Radio Frequency Treatment at Beauty Couture

March 26, 2013

Hello hello!
If you follow me on twitter, you must have known that I am doing Radio Frequency Treatment at the moment at Beauty Couture! 

Radio Frequency Treatment simply shapes up your body part such as face, arm, tummy, and thigh to make them appear slimmer and sharper! We know that V-Shape face is very appealing in Asia. I have jaw square to be honest as i grew up, and I wish to make them appear sharper and more V-like with this treatment

But the arm treatment is also tempting, because I always feel my upper arm is always fatter than the rest of my arm. Flabby to be exact, and i am sure like most of you also experience the same lol
So I also do this treatment! ^.^

If you're interested then please keep reading !

Beauty Couture is located at Mal Taman Anggrek second floor, next to Kiyadon Restaurant. They're partnered with beauty brands such as etude house, coverm, dr.jart, and so on

That means you'll be able to try them out on the venue, and use their make up products for make over after you finish treatment ^.^

They are one-stop beauty treatment that covers face and body treatment! You can see the list by yourself :D

I love how the room looks very spacious and cozy. Their interior is also very feminine with all the floral and wood, so it's relaxing to be there. 

I love how they have section to put make up by ourselves after treatment! ^.^ You can try them for free :D They also sell it if you want to buy on the spot. Personally I feel it's more fun to try the products here instead of the counter lol 

They have 3 treatment rooms for body and face, the rooms have nice soft-warm light and the interior has same concept as well. Floral wallpaper, and wooden furniture. The room is in fact quite spacious for a treatment room inside a mall, and very clean too! ^.^

Here's my before pictures of face and flabby arm.. I will be updating the result after a few treatments on my next post ^.^

Totally unphotoshopped -.-
Sorry to disappoint you that I am not a natural beauty lol

You can see that I have jaw square face, and it's totally unflattering when you take pic of me like this. I always manage to cover it by angle and lighting and such lol
I want to have sharper face T___T

Edit my bra-strap with putting some flowers on photoshop LOL

My wrist is very skinny but my upper arm is very flabby so it's totally out of shape. Very "gelambir" LOL

I used to do gym too and got muscles from it but I stopped cos I hate muscles lol therefore it's kinda getting bigger after that -_-
I want to make it tighter and slimmer!

Let's go to the treatment~!!

The staff always cleans your face and scrubbing dead skin cells before hand. Then she puts liquid on one side of face first, it's called glacier if I am not mistaken. So the machine could work. It's a little cold and sticky. Face area is done in two parts, left and right side, so you can see the result instantly too ^.^

Each side will take you about 8 minutes. Just tell them what you really want to enhance. For me, it's jaw area, so they focus on jaw area and only massage my forehead a few times because I dont need care around it

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the whole face. From cleaning, scrubbing, treatment, and cleaning it again

And that's the Radio Frequency machine that I call magic *0*

They are imported from Germany and Ce Julita, as Beauty Couture Brand Manager, is someone who worked for beauty machines for a long time so she knew which one is good machine and which one is not. The difference between each beauty clinic [of the price and such] is because of the machine used

There are many types of Radio Frequency Machine, and your result will depend on the machine. Same goes with IPL as well.. 
So if other clinic offer the same procedure with cheaper price, then find out about their machine first.. Whether it's good or just a dupe-like

The treatment doesn't include any injections like botox or what. They just simply massage your face area with the machine. It feels hot and sometimes gives electricity on my face. If you cant stand it, ask the staff to reduce the heat for you ^.^

Radio Frequency uses bipolar and tripolar frequency to produce heats that destroys your fat inside your deep skin. It will then make a new collagen growth to help tighten and improve skin. It's the latest technology in beauty industry and has been a hit in overseas! 

Benefits that you'll earn with this treatment are =

Tighter and smoother skin
Double chin reduced
Better skin elasticity
Reduce appearance of wrinkle and fine lines
Face lifting for sagging skin
Plump up the skin
Sharper face shape
Lift up sagging eye & eyebrow area

And such :D
Because my focus is on jaw so I skip the eye area! 

The treatment result can be seen after one treatment, but recommend is 10 times visit. Beauty Couture offers you 10 times-visit package with cheaper price than individual treatment..

Then after that I have came like 4 times already to Beauty Couture for this magical Radio Frequency Treatment!
The result becomes more and more noticeable! It's getting better on each treatment

That's my last treatment, the before and after! Imagine how much my face would have changed by the time I finished the 10th session!! o___o

Also, not to forget my flabby arm area. Focusing on the back of my arm, my mom and friends say that my arm is getting smaller now!! ^.^

Before-after picture later ok.. next post next post haha :D

Since it's a treatment, it just HELPS you to earn the shape, not to lose weight or permanently you'll be skinny. If you gain weight than it's very likely that the area will be bigger again. So maintain it after the treatment is a must

It's same like when you do expensive facial treatment and get your skin like baby again, but if you dont treat it afterward, pimple can grow again, right?
This is just instant result to help, whatever happen next, depends on you

I must not gain weight a lot after this haha XD

Oh they also have member benefit so you can earn these benefits when you become one = 

Are you interested in Radio Frequency Treatment? Stay tuned for a giveaway on my next post *wink ;)

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  1. I'm interesteeeeeeed! I have super small waist & wrist, but my upper arm is flabby and my hip-thigh are super wide. It's a pain to find pants/jeans :<

  2. woahhh i also want stel >___<

  3. This is the post I've been waiting for :3 thanks ci stella! ;)

    I thought this kind of stuffs can only be done on the face, lol I'd love to have it done on my face and arms:P

  4. This looks good, I wish they did this in the UK! I feel my round face and upper arms are flabby, heh heh...I see other people's skinny arms and it sucks! >_<

    I've just started a giveaway on my bog to win over $80 worth of Korean make-up items! I hope your readers can join my giveaway! ^^

  5. aiya i feel you. people only see wrist and say we're skinny, but they just dont see the flabby fat on the upper arm, it's very troublesome!!! :(

    friends say that my upper arm is quite skinnier now.. ^.^

  6. thank you for waiting <3

    Yea they can do it on every body parts except chest lololol
    I dont want my area to decrease either sih lol

  7. yes i always wonder how come they have such a skinny upper arm! pretty difficult!!! ><

  8. I oso want the V shape! Cannot wait for the giveaway!!!

  9. ada price listnya ga? maklum mahasiswi dan biasanya yang ideal harus sampe 10x gitu kan ><

    @_pamperland //

  10. oh wow! I have to try this here! <3

  11. you can visit their fb to ask for the price! ^.^
    it depends on which area!! :D

  12. stell!!! i cant wait for the giveaway!!!

  13. ya ampun cece ternyata chubby2 gitu pipinya
    padahal aku pengen banget punya muka chubby, tapi di kasih nya malah bentuk V, haha
    tapi tetep cantik kok :3