings so the readers can enjoy some moment when reading my blog. Took me hours and even days to make a blog post but whenever a reader said they loved it, it erases the tired away :D

Also no matter how tired i am, I can NEVER sleep without cleansing my face with proper cleanser, and apply skin care products. I want good skin, and I dont have good genes so I have to work hard to achieve what I want. So JANGAN SETENGAH SETENGAH is very good. From now on, do your skin care routine completely xD

Anyway, the event had so many fun activities such as games, beauty talks, and music performance. First, they had a game to look for someone who did everyday treatment the most. They were made to make lines and queue according to how many treatment products they use each day!

I saw that the participants were very enthusiastic about it, it also made them to know each other as well

The winners received MAP Shopping Voucher! I also want xD

Then he is Dr. Eddy Karta. He's a dermatologist and giving a presentation about skin and how to treat it. He also covered some interesting subjects such as blackheads, whiteheads, acnes, types of cleansers, and so on

He also let us know about skin layers such as epidermis etc and how to treat skin differently according to our skin type. I think it's really good and very detailed, it helps the teens to know better how to take care of themselves

The participants were listening to the Dr. Eddy presentation very attentively!!

They also threw away more MAP Shopping Vouchers for two times for live tweet session. Participant who got their tweet seen by them, will receive the voucher!

There was also another game after that to see who listened to Dr. Eddy's presentation nicely! It's something like Ranking 1, so the contestants were reduced by each question. Total were 5 winners, including me and gabby yay lol And we received shopping voucher from MAP too!! So generous!!

Day was still long because Ponds called Indriani, Senior Brand Manager Pond’s Mass Moisturizer and Debora Gondokusumo, Brand Manager Pond’s Mass Cleanser to give presentation again about teens skin problem.

They also asked the participants to always cleanse and moisturize your face, no matter what your skin type is. It's a very basic skincare routine, and Ponds have come with their moisturizer from Pinkish White collection, that's available at your nearest drugstore or supermarket..

What's the problem for Indonesia women is they are not very educated about how to treat their skin properly. So Ponds Team wants to change that by having this campaign!

Therefore after listening to the explanation, they continued to demonstrate what they had learned. By cleansing their face on the spot! The Ponds Team was there to help them knowing the right way to cleanse their face

The participants were very happy to see the result of cleansing your face properly~!

Maudy Ayunda and Angel Pieters, who are now Ponds Indonesia ambassador and appear on their commercial, also shared about their skin type and how they treat it. Despite their busy schedule as singer and actress, they still treat their skin and never forget to cleanser. Some participants were also allowed to ask questions directly to them during the interview. Later on, this duo also performed music performance!

They really represent Indonesian young generation pretty well. They're very active, cheerful, and fun. Therefore they deserve to appear on the latest Ponds Commercial :D

Mbak Dien from Fimela also came to share beauty knowledge about knowing your own skin tone, whether it's cool or warm. She also gave some tips and tricks to boost up your skin tone by picking the right color and shades for make up and fashion. It is very valuable!

 Last game was to make a scrap book from magazines about how to mix match fashion after they learned the basic from Mbak Dien! The participants were divided to small group to test their cooperative and social skill, and the winners received shopping voucher again!

Meanwhile they worked hard, Gabby and I were offered to try their facial treatment at Ponds Institute hahaha! We went to the second floor and it was very spacious

They also used some high-tech machine to remove dead skin cells, and their own made vegetable mask that's not sold anywhere. Told you, the mask was soooo thick and moisturizing! I love the mask so much! Usually the mask at beauty institute is very thin and drying, but this one NO XD

Unflattering angle of me taken by Gabby when I was ready to get my treatment! Hahahaha!

When I finished the treatment, my skin felt so fresh and supple. But it's very late and all the participants had left too. Gabby and I then headed home after saying goodbye to the staff. We were very glad to be invited to the event and it was our pleasure to experience the treatment as well

Ponds Polkadot Beauty Party is a great event. I wish to come to the next Ponds event ;']

And dont forget girls, JANGAN SETENGAH SETENGAH ya :D

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