Canmake Cheek & Highlight Review and Swatch

September 03, 2011

Softly enhances definition with a sophisticated pearl shimmer

Canmake Cheek & Highlight is the dual palette for cheek consist of a blush and a highlighter to glam up your looks! It has about 9 shades, and the price on Japan is only 680yen

I bought the Canmake Cheek & Highlight on Sasa Malaysia, the price is about twice than it's original price. I chose shade 04 because it has bronzer color instead of ordinary blush. The brush for application is included in this palette

The package is nothing impressive, it's not sophisticated and glam at all, unlike other Japanese drugstores products. It comes only with a transparent cheap plastic box

The highlighter is more pigmented than the bronzer, but the glitters are too much. The bronzer's color doesn't really well pay off, and it's glitter flies everywhere when I apply it

The brush itself is a big thumb down because it doesn't give subtle application and end up with harsh line, so I had to use another brush to give nice effect on my skin. Or when I was in hurry, I used my fingers to blend the harsh edges

And since it's shimmery, I can say that it can be used for the entire face unless you want to look like glitter human


Pros :

  • Travel friendly

Cons :

  • Hard to find outside Japan

  • Expensive if you dont buy it from Japan by yourself

  • Not pigmented

  • Cheap Packaging

  • Too Shimmery


Once again, Canmake fails to impress me. I will definitely not purchase this product anymore.

It's just super bad with glitter everywhere. I sometimes use it when I travel for highlighting my cheek bones, but no more. I will find other products that worth my money to spend on! But if you're okay with glitter on your cheek, then perhaps this product may be for you :) Canmake's glitter is just too much and far from my likeness

Do you like this product, perhaps? Whats your thought? lemme know! :)

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  1. try canmake cream cheek. I absolutely love it...It's quite's my fav blush so far

  2. i will try it! its been on my purchase list! :yes:

  3. I like the highlight, but canmake cheek is too shimmery I see. I have bourjois bronzing powder - it's ok, but the effect is very strong, rather for darker or tanned skin ;)
    Show the photo of yourself how do you use it ;) aaa and do you put highlighter or rouge on cheek's bones and bronzing powder under?

  4. ive tried borjuis one, its really pigmented for me but im not a fan of shimmery blush nor bronzer lol
    i will probably make a tutorial about basic contouring and highlighting next time, but not gonna use this product because im disappointed with it :-P

    i put highlighter on my forehead, nose bridge, chin, and cheek bones. then bronzing powder on my cheek's hallow :-)

  5. Great idea!
    Although I dunno if contouring and highlighting just like U will suits me because i'm not asian ;)

  6. i think if youre white it should work same, but dont put it too much on your nose :laugh:

  7. Wew, glitternya terlihat mengerikan!

  8. yeap!! dont buy it han, dirimu benci glitter juga kan yah :-P