Japan Day 16 : Snow in Gifu!

March 14, 2013

This one is just a short post about Day 16, because Day 17 and so on are much more interesting. As on this day I only went seeing snow in Gifu lol 

And it's my first time playing snow lol

Shintaro-nii asked me in fact whether I would like to go skiing or not. I asked how much it was and he replied it's about 10.000 yen [100USD] and not included that I had to pay for renting expensive ski stuffs and jackets and such.. And I was like NO lol

Because =

1. I have no sport talent
2. I have no interest in learning ski either
3. They said it's impossible for beginner to ski fluently for the first time. Need several times. And considering I am not a sport girl either, it's more impossible. I dont want to be a snow ball
4. I just want to take picture of me playing ski "hey I played ski!" so hundred dollars just to take pic? NO lol

Ok I know I am so vain for only wanting to take pic of me playing ski, but I think it's cute la hahaha.. Other than that, I only can take pic like 2-3 times and then play ski right? Dont want to be a snow ball la. I cannot stand the cold!!!

That's why, we will just... see snow lol~

But before that, Maki-san's family invited me to eat out at kaiten sushi!! <3 

I always love Kaiten Sushi !!! After coming back to Jakarta I cannot feel japanese food in jakarta is good anymore T___T

Not act arrogant.. But it's totally different!! The texture, the shape, the taste, the freshness, the quality, the service, everything!!!

It's like you go eat nasi goreng or gado gado in Japan made by Japanese and visit indonesia to get the real taste. Different la!! 

We ate a lot~!
Though, I behaved because it's in front of Maki-san's parents la.. Shintaro-nii knew that I acted well-behaved so he shoved me lotsa and lotsa sushi while trying to not laugh i think LOL

Well.. Must well behave in front of old people lol

On that day, Maki-san and Shintaro-nii were supposed to go back to Tokyo because the day after, they had work. But on that time, Tokyo had heavy snow rain, and it's broadcasted everywhere. It's very difficult to drive and even walk.. We watched the television and they were panic because it's impossible for them to go back again to Tokyo on that state

Shintaro-nii was busy calling all his co-workers to re-arrange the schedule and such.. Therefore I only had a little time to visit Gifu because we went there quite late, and I had to go back to Nagoya as I had Menard Trip 

Also Maki-san got ticketed by police for speed-driving and she had to pay 20.000 yen.. It was such a bad luck for us.. 

Took us like 1 hour to reach Gifu! And it's all covered with snow~~!

So we stopped only on bypass lol
We found quite nice area to take pic so we parked car there and take pic

At first I was like "WAAAAA SNOWWWWWW~~~~~~!!!!" *steps outside from car*

And then after 5 seconds "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" *runs inside a car*

It's freaking cold!!!

Been someone who spent 20 years on her life in Indonesia, where everyday is summer and always complains about the hot weather.. Winter is very painful.. 
The real one...

Winter in Tokyo is bearable. But when snow comes, it's minus! So it's totally cold!!

I wore like 5 layers of clothes, and got 2 layers of nude thighs and another sock, and still feel cold.. 

The wind was very strong too.. I tried standing nicely and posed but totally failed T____T

Gifu has a lot of mountains!! Everywhere we saw at bypass were mountains covered with snow

And that's all...

I didnt dare to go further or what, it's freaking cold. So yes, such a waste of time in fact. But I was happy that at least I got to see beautiful Gifu, even from bypass only lol

When we're driving back, Shintaro-nii played japanese songs that I dont know. While listening to it, I saw the beautiful scenery and finally I realized "I am in Japan" 
2 weeks in Japan and just noticed that it's so beautiful there and I am very thankful that I was given opportunity in my life to get this experience

I know I worked hard too.. But I know there are some people who worked hard but cannot get this either.. I am very lucky I know Shintaro-nii and Maki-san. They are my valuable friends and I became very sentimental on the way home..

When I first came to Japan, I didn't have this sentimental feeling because I just thought "oh, wow, really?"... I think I am very late lol 2 weeks to get sentimental for all of these haha

Then I said to them "I promise, I will be coming back again soon"

Yes I will... I know I can, and I want it so bad. I hope it can be this year lol~ Or next year la.. Idk, anytime soon, before I get old xD

After that we ate dinner at home and they drove me to Nagoya Business Hotel located next to Menard Office.. Shintaro-nii and Maki-san didn't go back to Tokyo because it's snowing too heavy at that time anyway... So they had time to drive me there

Because they knew that I came to Japan, Menard Japan offered their hospitality a few days for me yay!!
So I had like 4 days trip with them! ^.^

It's like a beauty trip! Please anticipate the next post!

The hotel they provided~ The room is very normal haha.. Then Ce Winny from Menard Indonesia also came on that night. Emi-san from Menard Indonesia picked us up after that to get a midnight meal haha. She recommended ramen!! ^o^

Sorry no picture of us on that night because ce Winny was pretty tired and I just took out shower so looked messy lol

My Tonkotsu ramen with LOTSA OIL AND FATS *0*

I love fats, seriously.. ;_; 

and Ce Winny picked one without fat.. You can see how clear the ramen soup of hers lol

Okay that's my Day 16! Day 17 is more interesting, I promise XD
Bye for now!

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