Hair Tutorial : How to Make Braid Headband

September 15, 2011

So, a lot of you praised my last braid headband hair style on my last post review *full of fail confidence lol*, and in fact its really a piece of cake. You can always do the hair style like what I did! It's really simple, and really easy to follow!

Thefore, I decided to post the tutorial here on my blog! I hope all it would be useful for you gals!

Please click the link below to watch the video tutorial! :)

Hair Tutorial - How to Make Braid Headband

Click HERE to read my review about circle lenses that I was wearing at that time! ;)

Do you like this hair style or do you have any japanese hair styles that you'd like me to do the tutorial? Leave me a comment and shout out your idea!

Have a great day, everyone :-*

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  1. waoww thx for the tutorial :D Tadi langsung di praktekin tp sayang rambut ku kurang panjang :cry: n warna nya item jd ga kliatan :cry: Looking forward for another hair tutorial ^^ Salam kenal ya stella :-)

  2. wah sayang skali, ditungguin aja ampe panjang :) kalo warnanya item, keliatannya cuman di real life yah, klo di foto emang kurang jelas hehe
    thanks for your compliment, nice to meet you too <3

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! Your hair looks so cute with the braid headband, and I love the color! You're really pretty :)

  4. thanks for liking this tutorial, Rinny <3 im flattered :-p